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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jennifer Toledo. And so Jennifer, you’re in the middle of nowhere in Africa, you’re dying, and you’re breaking a covenant that’s been thousands of years with Satan, that has stopped people from coming to know God in that particular region. You’re dying, but you proceed. They break the covenant by forming a stronger covenant, the covenant with God through Jesus. And what changes occurred after that covenant was broken in that region?

JENNIFER: Sid, it was absolutely incredible. We actually did this at the peak of the drought, in the middle of the summer. It’s like 110 to 120 degrees. It was so hot and just, you know, just the conditions in that land were so horrific. And we said, not only are the people gonna come into covenance, but we’re gonna call the land into covenance. And so to symbolize this, we took communion. We poured the communion on the land, and we said, okay, you know, we did everything God told us to do. It was very simple. And I said, “God, we really need two signs. Would you just let us know you’re pleased. Sign your name to this deal. Something. And would you give us a sign that you really brought down the demonic stronghold in this land.” And sure enough, we got our signs. It was like living through a Bible story. It was so incredible.

SID: Tell me. You had several signs. Tell me one of them.

JENNIFER: Yeah. One of them was it all of a sudden, in the middle of summer, the heavens literally open and it starts to pour down rain.

SID: Never happens.

JENNIFER: Oh my goodness. It hadn’t rained in so long. I mean, you don’t have to tell an African that rain means God is pleased. They knew that God was in this. And then it began to, this bolt of lightening struck this mountain goat mountain, and that was the high point of all the demonic power. It was where they did all these sacrifices. And God struck the mountain and you could feel something shift in the land. And then it was almost instantly, we began to see things change. We had some friends that were from the Turkana tribe. And they had a curse put on them that all their children would die at birth. And it just so happened she was three weeks overdue from delivering another baby. And they had lost several babies, and so they were just devastated. But as soon as we did everything God told us to do and the curse was broken, she went into labor. And everybody kind of stood by to see if, you know, this was gonna really bring a change. And sure enough, she delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl. And the father held the baby up in front of the tribe and said, “Her name is Peace. She’ll have no middle name, no last name. Her name is Peace, and she’ll be a prophetic sign to us on this day we came into peace with the living God.” And then from that moment, like we just saw a crazy transformation of the land. It began to rain record rainfalls. The violence level completely diminished. People started getting saved. It was like this open heaven.

SID: You know, I love what occurred. But what about you? You were dying in this remote village.

JENNIFER: Yeah, I wasn’t having a great time.

SID: A guy by the name of Randy transports you how many miles away to a hospital?

JENNIFER: It was about 16 hours away to a hospital.

SID: I mean, you were dying.

JENNIFER: Yes. I had been given about 24 hours to live. And this precious man found me, drove me 16 hours to a hospital. Got to the hospital. They said basically it was a miracle that I was alive. All my organs had shut down. I had severe dehydration, and was very sick. They said I needed an instant surgery and I was just like, no way. And I just started, something rose up inside of me and said, you know, I know that my God can heal me. I’ve seen God move. I’ve seen Him heal. He loves me.

SID: A pastor gave you an encouraging prophecy, too, that helped. Tell me about that.

JENNIFER: Yeah. That’s true. As I was lying in the hospital hooked up to all these machines, miserable in pain, it was so incredible. This man walks into my room, this Kenyan pastor. I’d never seen him before. He introduces himself and says, “You don’t know who I am, but the Lord woke my wife and I up last night and told us to pray for you, and told me to come give you a word.” And I’m going, “Thank you. I want it right now.” And he said, “You know, the word is very simple.” He said, “This.” And he just pointed to me in my condition and he said, “God wants me to remind you this right here, this is about spiritual promotion. This is about being in authority.” It was the exact words God had told me and I had written in my journal before I left.

SID: I love it when God does something like that!

JENNIFER: It was so funny. He knew I needed that because–

SID: I mean, here you are, okay, but you’re still, you’re encouraged, but dying in the hospital.

JENNIFER: So my heart was better. My body wasn’t better yet. But it did give me the faith just to go, you know what? I know God can do this. I’m gonna press in, and I know that in the middle of difficulties, choosing faith and choosing to believe His promises is that thing that pushes you through and gives you authority, and it’s the thing that breaks you in.

SID: Okay. Well this good friend of yours shows up in a dream. Tell me about it.

JENNIFER: Yes. I fall asleep, and while I’m asleep, I have the most incredible encounter. I don’t know how to explain it, other than it was like the most beautiful, kindest light, and I knew it was Jesus, walked into my hospital room. And he took the back of his hand and he said, “Be still.” And he just cut me right down the middle with his hand and pulled my skin open. And I was kind of, honestly, it was so real. It was like watching surgery on TV. It was like, this is gross, you know. But it was so incredible. And one by one he just began to massage my organs and he cleaned me out, and did all this stuff, and then he took my skin and closed it back up. In his hand he had my exact skin color. It was like clay or mud, and he put it on top of me, and I was thinking, “My gosh, I’m not gonna have a scar!” And I was awakened in that moment. And honestly, when I woke up, I was still in total pain.

SID: Oh no!

JENNIFER: I know. I didn’t feel any different. And I was like, no! And I just had to make a choice. And I said, I know God’s character. God is not the kind of God that would tease me. I have nothing to lose at this point. So I have to believe I’m healed. So I just was like, I’m healed! I’m healed! And my doctor was in the room and thought I was totally crazy. And he was like, “You’re not healed. You’re actually dying.” You know, but what happened is when I said, “I’m healed,” it was like supernatural strength came into my body, and it was when I made that agreement with who He is. And I couldn’t stop. I was just like, “I’m healed! I’m healed!” I just kept screaming because it was like every time I said I was feeling better. I mean, it had been ten days of extremely ill, unable to eat.

SID: So when you walked out of that hospital, what does the staff and doctor say or think?

JENNIFER: Oh I mean, so many of the doctors and the nurses were just in tears. They were so moved. Many of them received Jesus as their savior, because it was, how could you not believe that Jesus could heal. They saw. They saw I was dying. They saw. They retested everything. All my levels were completely normal. Were organs were functioning just fine. It was medically undefined. And so all the credit went to God. It was incredible, and I was completely healed.

SID: You think that’s incredible, wait ‘til you find out how Jennifer brings a few suitcases of clothing to Africa and the clothing keeps multiplying. She gives away the clothes and more clothes are in the suitcase. I mean, that sounds like what I read about in the Bible. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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