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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Doctor Andrew Moyo and I will tell you something, there is African believers in the Messiah who understand the invisible world and literally have such a head start over people in the west understanding the invisible world, Andrew you are from Uganda and I have seen a lot of films on Uganda. That was such a devastated land. How bad was AIDS in your country?

ANDREW: Oh AIDS was so rampant to the point that you would find dead people on the streets. It was so bad that there was no hospital that people could go to because every hospital was full. And you go to any place in a city and a village and every town there was mourning everywhere.

SID ROTH: What percentage of your people did they anticipate would die from AIDS in your country?

ANDREW: They said at least one third of the people by fraction would die by 1997 from AIDS.

SID: What else was going on in your country?

ANDREW: There was in addition to AIDS there was just so much poverty in addition to poverty was the Civil War that went on for years from Idi Ammim, we had a Civil War that went on from 80 to 1986 and Uganda was in turmoil, it was a place of what the Transformation Video called a deep spiritual coma, there was no hope, there was no money, there was corruption, and there was so much political instability which didn’t help for economic involvement at all.

SID: But there was a transformation in this nation of Uganda getting out of what Andrew called a spiritual coma, because people that knew God and knew how to get a hold of God’s attention began to pray, and they prayed to such a point that you told me that the President of Uganda went in to the coliseum and dedicated the nation, tell me about that?

ANDREW: Absolutely, yes in 1999 after a great move of God because we had been fellowshipping and calling solemn assemblies just moments of prayer around the country, it was more than just a prayer meeting or just Christians gathering, but this was a gathering of all people, of all creed, beliefs, from religious leaders to government officials coming together recognizing that Uganda was really going to hell and it was in a place of death and so we started praying and as we prayed the government and the president began to recognize the changes that were coming as a result of all the prayers and all the move of God that was beginning to take place as a result of those prayers. And so in 1999 Uganda was rededicated to the Lord officially by the president to the purposes of God for the next one thousand years.

Sid Roth: Now will he appoint people in high government authority, I understand that he appoints Christians.

ANDREW: Absolutely.

SID: I mean he is not seeker sensitive he is not concerned about what people think; he is out front.

ANDREW: Absolutely, because if we go back the same way we have been going we are going to end up with the same results. So now he sees the value and the outcome of the revival and what the Christian church has brought forth.

SID: So what happened to AIDS in your country, all those people that were supposed to die?

ANDREW: Basically as a result of the Move of God Festival there was just so much healing, God began to heal people and we did crusades where people of AIDS were being healed and became as part of our daily meetings where people were getting healed. But the hand of God moved so powerfully on that nation and we began to preach abstinence from sex and we began to preach holiness and sanctification and we began to preach the gospel with power and people began to receive the gospel and repent and as a result the AIDS started going down supernaturally because there was no way, people were being healed supernaturally even before they came to the meetings.

SID: Your country is fabulous; I want you to see a clip of the President of Uganda and the First Lady.

On News Years Eve, 1999, Uganda joined the rest of the world in celebrating the arrival of the new millennium, but there was a special character to Uganda’s celebration, His is the invisible hand that has moved us along and shaped our destiny. Ten weeks earlier, First Lady Janet Museveni had invited several church leaders to a meeting. So when she came in she told us she had a vision. As we enter the New Millennium we were to organize a thanksgiving to God for what God had done through this period. I mean she requested that we dedicate the nation officially back to God. Good morning to all of you, and Happy New Year. So in the presence of the President and First Lady, we covenented the nation to God for the next one thousand years.

The covenant which included the signatures of the President and the First Lady was remarkably explicit. It read like a passage out of the Old Testament.

Then the King called together all the people from the least to the greatest, the King stood by the pillar and renewed the covenant in the presence of the Lord. From beginning to end it was just God.

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