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Sid Roth welcomes Ben and Brenda Peters

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SID: Hello Sid Roth here with Ben and Brenda Peters, Ben and Brenda I have been watching you as you move with the gifts of the spirit specially in prophecy Brenda how did you realize you could prophesy.

BRENDA: We surf under the man of God who prophesy we followed his ministry and serve into it and then it was prophesy into my life and I was position before other leaders handed the mic and I began to listen at a new level.

SID: Wait a second you had never done this before?

BRENDA: No I served in the school.

SID: So they wanted to start with a bunch of leaders?

BRENDA: That’s right.

SID: Okay so they shove a microphone and they say prophesy weren’t you concerned that you wouldn’t know anything about anyone?

BRENDA: I really didn’t have time to think about it and we had been trained in the prophetic and this leader this pastor spoke to me and said God has just told me that I am to give the mic to you Brenda and you are going to prophesy I had nothing else I could do and I took the mic and the presence of God just move into my life quickly and I began to listen and cry out to God and he gave me a word for every pastor in that room and there where probably about 35 leaders.

SID: Now these prophecy there not just something that’s aw that’s nice and its not in the middle lets say a fortune teller that is right by there own emission only a few percentage of the time no this is the real thing in your life in your time your daughter would be dead today if it wasn’t for prophecy explain?

BRENDA: My daughter had asthma she was around 16 years old she had a asthmatic attack and as I turned her she said mom take me to the hospital now and I saw the oxygen leaving her body she began to turn blue got her into the car and as we where taking her to the hospital I began to resuscitate her because I can see that we lost her I began to call forth the Holy Spirit it began to speak to me the presence of God moved into that car and I release the words God brought to me the prophetic words that were spoken into her life and I began to repeat them in resuscitation God you said she would prophesy you said she would go to a nation you said she would become a drama leader and I to repeat them in between every breath I blew in her body she also had a cardiac arrest and she remembers experiencing the present of God that he sent her back between the time we left the house and got to the hospital but the prophetic words were being called forth God you said and he sent her back.

SID: Well what if you haven’t had a prophetic word but I got one for you 91st psalm says with long life you will be satisfied so someone could literally grab that word of God himself for and individual and that’s where that faith dimension now the two of you and I haven’t done this yet and I’m going to do it you’ve been to Mozambique with Heidi Bakers wonderful work there and you’ve told me lately what’s been going on with deaf people when Heidi prays?

BEN: Oh yeah right now everyone she prays for in the villages gets healed every deaf person gets healed.

SID: Did I hear you right did you hear him every deaf person gets healed now I understand you go out into this Muslim villages non Christian villages or you play the Jesus film what happens when that film is played?

BEN: We play the Jesus film then one or two speakers will share the gospel really quickly tell them about Jesus that he is still alive and that he is still moving and that they can receive him they ask for people to raise there hands and there is a crowd in the darkness there maybe 500 or 600 maybe 1, 2, or 3000 depending on the size of the village and all through the crowd their raising there hands there totally Muslim villages some of them have been Muslim since the exception of the village.

SID: Are many Muslim coming to the Lord?

BEN: 100 and 1000 are coming to Lord they are being converted left and right one village will hear about what happen in the last village where miracles took place, and they’ll say “We were wondering when you would ever get to our village.” They’re looking for them to come. And the Muslim leaders are being converted and becoming pastors. Many of their pastors were Muslim leaders in the mosques in the villages. And it’s amazing. There’s thousands of Christians in a tribe that was the largest unreached tribe in all of Africa, the Maqua tribe in northern Mozambique. Now there are hundreds of churches among them.

SID: The work there is absolutely phenomenal, but what you’re about to do is absolutely phenomenal. You had a preparation dream about the younger generation. Tell me about that.

BEN: I had a dream a couple three months ago, and we take young people with us in our motor home that we used to travel in ourselves, and now we take them and we go to places that are needy. And they do worship. They’re worshippers from the House of Prayers. And they do worship, and then after we minister they come and do alter ministry with us, and we train them in groups to prophesy and pray for the sick. And we see God touch a lot of people through them. But I had this vision, and in this vision I was helping another young person, a young lady, to drive the motor home. I was coaching her and she was driving around a mountain pass, and it was a dangerous road, but she was doing very well and I was complimenting her. And then we stepped out to take a break, and while we were outside the motor home, the jacks came down that level it and raised the motor home up to a higher level than we could reach to get back in. And I began to think “How are we going to get back in this motor home?” And I thought “If I let her stand on my shoulders she can get in.” That was a symbolic dream of us turning over. The motor home represents ministry, the vehicles represent ministry. And it went to a new level. We released the younger generation to take over and let them go with it.

SID: I can’t wait to see it, but right now, you believe that everyone watching us can prophesy. Everyone can.

BEN: Absolutely.

SID: Maybe, if it’s ok, we’ll pray for an activation of the gift of prophesy. If that’s ok with you. If you would like to be used by God, if you would like to know things from the mind of God. Do you realize how many bad decisions you’ve made that you would not have made if you had heard God? I mean Brenda knows so much specific things. You even pick people out that are ready to commit suicide. What an awesome gift! Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after these words.

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