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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Darren Wilson, Darren, you’re commissioned by this angel, God’s been speaking to you to do this film on miracles around the world, how much money did you have for your budget?

DARREN: I started with nothing.

SID: So did you do a big fundraising project?

DARREN: Sort of, I made a deal with the Lord in the very beginning, because I didn’t want to make it, and I made a deal with God, I said I will make this movie for you but I don’t want to have to ask anybody for money, because I hate asking people for money and so I said if you can do that, if you can give me the money I’ll go make it. And I never asked for a dime and he gave me $25,000 dollars.

SID: Where did this trip take you?

DARREN: It took me all over the United States, into Canada; we went to Africa and Mozambique, Bulgaria, Turkey, France Switzerland, all over the place.

SID: Never in a million years did you think you would be putting a video together on the supernatural. Tell me a bit about that dead man; what was his name; Frances?

DARREN: Frances, yeah.

SID: Tell me about dead Frances.

DARREN: Well I had heard of Frances, just because when I was scheduled to go to Mozambique to visit with Heidi and Roland Baker, I heard that there was this guy who has this incredible story, even for them. And so I asked well could I talk to him, and so he came to the airport at Johannesburg during my layover, and that’s when I heard his full story, which was just mind-boggling. What had happened is just about two years before they were having a church service, and he was outside kind of ushering people in and he was going to go lock up the gate and these four men came up to him and they were all drunk and he, you know, was trying to figure out what they wanted and they started to beat on him, to beat him up, they had baseball bats, and he said what are you doing? And they said we are going to kill you today, today is your last day, and so they beat him to death with baseball bats, they stabbed him 27 times.

SID: So he was dead dead.

DARREN: Dead as a doornail. So they took him to the hospital; hospital pronounced him dead, the whole church comes together and they don’t know what else to do so they are just praying for him. And he was killed at around eleven o’clock at night, around twelve-fifteen; twelve-thirty in the morning he came back to life. But when he came back to life he was, he was a total mess, I mean beaten by baseball bats and stabbed 27 times, his face was all swollen, couldn’t speak, and right before they put him out for the night, they gave him morphine, right before they put him out for the night he just was able to croak out, whisper “forgive them,” referring to the people who did this to him and then like he was out. And this got back to the church and that morning the police in South Africa caught one of these guys, and they were very proud of themselves because they don’t normally catch these guys, and so they went to the church, and they called the church and said, “Hey we caught one of the men who beat your friend to death, come down and sign some papers, press charges and we will get them processed. The church knew that Frances had forgiven them so they said no, we are not going to press charges, we want to forgive them. And the police were a little upset that is not really the best way to handle crime in South Africa. And so he said, “No you really need to come down. And the church with one voice said, “Absolutely not, we forgive him.” And the moment they forgave him as a body Frances was instantly healed in the hospital. He was, all of his bruises, all of his cuts, everything was gone immediately.

SID: Now you actually met Frances and videoed him?

DARREN: Yes, he still has the bloody shirt with 27 knife wounds in it.

SID: Now what did this do for your grid of the supernatural?

DARREN: It just took it to a whole new level. I mean you hear, it is one thing to hear stories, it is another thing to look across into the eyes of someone who has had an experience like this and you know that this person isn’t lying to you.

SID: Tell me about the college students in California that for fun they go to the emergency room of the hospital. Is that true?

DARREN: Yeah, yeah. In Redding, California thee is a church out there and they have a school, I guess they call it a School of Ministry, and basically kids go there, they are probably between the age of eighteen and twenty-five mostly, and they go to just learn how to operate in the supernatural, and learn how to just, they hit the streets and they go look for anybody they can to pray for, and one of the things they will do is they go to the ER on Friday Nights for fun and they will look for somebody who is sick and they will pray for them before the doctor sees them and get them healed.

SID: Now what I am wondering, I know the effect that your film had on me, and I am pretty excited to make this available to you, but what I want to find out from Darren is, when he plays this for his own evangelical church that were like him, he believes God can do miracles, but they have never seen any, what effect did this have on them?

DARREN: Well it had the same effect that it is having on literally every public showing that I have heard of, it has the same effect, God shows up in a major, major way.

SID: Describe what happens.

DARREN: Okay what happens, people are being healed, one while watching the movie, but most of the healings and the things that are taking place are taking place after the movie is over and the faith level is kind of at a high pitch. And so the people will just turn toward each other and start to pray for one another. And so we have had healings, we have had salvations, we have had people being set free from depression, from oppression, addictions it is just absolutely…

SID: You know the footage that you had from this underground church in China; I have never seen such glory of God on their faces. What effect did it have on you when you went through that footage?

DARREN: Well yeah, that is the one place I didn’t go to get the footage, a missionary named Dennis Balkam gave me that footage, he had been a missionary in China for forty years, and when I took a look at it, it was, I knew I was sitting on something that was absolutely incredible, I mean it is literally the rarest footage on the planet. It’s culled from years and years of traveling around deep into the heart of that underground church and what it did to me, it showed me for the first time what real, I mean heartfelt genuine faith really looks like and it brought me to tears and it, what I hear is it is everybody’s favorite part of the movie, because when they see that and they see what these people are going through and how they react to it; it is absolutely incredible.

SID: You know what, I think next week I am going to show a portion of that because it is the real thing, I mean Darren can you put it in any other words than it is seeing the real thing, like what happens when a human being sells out a hundred percent and is filled with the presence of God. Are they having many miracles there?

DARREN: It is an everyday common occurrence, it is one of the things that is causing the great kind of groundswell of conversions is the miracles that are preceding the preaching.

SID: Now when you went to Mozambique are many people that are dead raised from the dead there?

DARREN: Yeah the ministry that I went with was Iris Ministries and they have had over eighty people raised from the dead in the last few years.

SID: And by the way, I know it as a fact, that if someone is dead just a few minutes or something, they don’t even count them, they have certain strict requirements. Everything you have ever read in the Bible, I can’t say enough good things about this video, I wish that every young person, every older person in the world would see this video. Darren, one funny thing that happened real quick.

DARREN: One funny thing that happened?

SID: Yeah, in filming it?

DARREN: Funny thing that happened.

SID: I can tell you a funny thing that happened, when you came to interview me on this video and I had words of knowledge and what thoughts went inside of your mind?

DARREN: Yeah I was interviewing you and we were in this little office space and all of a sudden, and this was a good solid year before I am even going to start editing the movie and so you start getting these words of knowledge for people who are going to be watching this as yet unmade movie.

SID: That are going to be physically healed.

DARREN: Physically healed, and it was, I remember the hair standing up in the back on my head when you did it because it was a powerful, powerful moment but at the same time I am like, well I guess I am going to finish this movie and I guess people are going to watch it because you know this was happening, I knew it was very real. And since then, it was actually the first word I think you had was for headaches and that was the first miracle that happened when I showed it.

SID: But I want a miracle to happen with you right now, I want you to know God, I don’t care about your religion, I care about you knowing God and there is no other name given unto man in which we can be cleansed of our sin and righteous, to have intimacy with God, yell the name Jesus I want to know you, I want to experience your Kingdom now on this earth, now.

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