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Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here with Joshua Mills and when Joshua ministers, when he worships God, when he plays the piano supernaturally when he is just, his presence, in fact when you did this CD you weren’t even playing the piano you were just speaking and you started saying what
you saw with your eyes, but that is not so unfamiliar, I mean that is what John did in the Book of Revelation.

Joshua: Right, right, we just began stepping into the glory and as I stepped into the glory it was the most amazing thing because I just began to speak what I was seeing, began to speak what I was feeling, and others were able to join in and go into that same experience.

Sid Roth: Okay, you were minding your own business, you are enjoying life here in the states, you like these nice warm climates, and God speaks to you and says what?

Joshua: He told me, “Joshua, you need to go back to Canada.” And I said, “God I really don’t want to go because it is too cold.” And for a whole weekend I wrestled with God about going to Canada and finally I said God I will go back to Canada but I will not go to the Arctic.

Sid: Why did you say that?

Joshua: I don’t know, I didn’t know anybody that went to the Arctic.

Sid: It just came out of your mouth.

Joshua: it just came out of my mouth. And you know a month after getting back to Canada I got a phone call from a man who used to be my pastor growing up, and he said Joshua, he said I have got a new ministry going to the Arctic and I would like to invite you to come.

Sid Roth: Needless to say you did not say no.

Joshua: I told him I did not feel led to go.

Sid: What is wrong, if I was your father I would hit you over the head.

Joshua: See, I had made a deal with God, I would go back to Canada but I wouldn’t go to the Arctic. And for a whole year God began dealing with me about this, and I said to God at one point,
I said God we had a deal. And you know what He spoke to me? He said, “That was your deal, not mine.”

Sid: What happened when you would play the piano in churches in the Arctic area?

Joshua: We began seeing the glory just begin to roll into the meetings, there were times when the gold dust began to fall, there were other times you know we began to see the glory cloud literally roll in. Everybody there would witness the glory cloud, and through these different signs and wonders it would bring souls and harvest in communities, people would literally be coming in to see the sign,
and once they got there and God began manifesting miracles, they would give their heart over to the Lord.

Sid: Now is it true that God did dental work on people, especially, this intrigues me as I never heard of it before Joshua, peoples teeth would be supernaturally whitened.

Joshua: We have seen different people receive gold and silver fillings, which a lot of ministries have seen, but up in the Arctic where there are no dentists and there is no ability to go to a dentist we literally saw people getting their teeth cleaned, teeth whitened, straightened out, God just doing supernatural miracles in people’s mouths.

Sid: I know I am stretching some of you right now I might as well stretch you all the way, you see in the Arctic area you need sunglasses because the glare could blind you, and so there was a woman out, was she fishing or?

Joshua: She was going out on the water to go fishing,and she had these sunglasses on to keep her direction and when she went out into the water God began blessing her with such a wonderful catch of fish she just continued to pull them in, she was pulling up this big fish Sid, and as she leaned over the boat the glasses fell off her head into the water.

Sid: So this was dangerous, she could loose her eyesight.

Joshua: It was a big situation for her, but instead of being worried, she just knew that she served a miracle working God and that He would take care of all the problems that she might have, and so she just continued fishing, just continued bringing in the wonderful catch of fish, she was ready to go back, she was pulling in the last catch of the day and as she was pulling in this big fish, she looked down on the fish, here he was wearing a pair of sunglasses on his face.

Sid: The fish was wearing sunglasses?

Joshua: The fish was wearing sunglasses.

Sid: I have never seen a fish with sunglasses, have you?

Joshua: The wonderful part about this testimony is that it wasn’t the same pair of sunglasses that she lost, but it was a brand new pair, a better pair of sunglasses than the ones she lost.

Sid: So are you really seeing these very strange signs and wonders in the Arctic?

Joshua: We are seeing so many unusual signs and wonders, not just in the Arctic, but all over the world.

Sid: Could people participate in this right now at this moment if you were to praise God and if you were to ask in Jesus Name for what you need, if you need healing in your body, put your hand on your body,
if you need healing in your heart because you have been hurt, put your hand on the heart, if you need your family to be restored, just worship. Joshua I am going to put you on the spot but then you
couldn’t be any more on the spot than God has done with you, would you look in the camera and just worship God, I am going to worship with Josh and the reason is there is such a presence of God on this set right now. Do you sense what I sense?

