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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Larry Randolph, and Larry Randolph comes from generations of prophets, people that knew the future. Larry, I am so fascinated not that just you know the  future, not that you just hear God, but when people read your book they are going to understand for the first time that God works with us in different levels, and as we think it is just a voice spoken your word, an audible booming voice, but there are so many different ways. Tell me about the time that Jesus visited you.


LARRY: I was a young man, pastoring a church, 1974, and it was a commission from the Lord, to be very short, it is too long of a story, it is in my book, Spirit Taught, but I was lying down to sleep late one night and I heard the noise of someone walking beside my bedroom window, and as this noise turned a corner, I realized that it was a divine being, because the presence was incredible, and the awe was incredible, and it was Jesus. And he stooped over, put his cheek by the screen window and began to radiate the most incredible love I had ever experienced in my life. Sid I don’t know how to say it, it has been that long and I still want to weep when I think about it because he was nothing, anything I had ever done, anything I had ever thought, anything I was ever going to do was just unconditionally forgiven by him if I would ask for forgiveness.

He loved me totally, he loved me unconditionally.


SID: I think most people don’t believe he loves that much. It’s too good.


LARRY: It’s too good, but it was so strong that his love took on form, it took on a red cloud, it was like a haze that hung in the atmosphere, and when I breathed it in I was breathing the liquid love of God, I could hardly breathe, I was suffocating.


SID: But you know what I’m thinking? If someone has cancer in the lungs, they take that, the breath that in and there is no room for cancer.


LARRY: Well what I was healed of in a sense was more an emotional, spiritual thing, a timidity, I was healed of a sense of no purpose because what Jesus did he started talking to me in an audile voice and said to me, “Look at your hands.” And I looked at my hands and he said to me, he quoted a scripture form the beloved King David in the Psalms, David said, “I am fearfully and awesomely and wonderfully made.” And he said to me, “You are fearfully and awesomely and wonderfully made, you are one of a kind, you are an extraordinary human being, there is none like you, I made you just as you are and I love you unconditionally, you have a divine purpose that no one else could do, you have a gifting, but I want you to,” this is what came across to me, “I don’t want you to focus much on your gifting, I want you to focus on the love you feel in this room, because the love of God is bigger than any gifting.” And it has taken me my lifetime to figure out what he meant by that and if I can say this Sid, this is what he meant by that. Some people, a lot of people, psychics have gifts, a lot of people have gifts, prophetic gifts, but their hearts are small their gifts are big but their hearts are small, and it has taken me my whole life to figure out that what the Lord is after is a heart that is big, and, in other words you minister from your heart, you don’t minister from your gift, your motivation for who you are comes from the heart of love for people that he had for me, not from my gifting and I’m learning that if my heart is big and if I love people, my gifting will run hard to catch up with it. On the other hand I see people who have big giftings, psychics have big giftings but their heart is dead and you don’t feel that love of the Creator for the creation.


SID: The only way their heart can have the live of God is to have God in their heart and the only way to have God in their heart is to believe that Jesus died for their sins.


LARRY: Absolutely.


SID: Now there is something you told me the Lord told you about the hands and how they should be used.


LARRY: Yes, well he said to me, “Look at your hands.” And he asked me a question, “Why did I put your hands on your arms?” And in humor I thought to feed myself maybe, I don’t know Lord, to hug? And he said to me, “I put your hands on your arms because your hands are an extension of me, and I’m not in this physical world now, you are, and you are my hands extended.” And he said, “I never want you to shove with your hands, or push with your hands, or hit someone with our hands, or push people away with your hands, your hands are made for healing, your hands are made to embrace, to affirm people, to touch people, to minister to people, to encourage people.”

And he taught me the use of the human hand and how precious our hands are, and then he reminded me how, when blind people came and people that were sick came, he would touch them with his hands, and then he showed me this, I saw this picture of him with little children on his lap as the gospels betray him, this Jesus, he put his hands on them and touched little children and he taught me that the hands are an extension of his kingdom, and the way we use our hands, and of course the way we use our reflective voices, and the manner that we speak to them.


SID: Do you know what that reminds me of Larry? I interviewed, do you remember the serial killer, his name was Son of Sam?


LARRY: I do.


SID: I interviewed him, and this is what he said, he is in prison, he’s got multiple life, he will spend forever in prison, and he is Jewish and he became a believer in the Messiah, and he took his hands and he said you see I sued these hands to strangle people, now I use these hands to love people.


LARRY: That’s amazing, that’s amazing. that’s what Robert Mitchell my old mentor used to do to me, he would set me in a chair, he died at a hundred years old, he mentored me for ten years, an incredible old prophet. And he would put his hands tenderly on my face, very gently, and he would impart to me the love of God and the peace and who he was and his gifting, he did that hundreds of times.


SID: Tell me, can you impart the prophetic gifting to people that hunger for this by praying for them, the way he prayed, imparted to you?


LARRY: I think there is a lot of factors that are involved. One, the person has to be open to that and has to have a propensity toward that and a leaning toward that, and the other person must have a strong gifting, I think there is a measure, it is not an instant, overnight, in other words you had nothing and now you have everything, but I prefer the word stir up, you know maybe that’s a better word that – in other words to stir your spirit, stir your heart up to embrace something.

Yes, there is an imparting, there is a giving, cause with our hands we give away the essence of who we are with our hands.


SID: I want to find out what Larry saw in those newspaper headlines for years in the future, and I want Larry to also pray for a stirring up, a stirring up of those gifts that are inside you, an excitement, don’t go away.

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