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SID: Sid Roth here with Mary Nahas. Mary’s father was in World War Two, and he was a soldier. He had a compulsion to follow the train tracks, because he figured that would lead him to the prisoners, to the concentration camps. So, he literally went AWOL, he had a wound, he was walking… How long did he walk?

MARY: He said it was about three hours into the journey. He had left about nine, nine thirty at night and he said it was about one, one thirty in the morning when he had the encounter.

Sid Roth: Which basically, it’s very clear to me. An angel, he was going to turn around. An angel turned him around, infused him with supernatural strength, and he continued even though he was AWOL, and he was instructed by his superior officers not to go look for the concentration camp. You see, the United States didn’t want to find the Jewish people in the concentration camps. But something happened when the liberator followed God. So, he continued, what happened?

MARY: At the end of the tracks, five days later, he found a train car.

SID: He walked for five days with the wound?

MARY: Yes, he said he saw the American troops camped out, and something just kept telling him, not to stray, to keep following the trains, and he did so and reached Camp Dora, where he found a train car filled with dead prisoners that were naked. As he tried to find out who they were by lifting there bodies, you know, he climbed up onto the train car, and he was using his gun to lift there arms and legs, to see if he could find a uniform or patch, or anything to identify what side of the war they were on, so he could figure out what was going on. But his clip fell off, and a German guard heard him and came running over shooting. And my father said, looking back, it was as though an angel had been shielding him, because the bullets were going on both sides of his ears. Whizzing, whistling by, but none of them hit him.

SID: Well his life was spared many times for this particular purpose. What happened next?

MARY: He looked up and he saw a hidden tunnel, coming out of the side of a mountain, and he knew the Germans had camouflaged it for some good reason, so he knew he had found something big. He went in the tunnel to investigate, but something kept telling him not to go any deeper. So he came back out, to investigate the bodies, and that’s when the German guard found him. So what he did was, the German guard took off. I guess he didn’t want to die that late in the war either, so he went and scouted the camp from on top of mountain and found the main entrance of the gate. The prisoners had heard him getting shot at, and went to the front gate so that he would realize they were prisoners in need of rescue. And He tried to break the lock by shoving his gun up inside the lock and twisting and twisting, but he was unable to do so. So he couldn’t go any further, he knew he had to start walking to find help.

SID: Now this camp was called what?

MARY: Mittselbau-Dora concentration camp

SID: And what was going on there?

MARY: Werner Von Braun had set up a missile operation in there, and the poor prisoners of that camp were being forced to manufacture the world’s first ballistic missile and other weapons. They were beaten and starved; muscle men had become very weak in a short period of time. It was horrific. He didn’t even give them a place to sleep; they were so obsessed with making the missiles. They had to sleep in the cold dark tunnels. Some of them went blind even, you know, they suffered terrible illnesses.

SID: Now you told me, that they were developing rockets that could go and hit New York City.

MARY: Yes, yes.

SID: Literally, if your father had not found, supernaturally, as the liberator of the concentration camps in Germany. What would have happened to America? You said the History Channel did something on this?

MARY: Yeah, all those missiles at Camp Dora, were sitting in the Russian zone of occupation, the Russians would have gotten it all. As the Americans discovered these things, they took them and brought them over to the United States. And Stalin, when he reached the camp, he was livid that everything was gone. They did get the production team and some of the machines but they didn’t get the main scientist and 100 of the rockets, which is what we took and confiscated.

SID: You told me this, you told me that the History Channel, did a documentary on this and they said that in the United States we’d be speaking Russian rather than English because literally, Russia would have won the ballistic missile race, and the balance of power would have changed. But you can see God’s hand. I want to find out what God did, to spare the Jewish people. What sacrifices he went to. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

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