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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Mary Nahas. Mary’s father was the liberator of the concentration camps in Germany, because what happened was, when they radioed to the other troops, to take over the concentration camp and liberate them, the troops actually went to the wrong concentration camp. Tell me about that.

MARY: My father radioed the third armored division, and gave them directions to Camp Dora. But he took the route of the woods for a lot of that scouting mission, and he got a little confused, and they ended up taking the wrong route and ending up at Kanorhowsin, which was the death camp of middle Baudora. Where the weakest, and the Jews who had been through the ranks of camps, were on there last dying hours, there last reserves of strength.

Sid Roth: Now your father was so blessed throughout his life, for what he did as far as sparing the Jewish people. But not only your father, but you and your children. Tell me briefly about that. You told me you could write a dozen books about what has happened to you.

MARY: Yes. We had so many miracles in our family. One day I just tried to figure out why. And I was looking at my father, and I realized it had something to do with him. I don’t know how I knew that. And I said, “Daddy it’s you isn’t it? You’re the reason that we’ve had all the blessings and miracles. He listens to you. He respects you. But why? What did you ever do in your life to earn his up most respect and every one of your prayers answered?” And He said, “I saved people, a lot of people, and some of those people, were Gods people, the Jews.”

SID: Now tell me why you believe that these blessings have come upon you and your family?

MARY: I believe we are a living example of Genesis 12:3. I will bless those who bless thee, the Jewish people. My father’s journey to Dora not only saved the people of Dora, but the prisoners of Dora were from other camps, like Buchenwald and Dachau. They were building, I think fuselages, the people from Dachau. So finding Dora, caused the liberation of those camps, as the prisoners told where they came from. The Pentagon, when they learned the world’s first ballistic missile was being made there, they ordered the search for camps.

Sid Roth: So they weren’t looking for the prisoners so much because of humanitarian reasons…

MARY: No, no..

SID: They wanted to get all of these rockets and ballistic missiles.

MARY: Exactly, exactly, and they knew that it was all sitting in the Soviet zone of occupation, and there was a very dyer need, you know, national crisis that could have happened. And so, his journey killed so many birds with one stone, it could’ve only been the wisdom of God to do such a thing, and to send a soldier.

SID: You told me that God sort of gave your father a sign on all the years that followed, on the birth of children, and a miraculous dead baby that came back to life.

MARY: Yes. My father said to me, “you know how I never received any decoration for what I had done to save the people?” I said yes, and he said “well God would not let me go undecorated after the war.” And I said, “what do you mean? How does God decorate a soldier?” And he said, “The first baby that I had that was born after the war was born dead, she was completely blue from lack of oxygen. The doctor was about to turn around and take her to the morgue when I said WAIT! The doctor said well what do you want me to do? There’s no hope. She’s been dead a long time due to the placenta. And he said, we can’t just bury her, without giving it a try to revive her.” And so the doctor worked on her, and said he would do it just for my father to make him feel better, but there would be no hope. And in 12 minutes, the color came back into her body and she turned from blue to pink. And in 20 minutes, she started to breath on her own And my dad said “It was a miracle! She was born dead and came back to life! And it all happened on the anniversary date of the day I saved the people.”

SID: But it wasn’t just that particular child, tell me about the others.

MARY: Yes, he said the blessing didn’t stop there. To add to that blessing, the baby who was born dead and came back to life, grew up, and 20 years later, her baby was born on that same day, and then 20 more years later, my son was born, between the liberation dates of Dora and Nordhowsin. Right during the liberation of both camps. Then a year later, my son Michael, was born only one year later. And I said, “Daddy, why was he only born one year later, instead of 20?” And he said that God told him it was because he didn’t have another 20 years left to live and God wanted him to tell his story now.

SID: Why is it so important for this story get out now? I understand you’ve even talked with holocaust survivors about this.

