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Sid Roth here with Bill Weise

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Sid Roth here with Bill Weise

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Bill Weise and I don’t know about you but I’m literally on the edge of my seat because I have heard a lot of stories of people who have had visitations to heaven, but you don’t hear too many people that have had visitations to hell. My guest, Bill Weise, was, had his memory removed that he was a Christian and was dropped, as he put it, into a prison cell in hell for the precise purpose of what he is telling us right now. What happened next, Bill?

BILL: Well I was thinking about my wife a lot and then I just wanted to talk to a person, just anybody, but you’re denied that, you never get to be with people, you never get to talk to anyone; you are just around these demonic creatures that can torment you and torture you, so you are denied that access, I noticed the smells are just terrible, foul orders

SID: So it’s sulfur smell?

BILL: Sulfur smell, burning flesh, just the most putrid, rotten smells you could imagine, but you didn’t want to breath, you couldn’t really breath anyway, there is not enough air to breathe, every breath was such an effort, I just have to describe it, I breathed like this, like… like every breath you could barely get, and I thought I’m going to die any second from not enough air, but you have to go on living without enough air also.

Sid Roth: Okay, it’s so hot, what about thirst, did you have that sensation, were you thirsty?

BILL: Terrible thirst, absolute so dry, my mouth was like I hadn’t drank in weeks a drop of water, and that’s how it is for eternity, there is no water in hell, Zechariah 9:11, and Luke, the rich man talked about how he wanted just one drop of water and how precious it would have been, and that’s what it was like, just a drop, so precious, and that’s how water is to my wife and I now, I love water, but…

SID: What happened next?

BILL: I was viewing the desolate wasteland of hell and something began lifting me up and I didn’t know what it was, but that was the Lord’s presence lifting me up at that point so I could see a little bit more of hell, and I could see that raging pit of fire with all the people screaming in it, and individual pits of fire with people in their own individual pit burning, and the demons all around, clawing at me, most of the ones around me were chained to the walls, I can’t explain but they were chained to the walls, I was glad they couldn’t get to me, but as I began, I looked at them and I thought they were so powerful as the one that picked me up and threw me into the wall I was like the weight of a water glass to it, they have tremendous strength, and I thought who could fight off these creatures, no one, and you are just hopelessly lost there for eternity, and as I began going up into the darkness, it’s already dark there, but there is just a little bit of light by the flames, and it barely travels, but as I went up into this tunnel, I was being raised up, it got darker and darker until it was absolutely pitch black, and I was in complete terror at that moment, and right then when I was just desperately crying out the Lord showed up, just in a bright light all of a sudden, and I …

SID: What was the sensation in your body when you saw him?

BILL: Well, to go from one second earlier to being lost for eternity, to the next second knowing, he placed it back in my mind that I was a Christian, so I instantly knew who it was, that it was Jesus, I said, “Jesus,” and he said, “I am.” And I just fell at his feet like a dead man, I just collapsed at his feet, and I just wanted to worship him forever and ever, I wanted to thank him over and over and over again for rescuing me, he is the only way out of this place, is knowing Jesus, I was so grateful. You know when you are in his presence you don’t really want to ask questions you just want to worship him, but yet thoughts came to my mind of questions, and I thought, “Lord, why did you send me to this place.” And he answered my thought and he said, “Because many people do not believe in hell,” he said, “even some of my own people do not believe that hell exists.” That surprised me but there has been many people that have called in to us, even on radio shows, Christians that have said they don’t believe in hell. But man will go there.

Sid Roth: Now outside of your experience you realize that if he hadn’t gone there to be able to report back to us and he had gone there because he was a non-believer, he could have never gotten back, has that thought ever crossed your mind, what it would have been like to be there for all of eternity?

BILL: I just can’t even really imagine, when I was there I did imagine it, and it was horrible to live with that thought to never get out, you know, there is nobody on earth that has ever experienced utter hopelessness, you could always die to get out of it.

SID: All right, what else did he tell you when he came to rescue you?

BILL: He said he wanted me to go tell people that he loves everyone, he doesn’t want anybody to go to hell, and he allowed me to feel a piece of his heart at that moment, I say people dropping one after another down that shaft that I had come up, and I felt so bad for the people, but he allowed me to feel a little bit of his heart, what he feels for the people, and he wept over people going into hell, he doesn’t want one person to go there, it hurt him so much, the amount he allowed me to feel, I couldn’t stand it, I had to ask him to stop, I can’t stand feeling what you feel, just a little piece of what he allowed me to feel.

SID: So you felt being separated from God, you didn’t like that one bit, and then you felt his hurt over humans that choose to go to hell rather than surrendering to God.

BILL: Exactly, just like he wept over Jerusalem when he came into the city, he is weeping over the people, it hurts him more than you can imagine for people to go there, but he is a just God.

SID: Did he indicate when he is going to return?

BILL: He just told me, he said tell them I’m coming back very, very soon, and he repeated himself and said, “I’m coming back very, very soon.”

SID: Did you hear that, he said, do you think Bill had this experience just for the heck of it, it was for you. But wait till you find out what I’m going to find out from his wife, Annette, who witnessed when he came back

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