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We now return to It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Linda Josef, my co-author of my new book, “Supernatural Healing,” in which I went back over the last 30-plus years and found the best most verifiable healings I could, put it in a book so that you could be healed and you can minister healing to someone else. But at the end of the show we’re gonna take communion together because that’s another way of healing, a way that’s so misunderstood, we’re going to take the mystery out of communion and get the bread and the grape juice, and the wine ready because, and believe God, this is your moment for healing. Linda, you said there were primarily two categories of the various testimonies in the book. One was a sovereign miracle and another is contending for the faith. One thing I find interesting, three of the stories were written by medical doctors. Tell me about Dr. Gary Hill.

LINDA: Dr. Gary Hill’s wife was pregnant with their fourth child, and by eight months the baby hadn’t moved. So they come to find out the baby had had an intrauterine stroke. More than half of its brain was missing. If it lived to birth it would have been terribly handicapped.

SID: The doctors told him, he is a doctor also, that he needed an abortion, but he wouldn’t stand for that.

LINDA: He said, “I am a Christian. I won’t accept it.” So he decided that his only hope was in God. He quit his job and immersed himself in the study of healing. He prayed night and day, and there are certain things that he did. But at the end of this time period God came into his room and he was led to pray for his wife, and the baby was instantly healed.

SID: How’s the baby today?

LINDA: Today, she’s a 13-year-old girl. She plays soccer. She gets As. She’s a vibrant, healthy young lady.

SID: The most verified miracle we have in this book, another medical doctor that had lymphoma, but it wasn’t just normal lymphoma. What type of lymphoma was it?

LINDA: It was called Mantel cell lymphoma, which is one of the most aggressive and dangerous of all cancers.

SID: And tell me about Dr. Tom Renfro.

LINDA: Well Dr. Renfro was diagnosed with it and was told that there is no medical cure for it, that there is no remedy. And he began to pray for healing, and it took forever to come. His diseased progressed and progressed.

SID: You know what I can’t believe, Linda, his wife was so sure that they would be healed that she videotaped his body just destroying itself. I mean, and they got to the point where they had to cover up the windows and she had to stop videotaping because he went down to nothing. No hope. Let’s take a look at this footage.

You know, there is no logical, rational explanation for this man to be healed today, except there is a God in Heaven that answers prayer. But he had a key. Part of his healing, and this is a very important key which Linda points out in the book, is obedience. He heard from God to have one treatment of chemotherapy, but that made no sense to the natural mind because, Linda, he was going to die. If he had the chemo, what did the doctors tell him?

LINDA: They told him he would probably die just from the chemo because his body wasn’t strong enough to combat it. And they really didn’t want to do it. But God had told him to do this. And so they took him by ambulance. He was too sick at this point to go in a car. They took him by ambulance to the hospital and agreed to start the chemotherapy.

SID: Well let’s take a look at it right now.

TOM: I was diagnosed with Mantel cell lymphoma. It’s one of the rare forms of lymphoma. And unfortunately, the doctors told me at the time there was no cure, that radiation wouldn’t cure this, that bone marrow transplants and stem cells harvesting techniques had been tried and failed with this particular brand of lymphoma, that chemotherapy, it may knock it back a little bit, but it would march right through, as you progress through your chemotherapy, it would just come right back.

SID: To your knowledge, has anyone ever been healed of this type of lymphoma?

TOM: To my knowledge, no.

SID: I mean, now you’re a doctor. You know more than most people.

TOM: Right.

SID: Did you in your wildest imagination ever think you’d get cancer?

TOM: No. One of the greatest fears that I had when I was in medical and, you know, you see a lot of different diseases, one was either leukemia or lymphoma. Because I saw a lot of people suffering through that disease, and inside of me there was a fear, Lord, don’t ever let this occur in my life. And look what the devil brought. He brought rotten lymphoma to me.

SID: You told me earlier you had another fear of chemotherapy.

TOM: Right.

SID: Why?

TOM: Chemotherapy, and don’t get me wrong, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, it is something designed to kill, and it has such horrendous side effects, I didn’t know if I would be able to withstand any of the side effects of chemotherapy. And to me, I didn’t want to go that route. I didn’t want to have that in my body.

SID: Now Tom, as I understand it, you decided to approach this as if it was a war.

TOM: Yes.

SID: I mean, you were giving no ground to this disease. But the more you were giving no ground, the more it was spreading.

TOM: Right.

SID: So didn’t you reach a point of discouragement?

TOM: There was a point of discouragement, and it came when I was so sick. And that is when that spirit of discouragement came upon me and said, “Why don’t you just give up. Why don’t you let go of this notion that God is going to do anything for you?”

SID: But wouldn’t it be easier to give, I mean, I’m sure the thought came, it’s easier to give up than to fight.

TOM: That’s right. It is. Sometimes you get so tired you just want to quit, that what is the use. But that’s where the Word and God’s spirit just starts quickening within us and gives us more hope and gives us that ability to press on, to press on one more time.

SID: Now when Sid covered up the mirrors and decided you can’t even look at yourself, you must have known it was, you knew how bad off you were and you were getting worse, progressively.

TOM: I didn’t want to look at myself. And I wanted to maintain the image of wholeness and completeness in my body. I didn’t want to look at myself and look at how sick I was. I wanted to have, I never did look at myself as sick. I never did perceive myself as what they had to look at.

SID: Today, Dr. Tom Renfro is practicing medicine. He’s a miracle. Get ready for a miracle for yourself. Get the elements of communion ready because within communion there is healing. Be right back after this word.

We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.

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