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SID: Sid Roth here with Steven Brooks. Steven, I’ll have a lot of mail if you don’t tell me. When you were in Israel, 6 golden angels appeared, and then financial miracles broke out. Explain that.

STEVEN: I was ministering in a conference in Israel. On Saturday night, as I ministering I knew the angels of the Lord had come into the meeting and stood behind me on the platform. I called some people to stand up there and get close to that anointing, because they carry the glory and the anointing of the Lord Jesus. I knew financial miracles were going to break loose on the people, so I began to pray for people along the lines of breakthroughs for peoples’ finances. The very next morning, I had a person tell me he was one of the people I’d prayed for that he had a financial miracle take place overnight once the angels had been released. He told me it was in the six figures. He told me how much it was. He’d receive a tremendous blessing from the Lord.

SID: Did anyone else see these 6 golden angels?

STEVEN: People were watching it by live webcast around the world, and people even emailed in from China. One lady emailed in from China and said “When brother Brooks began to minister, I saw 6 golden angels walk up on the platform and stand behind him.”

SID: Now just out of curiosity, did you tell everyone you saw those 6 angels?

STEVEN: No, I just said “The glory of the Lord’s here. The Lord’s going to help peoples’ finances.”

SID: So there’s no way she could’ve known that unless she saw it herself.

STEVEN: That’s correct. She saw into the spirit and knew what was taking place.

SID ROTH: Now I’m very intrigued on these mantles you’ve been talking about, that this is God’s moment, because it’s probably the last big push before the Messiah returns. You’ve had corporate meetings where people have received anointings and mantles. Explain that.

STEVEN: I’ve been in meetings before where the mantles will begin to fall. The anointings will begin to come upon people as the Spirit of God releases that. One time I was in a meeting with about 70 ministers. It was just for ministers. But through the rafters mantles began to fall upon people, and people would reach up to try to grab and receive them. I’ve been in other meetings…

Sid Roth: You have to help me. What do you mean, the mantles fell down? Were they doing it by faith, or could they see it?

STEVEN: The Lord opened up the eyes of many to see into the spirit realm. And many times even without seeing into the spirit realm, people are conscious of a tangible weight that came upon them. Came over their shoulder. Felt like a cloth. In the Old Testament, a mantle was a cloth or an animal skin that they wore, but in the New Testament it’s the anointing, but it can still have a weight. People have said “Something came over my shoulder.” Many times even a heat going along. They feel a heat, a weightiness come upon them and receive an anointing from the Lord, a fresh new mantle.

SID: I believe that if you pray for those watching right now, many of them are going to receive the mantle. But they really need your book, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.” There’s something about studying the word of God on a particular subject and then having it manifest.

STEVEN: Yes. It’s time for the release of these mantles These anointings are coming upon this great end time harvest that we’re facing we need these anointings to do the works God has assigned us to do.

SID: Is this the reason God told you to write this book?

STEVEN: He did. It’s to prepare the church, because it’s going to be all hands on deck. We’re all going to be needed.

SID: It’s such a big harvest that the people we have now in place can’t even handle it.

STEVEN: We’re going to need every adult and child involved in this great move of the Spirit.

SID: If you would pray now.

STEVEN: Heavenly Father, I thank You for those that are watching today. Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You that You have an anointing, You have a mantle to fit the calling and the walk that You have assigned to this person watching right now. Father, in the name of Jesus, I speak release of the mantle of the anointing that God has held in store just for you. Now put up your hands and receive, and take by faith the anointing and the mantle from heaven that God is now bestowing upon your life, and walk in it and do the works God has called you to do. Hallelujah.

SID: Of course we’re doing this fairly far in advance, but last night at dinner your wife was telling me about a word you received from God about 2 well known ministers will die, and what that’ll mean. Explain that.

STEVEN: There’s going to be passing of great saints, but we’re fixing to see a new dawn arise, a new era of the church come in for the great end time harvest. When this takes place, we’re going to see the greatest anointing ever released upon the church. Greater than Acts chapter 4, and the book of Acts and those tremendous miracles. Greater than Azusa Street, greater than the ’50s healing revival. We’re going to see an anointing greater than that because He has saved the best wine for last. We’re going to walk in the mantles of some of the greatest saints that ever walked on the planet. Not only ministers but musicians are going to receive mantles, businessmen are going to receive mantles, teachers are going to receive mantles. They’re going to fall like never before.

SID: The healing gift that you have, you really got that from a mantle from somebody in Scotland. What year did they live?

STEVEN: They lived about 1400 years ago, right around that timeframe. This individual was a contemporary with Saint Patrick. There were many Celtic saints at that time moving in apostolic power.

SID: What were some of the miracles you might’ve read about that he moved in?

STEVEN: Same type of thing: miraculous healings, miracles of healing. We’ve seen people that have been in horrific car accidents instantly healed, all the pain leave their back. We’ve had people with no discs in their back receive new discs.

SID: Tell me about in San Francisco that pastor.

STEVEN: Yes, a very godly pastor in San Francisco has one of the most well known churches in San Francisco. I was at a conference in his church, and after I ministered the word I called for healing, those that need to receive healing. He was first in line, perhaps because he was already on the front row. I said “What do you need?” He said “I’ve come tonight in excruciating pain. I have a severe case of hemorrhoids.” He was in so much pain and having so much bleeding that he was actually wearing an adult protective diaper to the meeting. Earlier that day he’d gone to a city council meeting and stood up to say a few things and the seat was covered with blood he’d been sitting in. He was in tremendous pain. But I prayed for him. The anointing flowed right into him. He was instantly healed on the spot and was able to get up and go to the bathroom pain free for the first time in three days.

SID: I’ll tell you what, you may say that’s not a major miracle, but for that man it was a major miracle. The presence of God is so strong right now for the release of miracles. The Bible says if two or more agree on touching any one thing, in the name of Jesus it’ll be done. Steven and I agree in Jesus’ name that if you’ll put your hand on the part of your body that you need a healing in, if your heart put your hand on your heart, God’ll give you a new heart. In the name of Jesus we agree that you are every bit whole. Miracles, miracles, miracles throughout your entire body. In Yeshua’s name I pray, amen. Is there one word of knowledge God’s given you?

STEVEN: The Lord is touching those necks and backs. I want to confirm that right now. Many of you that are watching you’re feeling the heat come down your back right down your neck.

SID: And that heat is going throughout your whole body.

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