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On It’s Supernatural: His music will transport you to heavenly realms.

Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”

SID: Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. It’s hard to believe, but this Russian Jewish man had a hug, I mean a pure hug. And something was released inside of him that totally changed his life. His name: Alyosha Ryabinov, with his wife Jody. And Alyosha, you’re a concert pianist from the former Soviet Union. You had an encounter with God. You thought you had found everything, but you were still deficient. You went to a conference by a friend of mine, a mutual friend of ours, Jack Frost, who has a seminar in which he teaches, and you would think that people don’t need to be taught this, but he teaches on what the father heart of God is, and how our father… You know, I think of the god in other “religions”, and this so-called god is not a god of love, a god of peace, a god of justice. He’s portrayed so differently. But Alyosha, this man, Jack Frost, is a man who teaches on the heart of God towards the individual. Now when Alyosha went to this seminar, you had some amazing experiences. Tell me about them.

ALYOSHA: Well, to give a little background prior to this, when I came to know the Lord, I knew in my head that God loves me, but had a feeling that He loves me from afar; that God is sitting on a far away planet called heaven, and I’m here.

SID: Now your natural father died when you were pretty young.

ALYOSHA: Yes, I was 5 years old when my natural father died, so I don’t have a good image of the father. And I don’t remember my natural father ever saying to me “I love you.” So, there was this distance between me and God, even though in my head, I knew that He loved me. And then I met Jack Frost and his team, and this is the message they teach, that the Father loves us, the Father wants to be close to us, and that love of the Father really heals our hearts. As a matter of fact, the majority of our sickness comes from the lack of love.

SID: Really?


SID: Now you’re in the field of nutrition, what are you finding about lack of love and sickness?

JODY: I think that almost every single disease is based out of the lack of love, and the lack of experiencing the Father’s love; God’s love in the depths of our heart. We have so many things that happen to us. When we don’t have love, we have fear, we have doubt, we have anger, we have upset. And those things reside within us, and they all have frequencies, believe it or not. So when we walk around and we have an angry edge, usually we’re performance oriented, we’re demanding perfection of ourselves, of other people. Well all that affects the glands, the organs, and the systems of the body. And so, when we come in and we experience the Father’s love, not just in our mind, because a lot of people know… They might say “I know God loves me”, but they have not experienced it in their heart; they haven’t had fellowship with God. Which brings us back to that scripture, Isaiah 53, where it says… Well, we read in scripture where it says “By His stripes we are healed.”

SID: Sure.

JODY: There’s actually a different Hebrew word. Alyosha, share the word that you found there in Hebrew.

SID: Instead of “stripes”, what is that Hebrew word?

ALYOSHA: It says “His friendship.”

SID: So did you get that? By His friendship, not stripes. Talking about the Messiah. By His friendship, we are healed. What if you could really be a friend of God? That’s what happened to Alyosha, and the transformation is amazing. And the transformation in you will be amazing. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

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