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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Joan Hunter. And I am overwhelmed with information that Joan has been sharing with me about open doors for sickness. And one I just never thought of before. It has to do with generational curses, but involving a heart or a liver transplants, blood transfusions. Explain, or tell me one person.

JOAN: Okay. Generational curses are passed down through the bloodline. And so you can open the door to different generational curses through blood transfusions. I’ve seen many people that we pray this prayer renouncing that, and they in turn, and repentance and so forth, breaking the generational curses off of the blood transfusion, they get totally set free of all these diseases that were never in their family before. And then in turn–

SID: So the curses pass through the organs to the blood?

JOAN: Right. Any form of–

SID: So it’s generational.

JOAN: Yes, generational curses. And it can happen that way. I personally experienced it set free when I had a little cadaver bone put in, and it was amazing what had happened where that’s concerned. But there’s another lady that had a heart transplant, and she woke up. You know, she had the surgery and then she would start having nightmares about this license plate. And so then the next night, same license plate, the next night, same license plate. And it’s like, what is this? So they went and they found out they knew the state and the actual number. It was the same number every night. They went and investigated. Long story short, that they found the trunk, went in the trunk of that car, found a little bit of the blood of the lady who had died who donated her heart. And long story short, found out that it was her uncle who had killed her. And the last thing that she remembered while she was conscious, as she was thrown in the trunk, the last thing she saw was the license plate. It was imbedded into her mind and it was imbedded into her heart. And in turn, the man was put in prison for killing his niece. There are so many incredible testimonies just like that. And you talked about open doors. We talked about stress, we talked about trauma and generational curses. Unforgiveness is another one that is so strong because, see, unforgiveness is a poison that we drink hoping that the other one is gonna get sick. It’s up to us, when I got rid of the unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, anger, worry, stress, all those things, you know, over ten years ago, that’s when my breast cancer left. I was no longer feeding it. And my teachings and different things that I do, I augment what Mom and Dad have taught through the years by going into the root causes, because I don’t want people to get prayed for, get healed and then lose their healing because the root is still there. I want them to get healed and stay healed.

SID: You told me about a blood transfusion where people even picked up curses.

JOAN: Yes. And sometimes people, all of a sudden it’s like I have arthritis in my body. I have this. I have that, and there’s no history of it. Well they got a blood transfusion and right after the blood transfusion they end up and they got arthritis because the people whose blood they got, you know, the blood from had arthritis in their generational background.

SID: I would like you to break curses over people. I would like to see trauma that has been just generationally there, or even in your own life. Most people have gone through trauma. I would like to see Joan break that over your life, and then I would like to see Joan move in supernatural words of knowledge and get ready for a release of the gift of miracles.

JOAN: Amen. Father, right now, and before we actually really get into prayer, you place your hand on wherever you might have the physical problem. We’re gonna start off with the spirit of trauma. Trauma usually is the heaviest in the heart area. Whenever you experience trauma you always grab your heart, and that’s just where it will normally physically manifest. Father, right now in the name of Jesus, I curse the spirit of trauma on every single person watching this person. Father, in the name of Jesus, I command all trauma to go, all fear to go, any form of rejection and abandonment to go in Jesus’ name, any of the diseases that correlate with the spirit of trauma, whether it be fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, seizures, schizophrenia, and bipolar, and agoraphobia, in Jesus’ name I curse all those diseases and I command them to be gone. I speak health and wholeness to the chemicals in your bodies to be in perfect harmony and balance in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name. Father, I just curse any form of generational curses in Jesus’ name based on their repentance. And in addition to that, Father, we just speak anything bad that has come in through the bloodline and through blood transfusions, or body part transplants, Father, right now in the name of Jesus I speak total health and wholeness. I curse cancer in Jesus’ name. It doesn’t matter if I call out, if I don’t say it, like if I say breast cancer be gone, and you say, oh well she didn’t mention this, it doesn’t matter because the power of God is not limited by words. I curse cancer in your body in Jesus’ name. Any cancer of anybody that is watching right now, in Jesus’ name I command that to be gone. I speak new rotator cuffs in Jesus’ name. And just start going, “Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus,” and you’ll discover the pain is gone. I curse any form of arthritis in your body in Jesus’ name. I see somebody with a brain tumor that has caused a lot of headaches. I curse that brain tumor in Jesus’ name. I command it to be gone. Any damage that chemotherapy, radiation, disease, or surgery, scar tissue in particular, any damage to your body, I speak complete health and restoration in Jesus’ name. God is a god of restoration. Where the enemy comes in or a surgeon comes in and removes something or destroys something, including your finances, I speak restoration in Jesus’ name in every area of your body. I speak the vision, that your vision of what God has called you to do to be restored, and with the vision in the spirit realm, the vision in the natural will be restored also. In the area of hearing that you’ll be able to hear God more clearly than you’ve ever heard Him before, that our ears will be inclined in His words. And Father, I speak that ears are opening up right now in the spirit realm and in the natural in Jesus’ name. I speak health and wholeness to digestive systems, from the going in to the going out, in Jesus’ name. Every function of the body that pertains to digestion, I speak total health and wholeness. Any residual effect from stress and trauma that has harbored itself and made itself home in your body, I command that to be gone in Jesus’ name. Some of you I want you just to day, “Bye-bye, fibromyalgia. Bye-bye cancer. Bye-bye” and you will see that it is completely gone in your body. Restoration of broken ankles are being healed.

SID: Joan, I think that it’s time for them to have the blood transfusion, but of the blood of Yeshua, the blood of Jesus.

JOAN: Yes. Amen. Amen.

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