Joshua: Yeah I sense a wonderful anointing right now. I actually sense that God is working some miracles right now, I am getting the names Vickie and Glen and I am hearing that God is actually restoring your marriage, it is something that has been on your heart, been troubling you, it is almost like you have been on the brink of divorce, but right now just let God’s glory come and just bring that restoration, He is restoring your marriage, and I also see in the marriage restoration He is also beginning to restore your finances right now. I hear the name Barbara and I am supposed to tell you this, that your son is coming home so wipe away your tears, get happy because your son is coming home, hallelujah.

Sid: this is not a new thing with you, you know specific names of people, how long has this been going on?

Joshua: Probably for about the last year, God had been giving me names, addresses, phone numbers for different people in the meetings.

Sid: Phone numbers?

Joshua: There will be times I get a phone number.

Sid: Has it been verified that this is true?

Joshua: Oh yeah, people stand up and I mean that’s, I don’t know them from a pile of beans and God will just do it and give me a word.

Sid: Listen I don’t want to miss what God is doing right now, would you just worship God for a moment?

Joshua: Yes.

Sid: Right now.

Joshua: Hallelujah, Jesus we just praise you
(unknown tongues, praying in the Spirit)
Hallelujah, oh we worship you Jesus, we just love You,
we love Your presence, we love Your glory in this place,
we just thank you for the wonderful outpouring of Your
Spirit, hallelujah, (unknown tongues)
Oh come on just life up your hands in that cloud.
(unknown tongues)
Glory, glory, glory we worship You, we bless You, we
magnify You, we glorify You, oh Jesus we just adore You,
hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Sid: Joshua I am hearing that people are being healed all over the place, I am hearing that peoples necks are being healed, if you will just move your head you will see that the pain is gone, backs are being healed, just bend over right now, your eyes, some of you are seeing things before your eyes and what is going on is the veil is coming down and you are seeing in the Spirit world. Joshua, what are you sensing?

Joshua: I sense that someone is actually getting a miracle varicose veins coming out of their legs, there is also somebody else you are getting wrinkles taken off of your body, just a supernatural miracle of God’s Spirit.

Sid: Well you just thought you were watching television. You weren’t just watching television you are watching God-vision, that is what this is, this is because He is in charge, I mean listen you think I am meshuganuh, it’s a Hebrew word, crazy? You think I am meshuganuh to be worshipping God unashamed in front of everyone? No, I am not ashamed of the good news; you see I have found that Jesus, Hebrew Yeshua, is King of the Jews. He is the Son of God, He is God in human form, literally the Word of God was spoken and deposited in a human
body who became your substitute for your sins and your diseases and by His wounds you are not just forgiven, God says, I remember, in the Jewish scripture, “I remember your sins no more.” You are clean, or there is a nice word, you are righteous, and you can have nothing
separating you from the love of God. You could give me Josh, a million dollars, I would laugh at you, to give up what I am experiencing right now, and you can experience this because God is not a respecter of persons. Oh does God love you! A spine has just been healed.
Oh does God love you.

§ How we love Your presence §
When Joshua Mills worships God,
the atmosphere of heaven comes, and signs and wonders follow.
Gold and sapphire dust appears all over Joshua,
oil from heaven instantly manifests
and drips from Joshua’s body, and miracles and healings erupt
as the glory of God rests upon His people.
Now you can experience for yourself the powerful anointing
and presence of God through Joshua Mills’s
worship CD, Throne Room Encounters.

I am going to be open tonight to receive the signs and the
wonders because there’s a world that is waiting for a sign
and for a wonder, there are people that are waiting for me
to manifest, there are people that are waiting for the
miracles, that you are going to do through me,
so tonight I lift my hands into the cloud.
People who have listened to this CD
have experienced salvation, healing,
deliverance, miracles, signs and wonders.
Call now and receive Joshua Mills worship CD,
Throne Room Encounters.

When Jesus prayed that they all may be one,
there were only two people groups: Jews and Gentiles.
Denominations did not exist.

2,000 years later, His prayer is still yet to be fulilled. God’s purpose from the beginning was for all nations to become one in Yeshua, Messiah Jesus. To break down the middle wall of separation dividing
Jew and Gentile, so that the world may believe that Yeshua is the Messiah and Lord over all. When Jewish spiritual DNA merges with
the New Covenant Christian DNA, there will be what Paul called life from the dead. That’s why Sid Roth’s website is loaded with cutting
edge articles and teaching about the One New Man.

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