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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Dr. Paul Cox. Paul was a Baptist pastor that had an encounter the first time in his life with a genuine raw, almost violent power of the Living God, and I have asked Barbie Breathitt to join us, I will tell you why, Paul’s strongest sense is feeling, he can feel things in the invisible realm, Barbie who was on a previous show, Barbie has a supernatural ability to interpret dreams and vision but she is a New Covenants seer, she sees things, so we have two major senses coming to the forefront to find out what God is doing, we were talking Paul, about powers and during commercial break you started telling me there was an angel on the set.

PAUL: Yes, an angel just showed up, and may I remind you that this discernment is the use of the five physical senses to know what is going on spiritually and the intent and purpose according to Hebrews chapter five is that you know whether it is good or evil. So right now there is an angel right here, and so the angel is right about here, so Barbie what do you see?

SID ROTH: Wait a second, how do you know whether it is good or evil?

PAUL: I can feel it on my head, so I feel good right here and evil here, and this is after years and years of the Lord training me.

SID: That’s a wonderful gift because everything from the invisible world is not necessarily from God.

PAUL: That’s right.

SID: and is the angel actually speaking Barbie?

BARBIE: What I feel the angel or see the angle doing, he is coming to release the Spirit of Elijah, he opened up a portal here, and what the portal is doing is bringing a healing to the generations, where the older generations and the younger generations are coming together and what that is going to release is resurrection power. Because the angel is here to bring a release for people who are terminally ill and have no hope, and what I saw was the angel is going to beds, where there are people in beds, in hospitals, in their homes, who have already been turned away from the hospitals, that are there saying God do you know that I am here and what is it that you want to do and his angels are opening the portal to release other angels from heaven to go to minister deliverance to those people and bring a healing in a generation because a fathers hearts are turning to the sons and the sons hearts are turning back to the fathers and it is releasing unity that is releasing a resurrection power.

SID: Well you know what they are describing right now is actually in the Bible, it is in the prophet Malachi says in the last days that Elijah is going to come and he is going to restore the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. Now of course I told Paul this and Barbie, my spin on this is Paul said the fathers represent the Jewish people, therefore the children represent the Christians, and he says if the two people groups are not restored that will be a curse on planet earth, but if the two people groups are restored there is going to be tremendous blessings, so you are saying to me that the spirit of Elijah is here to restore and to bring blessings.

BARBIE: To bring a restoration, yes. And it goes back to the cloud of witnesses which would include Abraham that is called to bring the blessing of Abraham to the people. We will be blessed because of him. And that generational thing is coming down to us at this time because we have reached the time of fullness. And the angels have been released from heaven and they are ascending and descending and bringing the Jewish people and the Gentile people together for a commanded blessing to rest, and in that the signs and wonders are going to be released in the creative miracles, in the resurrection power and that is where I saw the angels beginning to go out to the hopeless and restore hope and bring forth resurrection, they are going to resurrect off their beds.

SID: You had a heavenly encounter and an understanding of the last move of God’s Spirit, what was that?

BARBIE: That move has started oh about thirty, forty days ago, this move of God started, I was translated into the heavenly realm by three angels, and the Lord took me from stadium to stadium to stadium, all over the surface of the earth, and I saw where the glory cloud, just like when Moses went up on the mountain and spoke with the Lord and the Lord spoke to Moses, I saw the glory cloud coming from the top of the stadium, sweeping across the multitude of people to the other top of the stadium and people were healed, limbs were growing out, eyes were coming into sockets where there were not sockets, and that move of God has been released on the earth in our time, it is happening right now.

SID: But what does the angel want to do right now?

PAUL: There is a message; I believe Barbie is going to get the message.

BARBIE: and the message I believe is, believe, and whatever the curses were that were spoken,
Paul has talked about deliverance and the angel has come to release resurrection power. So it is the resurrection that is going out over the airwaves that is breaking off death off of people, it is breaking off cancer, it is breaking off all kind of terminal diseases, and it is being released right now over the airwaves, I feel the fire of God on my hands.

SID: Speak it, speak it right now.

BARBIE: So right now I command there to be healing released over everybody, I break the curse of death off of you, cancer I command you to go right now, you get off that bed right now, raise up right now, MS you are being healed, people in wheelchairs, I see a man in Canada who has a spinal cord that has been severed and the Lord says right now a creative miracle is coming to you in that spinal cord it is being fused back in and the lameness in you is going right now, I see a spirit just lifting off of you as God heals that, creative miracle in your back. Heart conditions right now are being healed all over the airwaves right now, people with racing hearts, hearts that one side is enlarged right now I just speak a new heart into you in Jesus Name I just release that healing power that has come from heaven and the commanded blessing going out for resurrection power. And this spirit of Elijah, Elijah didn’t die and so he overcame death and right now the Lord is overcoming death and you are going to be set free as you release your faith and contact with the Holy Spirit and he is going to raise you up in resurrection life.

SID: Paul, what is God telling you?

PAUL: Lord Jesus in your name now I ask you to release the furnace, Father release the furnace all over the world and Lord that you will burn up according to Malachi three and Malachi four burn off the generational evil and set people free. Lord you have over come depression and anxiety, sadness, and sorrow, hopelessness, confusion and chaos, that you overcome insanity, and infirmity, Lord that you would demonstrate your power and Lord your fire will roar through our generational lines and set us free.

SID: You know during the commercial break you had me put my hand here, you said, “This is where the furnace is.” And literally when you sat down at the set Barbie you said, “I feel heat.” Do you remember saying that?

BARBIE: Yes, I did I felt like I walked into an oven, sitting in this area it was like a tangible heat that I could sense and feel, it made my hands start to heat up.

PAUL: That’s the chapter in Malachi 4:, it is an oven.

BARBIE: It felt like an oven that I walked in to. And when he was speaking the angel I felt said also, “People with multiple personalities,” I saw them put their hands over many people’s heads and begin to bring a melding together where there has been schizophrenia that is going to be healed on this broadcast as they go out. That mind disorders, mental disorders that have been generational, handed down in the bloodlines has been broken and they are being healed. I saw the angels hands go over many, many people’s heads and just begin to bring that blending back together, those two hemispheres in the brain, perfectly healed.

SID: And I sensed there are people here that have been hurt and turned off by religion, I will just call it for what it is, but don’t get hurt or turned off over God, he is too good, he loves you too much, and there are some misunderstandings as to how God’s Kingdom operates, but this I know, God has not given up on you, I tell you God has not given up on you, I tell you that this is your moment but choose this day whom you serve, choose this day whom you are going to serve, make Jesus your Lord, ask him to forgive you of your sins, say God I want that fresh start, I’m tired of doing it myself, I need your help, I need you God, I give up, I surrender, I surrender, while you are surrendering to God, God is healing people, I heard that someone’s back was healed, did you catch anything else very quickly.

BARBIE: I saw a lot of neck conditions that people were crippled from the neck down; I saw a lot of that going out that people are miraculously, from the neck healed.

SID: Fingers are being healed; the arthritis is going from your fingers right now. I’ll tell you what, you are just healed all over, Jesus did it all, he paid the price.

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