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Sid Roth welcomes Alyosha Ryabinov

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SID: This is Sid Roth saying fasten that seatbelt. Pull it real tight, because there is a presence of God that is going to come out of the piano as Alyosha Ryabinov plays; this Jewish concert pianist that has been so touched by the Spirit of God. I proclaim to you that you will be physically healed when you listen to this music. I proclaim to you that you will experience supernatural peace when you listen to this music, in Yeshua’s name.


music ——————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>


And the Lord bless you and keep you.

The Lord cause His face to shine upon you.

The Lord be gracious unto you,

and may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you

and give you His peace, His shalom

that surpasses every human understanding.


SID: Our great Rabbi, Yeshua, the Messiah, said that rivers of living water will pour out continuously from your innermost being. And Alyosha Ryabinov, that’s what he was doing when he was playing. We have a special CD that we’re offering, in which a sabra, a native-born Israeli, speaks the Hebrew, and Alyosha plays, by the Spirit, music. Alyosha, what you were just playing for us, that was not rehearsed at all, was it?

ALYOSHA: No, not at all.

SID: You were able to get that, just spontaneously?

ALYOSHA: Yeah, and I asked the Lord to give me something for healing.

SID: Ok, Jody, I’ve been saying this and thinking this, and just marveling over the supernatural qualities to the language Hebrew. Why is there such supernatural qualities to Hebrew?

JODY: Well, I believe that the bulk of scripture were given to us by God, in the language of Hebrew, and everything has a frequency. Every thought, every substance. A rock has a frequency that it vibrates at. An ocean…

SID: You mean, when it says in scripture that “If you don’t praise Me, even the rocks will…”?

JODY: The rocks will cry out. And it’s really true. And so we see that everything has a frequency that it vibrates at. Hebrew has, and Hebrew scripture, has a very high frequency that it exists at. And so, we take the word of God in Hebrew, and we take those scriptures in Hebrew, and we believe that when God sent those words out, those scriptures out, they were intended by Him for us, His people, that we would be healed, that we would be transformed, that we would be changed into His very image through the word of God.

SID: Now the thing that’s amazing to me is these two, as well as myself, we’ve been studying science lately, most of it done by people that aren’t even believers in the Messiah. And the thing that I just marvel over is science is finally catching up! They’re finally getting it. Tell me some of the things you’ve seen in science that just confirm the deep truths that Jesus was telling us in the New Testament.

JODY: Well, He said “I send My word and it heals them.” So, when the word of God goes forth, when we pray the word of God, when we share the word of God with people, people receive the word when it’s mixed with faith –  because the word of God can go out to an unbeliever, he looks at it, and nothing happens. But when it’s mixed with faith and people position themselves; we have to humble ourselves to receive God and receive His word. But when we do that, the frequencies within the word of God are healing for every listener, for every recipient. And so we see people healed of all kinds of diseases through the word of God and through faith. And we know that there are even experiments done by even people who don’t believe. For example, let me give you an example.

SID: That’s what I… right.

JODY: Here’s an example that was recorded in a book. They took two jars of cooked white rice, and on the label of one jar it said “You fool”, and on the other jar it said “I love you.”

SID: “You fool” and “I love you.” Ok.

JODY: And so, they took elementary school children and every day for a month, the kids spoke to this rice, “You fool”, and “Thank you”, I think it was “Thank you.” Every single day. And at the end of the month, one jar that said “Thank you, appreciation, and love” was fermented into a sweet miso. In other words, there was nothing rotten about it. The other jar that said “You fool” actually rotted and stunk. It was the same rice, two jars, two different thoughts, and two different intentions sent into that rice.

SID: And scripture says life and death are in the power of the mouth, and science is proving that this is true.

JODY: That is right, that is exactly right. And so we see that God wants His people healed. We don’t have any question about that, that God wants us whole, He wants us healed, He wants to see restoration of lives. It’s so exciting to see His word go forth and to see people get healed through the scriptures. And also, there’s an intention, so we talk about thoughts. Every thought we have has a frequency.

SID: Thoughts have frequencies?

JODY: That’s right. Every thought has a frequency that it exists at.  This can be tested, just like a cardiogram can be tested, through mechanical machinery these days can also register thoughts. So if we have thoughts that are peaceful and loving and kind and blessing, we see that those thoughts have very high frequencies. When we’re fearful, when we’re doubting, when we’re in unbelief, when we’re scared, or we’re angry, those thoughts have very low frequencies.

SID: So what she’s basically saying, even if your thoughts and what you say with your mouth is coming from the highest truth imaginable, the Bible, you’re going to be walking in the level that God created you to be, in the kingdom level. But first you have to know the King. His name is Yeshua in Hebrew, Jesus in English. Tell Him you’re sorry for your sins, believe His blood washes away your sins. Say “Jesus, be my Lord, now.”

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