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On “It’s Supernatural,” a pastor’s secretary tells him he must go to his sanctuary. He and his staff witnessed a true miracle from God, a river of power flowing through their church. See how the impossible is possible in the realm of the supernatural.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth had spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of “It’s Supernatural.”

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way, I love the rarefied air of heaven. Now I recently interviewed my guest Paul Cox, and Paul has found that everyone of our natural senses can come in contact and understand the supernatural realm. Sight, you can see into the spirit. Hearing, you can hear what the Spirit of God has to say. Smell, taste, all of the senses, and here is the amazing thing, every time he started teaching me on how the senses can experience the invisible world, it started happening. When people read his book, “Heaven Trek” let me tell you something, you are in a bigger adventure than Star Trek ever even thought possible. Paul you are a nice Baptist minister, you never experienced the supernatural, you love God, you love the word of God, and all of a sudden you start giving a series of talks on deliverance and demons. And a woman came up to you, what did she say?

PAUL: It was on a Thursday night and she said, “What you are talking about is my problem.”

Well you know we as pastors, we can talk about a lot of things, but doing something is quite a bit different. And she said will you please pray for me. And it was late at night on Thursday, and I said well yes, I will pray for you on Saturday at one o’clock. So on October 7th, 1989 at one o’clock in the afternoon, she came in with an intercessor. I started praying, I prayed for about twenty minutes, absolutely nothing happened, and then pretty soon she started shaking. And I said “What’s going on?” And she said, “Well they are saying and repeating everything you are saying.” Well there was only three of us in the room and I said who is repeating everything that I am saying? She said, “The voices in my head.” And then all of a sudden a different voice came out of her and it was a demon and demons actually started talking to me and we dealt with some issues from her past.

SID ROTH: Just out of curiosity, was it in just her natural voice?

PAUL: It was in, through the voice box but a different voice. And then that demon left.

SID: Did it scare you at all? Between you and me.

PAUL: It was very intriguing. It didn’t scare me but I thought I don’t know if I really know what to do because I have read about this but I have never experienced this personally.

SID: You had just recently prayed a prayer when this started to happen, what was that prayer?

PAUL: Well the prayer was prayed in August of 1989, so you are right, about two months before and I had just read a book by John Wythe, “When the Spirit Comes with Power,” and it is a book about revival and especially about the Vineyard Movement, and I said to the Lord, “Do with me what you want.” And that turned out to be the most dangerous prayer of my life because my life has been turned upside down since that prayer.

SID ROTH: Okay, so what happened with this woman that is manifesting another voice, it is not her own voice.

PAUL: We dealt with a memory she had never had, she had been in counseling for two years, she remembered being molested by a grandfather, the Lord led her through some forgiveness, the demonic left, another demon manifested, we dealt with that, it left, and she walked out totally

changed, and where she couldn’t read the Bible or come to church, all of a sudden she was better,

and came back to church.

SID: look Paul, you understand biblical counseling, you’re a PhD, you understand these things,

why couldn’t you just have counseling and get free?

PAUL: Well we have many therapists that work with us, psychologists, physiatrists, and many of them are Christians and they agree that what is taught is not the complete story, there is a spiritual aspect to us that must also be dealt with, and that is what we learned. Even though we had a counseling center in our church we still were not seeing some people completely healed. But this seemed to be the missing piece, the missing piece of the puzzle to really bring people to total healing.

SID: And then a few days later you go into your office, I don’t get this, it says in my notes you had a river in your office, explain.

PAUL: Well we were dealing with someone who had dissociate identity disorder, and the therapist was there and the client was there and I was there and a couple of the intercessors, and I was praying and this woman’s voice changed and she looked at me and said, “Paul, do you want to see her totally healed?” And the Lord was speaking through her voice and I was stunned, and I said, “Well yes Lord, I want to see her healed.” And all of a sudden I felt electricity come over my body and whoosh like that, she started saying all the prayers that were written on my sheet, she couldn’t see the sheet, but she was saying all the prayers.

SID: How could she, how could she do this?

PAUL: I guess the Lord must know the prayers.

SID: I think so.

PAUL: So she did that and all of a sudden I felt this other whoosh of the presence of God, I had never experienced the presence of God before, I was so shocked, I never.

SID: How long had you been a Baptist pastor?

PAUL: This was 1990, so I had been a Baptist pastor and youth pastor since 71.

SID: Okay, go ahead.

PAUL: And the next day my secretary came and said, “You need to go into the sanctuary.” The sanctuary was right next to the office where we were and she said you need to go in there because  something is going on there, and I went into the front of the 500 seat sanctuary and there was a river of power flowing across and many of us experienced it.

SID: Others on your staff experienced this?

PAUL: Absolutely, I had no idea what it was but I liked it.

SID: Then when you went to La Jolla, California what happened?

PAUL: in 1991 after I left that church I became interim pastor at a Baptist church in San Diego, and one night in La Jolla, in 1991, I was on the phone and I started feeling this seeming electricity coming over my head and it kept on increasing and increasing and finally I told the man I was talking to, “I need to hang up.” I made it a couple of feet, the power of God hit me, threw me to the ground, and for an hour and a half I was unable to move, I was actually plastered against the wall while the power of God came through me and again it was just like a river of water but it was so strong I could not move.

SID: What do you suppose God was doing to you?

PAUL: I believe he was giving me an anointing.

SID: And for what purpose?

PAUL: To empower me to do what he wanted me to do which is to bring generational deliverance and to teach discernment.

SID: See what Paul has found is there is a quick supernatural way of getting free where you

don’t have to for hours and hours cast demons out of people, it is so wonderful,

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