MARY: Yes. The Jewish people asked the question “well after the war, they searched the written history” looking for that one story that would show that God cared about them and even cared that they suffered. And they couldn’t find it. What they didn’t know, is that it had always existed but it had been silenced. And so my father wanted them to know, that all these babies were not just a blessing for him, but that God was actually building a memorial to the prisoners, saying “I remember, and I’m sending you the answer to your question. Did I care about your suffering. Not only did I care, but I’ve given this liberator, babies, born every 20 years on the liberation date of the camp.” And all together there were seven of them. And my father was right, that it wasn’t just to bless him. Because when he died, Chase, the latest one, due date was April 11th, the day that my father broke into the camp. So seven of our babies were born on the liberation dates of the camps that were involved in Dora, not only Dora, but Nordhowsin, and Bougenwald, the main ones, and Dakow, my son was born on the liberation of Dakow.

SID: Okay Mary, I think it’s wonderful that these Jews were saved. And if your father did do it. These Jewish people and all there extended families wouldn’t be here anymore. But where was God, with all the Jews that died in the holocaust?

MARY: I believe, when I asked my father about this. He asked God and God showed him a correlation between when he survived the river, and Elizabeth was so elated that he survived, because of all the children she had lost. Little Johnny, the one my dad was named after, and the others.

SID: That was your father’s mother?

MARY: Right. Her real name was Elisabetha, and my father saw that, just like Elisabetha, who was so happy he lived, because she couldn’t bear the loss of one more child…

SID: That was when he fell through the ice, should not have lived.

MARY: Exactly. God blessed my father for those same reasons, had the same elation as Elizabeth over the survival of the few, because he was grieving so badly over the millions who died. And my father’s conclusion was that he never wanted them to suffer and die in the camps because of this.

SID: And as a matter of fact, you pointed out to me that in the book there was almost a war going on in the invisible world. Explain that.

MARY: Yes. My father felt that there were forces going on during the war. If the sergeant had given my dad permission to leave on April 5th, he would’ve reached Dora and Buchenwald
before the death marches; before the evacuation of the camps. But peoples’ agendas were interfering. The sergeant was trying to set up only certain people for decoration, and when my dad asked for permission to go, he said no. Had he gone with my dad’s hunch, dad would’ve received a jeep, and he would’ve reached Dora in only a couple of hours, rather that five days worth of walking. And the corpses that were in that train car, that my dad said by the looks of the bodies had only been dead a day or two, would’ve been alive.

SID: But why do you believe Hitler wanted to kill as many Jewish people as possible?

MARY: I believe it was a spiritual warfare. I said to God when I was writing the book “Show me. You have me writing a book that shows these poor people, and it wasn’t You who put them there. But I can’t give them half the story. If it wasn’t You, God, who was it?” And I saw the crematoriums. He allowed me to see, through an inner vision. I saw the smoke of Jewish people going up to the nostrils of God, and I saw Lucifer, who had not been given burnt sacrifice or Messiah – no redemption for him. His is a death sentence. I saw him screaming to God and saying
“Here’s Your burnt sacrifice. Here’s Your Jews.” Which, to me, showed me that he is so enraged,
not that he would want redemption, but he just doesn’t want Abraham and his children to have it,
so he will do everything to stop it.

SID: Genesis 12:3, God says “I, God, will bless those who bless the Jewish people.” And if Christians had been blessing the Jewish people through their prayers, then these forces of evil
could not have killed all of these Jewish people. But in that same Genesis 12:3… By the way, one more chance. We’re going to have a chance to pray for Jewish people to be spared with the new holocaust that is coming on Jewish people worldwide. Genesis 12:3 says “I, God, will bless those who bless the Jewish people, and curse those who curse them. And in your seed, all the people of the world shall be blessed.” Do you know who that seed is? Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah. And all the people of this earth were blessed through the seed of a Jew. And we’re about at the point of history, right now, where it’s not all the people in the world, it’s you. The question I have for you is, do you want to be blessed in this life? The first step is to recognize you have sinned. Ask Jesus to wash your sins away, become your Messiah, and live inside of you. Say it out loud. Do it now.
And start experiencing God’s kingdom on this earth.

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