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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Joan Hunter, has previously been on It’s Supernatural. We had more reports of miracles when she was with us than any guest we’ve ever had. And this show will be no exception. I can feel the presence of God. It’s almost tangible. There are going to be so many miracles that will be released. But recently, Joan, your mother went to Heaven. And her mother is Francis Hunter, and you’ve heard of the Happy Hunters, Charles and Francis Hunter. And literally, you spent 40 years learning about miracles and healing under their ministry, and then you were released to your own. So we’ve got all of your parents’ understanding of healing, and then the new level of yours. And once your mother was promoted something changed as far as the degree of miracles in your ministry.

JOAN: That is for sure. And there was just a demonstrative difference. And as you know in the years that we’ve known each other the miracles are phenomenal that happen in the services, absolutely incredible. But there’s even a greater augmentation of the power of God in the services. And I’m just seeing–

SID: You know last night at dinner, the presence of God just got stronger and stronger and stronger, and I’m reminded of when your mom was guest on It’s Supernatural. Let’s take a look at that.

JOAN: Okay.

SID: You made a statement at dinner and you said that if Charles and Francis Hunter can have miracles happen, anyone can. Did you mean that or were you just being flippant?

FRANCIS: No, I meant it with all my heart, my body and my soul, because that’s what Jesus said. He said every believer would lay hands on the sick and they’ll recover.

SID: You know, it’s amazing, even on that video of a former It’s Supernatural show, the presence of God is there. Joan, when you mother died, there’s a process called grieving, which is a natural thing. But yours got beyond the natural and you learned a lesson about the spirit of grief.

JOAN: I did, I did. And I also learned, and people have learned that I practice what I preach, that you don’t have to live under the grief. You don’t have to live with the trauma. And so what I did is I felt that just a few days after she was gone, I felt my voice going, and I’m like I’ve got television, I’ve got services, I’ve got healing encounters, I’ve got miracle services. And it’s like I can’t go without my voice, and it was getting really weak. And so I got in the shower and I was getting ready to do television some place else the following morning, and I’m like [whispering], “Father, in the name of Jesus, I curse this spirit of grief and trauma. I command it to be gone in Jesus’ name.” And I went, “Halleluiah!” And God had just instantly healed me of all the grief, all the worry, all the trauma, and God totally restored my voice instantly like that.

SID: And that’s a key that you understand about healing that few people understand. Tell me about that woman in the straight jacket.

JOAN: Oh I just love this story. I mean, even thinking about it, I can just feel the presence of God. Recently, I was praying with this young lady in Canada, and she says, “I need you to pray with me.” She says, “You know, as a child, I was raised in a home, not my own family home, but in a special home, and I was young and they didn’t have enough cribs, and so they put me in a bed.” Well, you know, you put any child in a bed they’re gonna get out normally, at least for a season. And so what they did is, as a little child, three and four, and five years old, every night as part of her garments to go to bed they put her in a straight jacket. And my heart just, oh it was, I just can’t fathom that. So here I’m getting ready to pray for her and I said, “What I want you to do is put your hands just like this like as, you know, in the straight jacket.” So she goes like this. “I can’t! I can’t! I can’t!” And she started to hyperventilate. I said, “Give me a minute. I know you trust me.” And I said, “Give me a minute and you’ll be free.” And I said, “I’m going to put my arms around you like the straps of the straight jacket.” And I put my arms around her as tight as I could get them like the straight jacket was on her. And I said, “Father, in the name of Jesus, I curse the spirit of trauma and fear, and I command it to be gone in Jesus’ name.” And I released my arms. At that point, she fell to the ground, sighting the spirit of God, absolutely incredible miracle, and I mean, you could just, it was just gone. She gets up a few moments later and she says, “Oh, I feel so much better.” I said, “Let’s do something else.” I said, “Put your hands like this.” She put her hands like that again. She said, “It’s gone. It’s gone.” All the trauma was gone. And see, now envision this, your husband, her husband in particular, putting her arms around her. She couldn’t handle it because of the trauma. Laying in bed at night he’d want to snuggle. She couldn’t handle it because of the trauma. And to go home and to sleep, and to be hugged by her husband in a normal healthy instead of just, oh, because of the trauma. She could really be loved and held for the first time in her life.

SID: You find that when you command the spirit of trauma to leave or the spirit of grief to leave, people get free for the first time in their lives.

JOAN: Yes. Trauma is such a strong spirit. And over the last couple of years I have understood the power of trauma ever since, you know, since then. Trauma brings on fibromyalgia. I’ve seen people, hundreds of people healed of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, schizophrenia, bipolar. And when you have trauma it affects your chemical balance and it makes it out of kilter. Thus, we have bipolar because it’s a chemical imbalance. And when you get the chemicals back into alignment, then, which they do orally, then they’re no longer bipolar on a daily basis. In the inside they are. But you pray for the spirit of trauma and fear, and grief, and different things, whatever God tells you to do, and all that leaves. I mean, people are getting instantly set free of agoraphobia, schizophrenia, bipolar. I mean, instantly, instantly, instantly.

SID: You know what I love about the two books, especially your new one that we’re making available is you take, in one book, it’s foundational, you take every disease and you tell what the roots are and how to attack them, and then this new book deals with the understanding of stress, and stress accounts for how many diseases?

JOAN: Eighty-five percent of the diseases of people in doctors’ offices, they go because they’re all stress related.

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