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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Paul Cox, Paul is a former Baptist pastor and he had an encounter with the power of God, and when he had this encounter his life was turned upside down. You were in Argentina and the power of God was so strong what happened when you went to the ATM machines?

PAUL: Well this was a brand-new kind of power and it was like tingling all over my body like someone had plugged me into an electric socket, and I was actually hurting from the power, and I went to put my card in the ATM machine and it took the card, spit the card out, and the machine said, “Out of Order.” So I put it into the second machine; it spit it out, “Out of Order.” I put it in the third machine; it spit it out, “Out of Order.” I shut down three ATM machines.

SID: Why are you shaking like that as you are speaking?

PAUL: Because as we are talking about the power of God the power of God is starting to become stronger and stronger and you see our physical bodies cannot really handle that kind of power and so then I jerk or shake and respond like this to the power of God.

Sid Roth: But you know the missing ingredient from believers is the power of God so some of you may say, “Well I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.” Are you kidding? It is God; you don’t want God to make you do something? By the way, God doesn’t make me do it. It is my great delight to yield my body as a living temple to the living God. Now Paul, you used to spend hours and hours in deliverance and have good results, but you found there was a better way in reference to breaking generational courses, explain that.

PAUL: I was in Argentina again and a prophetess was sharing and she came and she sat down next to me and I said there is a furnace on your head.

SID: A furnace?

PAUL: A furnace, I could feel this fire on her head. And then some months later I was up in central California and the same thing happened, and so I was standing in front of a small group of people and I said, “I think God wants to do something but I don’t know what it is.” And I stood there and all of a sudden the fire of God fell and because with my discernment I can feel demons leaving off of people I realized that the Lord was doing a group deliverance, he actually was delivering the entire church, people started falling everywhere in the church, and the Lord sent them through a mass generational deliverance, which is mentioned incidentally in Malachi three and Malachi four, it says the furnace would come and destroy the roots and the branches. Which I believe are generational lines.

Sid Roth: Why would a generational curse, something my great, great, great, great, great grandfather
did affect me today?

PAUL: Because the Bible says that the sins of the fathers and mothers can go down to the third and fourth generation, but you see something happens a hundred generations ago and it can go down to three or four generations but if it is repeated the next generation then it is another three or four generations, it happens two generations later it is another three and four generations, and so these curses can literally go down hundreds of generations, besides the Bible says many curses are everlasting curses. David had an everlasting curse on his family line of the sword never departing from his house.

Sid Roth: Tell me someone that went through the furnace and the results.

PAUL: Well this is a really exciting story, we have a friend of ours, and I did not know this about this until several weeks later, he had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, his wife had received a word that he was to go through the furnace, he had never been, we had a tent meeting and he had never been there before, he walked through the furnace, I found out a couple of months later –

Sid Roth: When you saying “walked through the furnace” what you mean as I understood this is there is discernable heat from God in a particular place, and as he walks through that particular place it breaks off generational curses, is that what you are saying?

PAUL: That’s right; I believe it is the angel of the Lord. Remember the angel of the Lord stood in the burning bush?

SID: Yes, yes.

PAUL: That is the fire. And so I can feel the fire, in fact I can feel the fire right now, and people walk through the fire, they actually can feel the fire, many if not most people fall under the power of the fire, and they walk out.

SID: So go back to this person.

PAUL: He was healed. The tumor disappeared.

SID: and does this happen often?

PAUL: We have had many people healed of different things, yes, going through the fire.

SID: Well you know what I believe Paul, I believe that when we come back, the fire will still be here, and there will be mass deliverance, mass healing, you better call someone real quick, and don’t you dare go away,

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