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Sid Roth welcomes Ana Mendez Ferrell

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Sid Roth: She actually thought she was going to find God. She goes to this man that is involved in witchcraft and new age, and he disguises himself as a holy man, and even reads from the Bible. And asked for the spirit of death to go inside of Ana, and she thinks she’s going to find the Jesus that she had an encounter with when she was 18 years of age. Instead she lost her mind. She was institutionalized with no hope of release, no future, in a mental institution. And Ana, a man came to visit you. Tell me about that.

ANA: I was in this place of total hopelessness. I could not have a normal conversation. It was not like someone would come with a nice opinion or philosophy, he came with Jesus, he came with Yeshua, he came with the Messiah. And the Messiah is the light and the Messiah is the life. And that’s the only way my mind was totally cleared to hear what he was saying. And hope just came to me. I said I want what you’re saying. I’ve been wanting this for so much, for so long. Right now I’m in front of you and you’re talking to me and there’s no way I can come to the Messiah. And he said you’re wrong. The blood of Jesus breaks every yoke. The blood of Jesus breaks every covenant with the Devil. And when he said that, I said what do I need to come to the Messiah. He said only one word, he said repent. And this word repent created an earthquake in my life. It was like this was a real moment, this was not a philosophy, this was not someone teaching me an opinion he had. I was in front of something that was so powerful. And when I repented and I started to see my life and I started to see literally I saw the condition of my soul. I saw the filthiness of my soul. I saw the importance of sin. Because many times we think sin something we just do. No, sin brought Jesus to the cross. It brought our Messiah to the cross to die for us.

Sid Roth: Now when you repented, what happened?

ANA: When I repented, I saw Jesus on the cross, and His eyes were almost closed so much, He was being beaten up and smitten and blood all over Him. He was looking at me with so much mercy, and I felt His love just penetrating my heart and forgiving me. And this scene has never left me. And when I said Lord please forgive me for my sins and please, if You have some mercy for me, come and save me. I felt His light and His glory touching my heart and I literally felt the reality of Yeshua entering my life, entering my spirit. Because this is the true gospel and this is what is so different from any other religion, is that Jesus literally comes and joins your spirit, and then you become truly a new person.

SID: But what happened to your mind?

ANA: I was instantly healed.

SID: Instantly?

ANA: Instantly healed from my mental condition, from my physical condition, because when you’re in a mental condition like that, your body acts accordingly, so I had all kinds of illnesses.

SID: But I understand that there was such a power that came on you, what happened to the other patients in the hospital?

ANA: There was so much power, it stayed for 12 hours, and that power hit the entire hospital, and in the next 15 days, the glory was coming out of my life, just hitting every single patient, and they were being healed and delivered. A person was in a wheelchair and just stood up. She’d had a stroke, she couldn’t talk, she was in that wheelchair, and the power of the Lord just hit her. I was a believer for one day, and that miracle happened. Sometimes we think we need to go a Bible institute or get a lot of training, no, when the life of the Messiah enters your spirit, and it’s a real seed of life, that life manifests through you and brings…

SID: And guess what happens? After that life manifested through her, her sister hears from God, and an evangelist is coming into town by the name of Morris Cerullo, and her sister tells Ana that you’re supposed to be a translator. One problem. You don’t know English. So you walk up there to translate, you know you can’t speak English fluently. What happens?

ANA: Well the truth is, this is not an imagination, when she spoke, I felt God was speaking to me, and I said Lord I bow to this. And I took the step to stand on that platform without knowing English. I mean I knew little words here and there like everyone, but I was unable to have a conversation at all. And when I stood on that platform, suddenly heaven opened up and it was downloading down into my spirit the English language, and ever since, I speak fluent English.

SID: How many other languages did you get instantly?

ANA: This happened to me also in Switzerland and France. Swiss, and I supernaturally also received the French language. This happened to me I Brazil, I received the Portuguese language also on the platform. And last month I preached my first sermon in German.

SID: Let me ask you something. We struggle to learn a language. Can others walk into that gift?

ANA: Oh absolutely, because we serve a God who speaks. God is not in a cloud, God is not a supernatural mind that nobody has access to Him. He is through the Messiah a God who speaks to us. And because He speaks, we can speak. And every language is spiritual, and you can receive it.

SID: As exciting as that is, she’s literally prayed for dead people that have come back to life. Don’t go away, because there is going to be an explosion of miracles. Explosion.

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