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SID: Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I’m Sid Roth here with Patricia King. And when you look at Patricia and you see a woman vibrant but just showering life, l’chaim, life. But there was a time when she wasn’t that way. There was a time when she was at her wits end. She literally felt that they were going to put her in a mental institution and throw the key away, but she had a newborn baby. What did you do about this baby?

PATRICIA: Well when I gave birth to my baby I was on my death bed, actually, because of a seizure that I had had. And at that time, Jesus appeared to me in a vision. So I gave birth to the baby, but then afterwards, had epileptic seizures, had emotional rages, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, and I was very concerned about the wellbeing of my baby. And I had another child as well. And so I was doing lots of things behind the scenes that I was very ashamed of, but had no power to control, and I was afraid to tell people about it because I thought, you know, if they knew what I was doing that they’d hate me. But it got to the point where I needed to tell someone. So I was going to report it to the authorities and, but before I did that, I wanted to make sure that my baby was okay. And back then I thought, well if I would have my baby christened in a traditional church, that then maybe if once I reported it and they put me in an institution and threw the key away that maybe I would see my baby in Heaven one day. That was my thought.

SID: Yeah. It’s kind of a bizarre thought. But you know what? It was a good thought because you had an appointment with a minister.

PATRICIA: That’s right.

SID: And what did he say to you?

PATRICIA: Well I went and called the local Anglican minister and asked him if he would come in and christen my child because I was in a problem. And he showed up at the house about 20 minutes later, and that was the first time I heard about knowing Jesus in a personal away about being born again. And he said, “I have been in the ministry for 17 years, but I’ve only known the Lord for two.” And so he introduced to the born again experience, invited me to a prayer meeting. I went to the prayer meeting and everyone I saw was glowing, literally glowing, and shared their testimony of how Jesus took their sin away.

SID: What did you feel at this meeting? I know what you saw, but what did you feel?

PATRICIA: Well when I walked through the door it was the first time I felt joy and I could never remember feeling such intense joy as when I walked through the threshold of that doorway. And I heard them pray and talk about Yeshua as though he were right in the room. And I thought I want that. I’m desperate for that. But all their testimonies of having him forgive their sin didn’t seem as bad as what I had done. So I thought, I wonder if he could forgive the sins of the likes of me. So I left that meeting that night, went home into my living room all by myself, and I cried out and I said, “Lord, they said that you forgave their sin and came into their life and gave them a brand new life, but my sin seems so much greater than theirs, so I don’t know if you would be able to come into mine. But if you would, I want you to.” And Sid, he didn’t hesitate. He did not hesitate. I felt him come in. I felt love. It was like liquid love coming into me. And it was like immediately the miracle of what we call salvation, it was like a new birth inside where I knew all the guilt, all the shame, all the trappings that I had were I knew I was evil to the core, but couldn’t do anything about it. It was all gone in that moment of time. And I cried all night long. I stayed up all night and cried because of the goodness of the Lord.

SID: But then she becomes normal. Now what do I mean by normal? Does that mean she sits in a church for the next 20 years being entertained? No. She wants everyone to know her great discovery.

PATRICIA: That’s right.

SID: So she goes around her neighborhood. I mean, was it the next day?

PATRICIA: The very next morning. I cried all night, got up, refreshed myself, and as soon as I saw lights on around the neighborhood I went knocking on the doors, because I thought, Sid, that the only reason why people hadn’t received Jesus was because they hadn’t heard. I thought for sure they would want him just like I did. So I knocked on the first door and I said, “Last night Jesus came into my heart and he forgave me of all my sin and he can take away your sin, too.” And he said, “Patricia, have you gone crazy?” And I said, “No. I was crazy but now I’m not crazy.” And they thought I had just gone berserk and, you know, a kind of rumor went around the neighborhood about that.

SID: Patricia, you have never changed.

PATRICIA: I never stopped.

SID: You know what? I don’t understand why most Christians don’t start.


SID: It doesn’t make sense.

PATRICIA: I go on the streets and find whoever I could find to preach the Gospel to and I still love sharing. The love of Jesus transforms lives. It takes people out of darkness and puts them into a light that is incomparable. There’s nothing in this world that can compare with the light that Yeshua brings to us when we receive him as our Savior and Lord.

SID: This love of God, do you experience it often?

PATRICIA: Yes, yes. The love of God is so real, so tangible. We can experience His love first of all by faith. So even when you don’t feel it we can believe it. Right? I believe He loves me unconditionally even when I don’t feel it. But when you focus on love, when you focus on God’s love you empower that love in your own life and you start to feel the presence of love. And the more you soak in His love, the more you can give it out to others.

SID: Now we’re making available your CD series. It’s your entire school.


SID: But how did you learn so much about the supernatural? How do you understand all of these things?

PATRICIA: Well I had a 30-day visitation of the Holy Spirit where He literally sat me down during a prayer month that I take every year, and I started asking Him about the supernatural. And He unfolded it to me day by day, up to 12, 14 hours everyday, the Holy Spirit nudging me to look up certain scriptures and giving me waves of His manifest presence and glory, and then causing me to pursue the Word. So I created, it was like a dictation, actually, that course is like a dictation of the Holy Spirit over a 30-day period, 16 lessons on it.

SID: Listen, what she is experiencing is not only normal, but it’s what you’re going to have to experience as we get closer to the return of the Messiah. I mean, look around. Things are getting tense. She sees money multiplying. She sees food multiplying. She travels supernaturally. For instance, one chicken fed 19 people?

PATRICIA: Yes. And that was when I was fairly new Christian, Sid, and I didn’t have a lot of teaching on the supernatural yet. But what happened is I was reading in my devotions about how Jesus multiplied the loaves and the fishes, fed 5000 supernaturally with a little bit of provision was put in his hand. That day, it was a Sunday afternoon, I was at home cooking a chicken dinner for our family, my husband and I and two children. He took the children to the lake. It would have frozen over. They were skating, met a whole bunch of friends of ours there, invited them home for dinner. So when he comes through the door he’s got, including our family, 19 people. I was shocked. I was shocked.

SID: I’m sure you were more than shocked.

PATRICIA: We didn’t have cell phones back then, so it was like, “Hi hon, I brought these people home for dinner.” I’ve got this one chicken.

SID: It reminds me I used to go to the circus and there was a car, and about 50 clowns get out of this tiny little car. You must have felt that way.

PATRICIA: That’s exactly how I felt as they filed in. But then I thought, well this morning I prayed and read the scripture about Jesus multiplying the loaves and the fishes. So I prayed the same prayer. I said, “Okay Jesus, you can multiply this.” And I had an expectation for a miracle, although I had to fight fear because I was a little bit embarrassed about having only this one chicken. I added some extra vegetables into the pot and stuff like that. My husband got this big piece of plywood and set it up. We sat 19 people around the table. Well I cut up the chicken, prayed over it and then we asked the blessing on the food, and it started going around. I thought, people are really sensitive. We might be able to do this. But I was thinking, but we still need a miracle, Lord. The first person took this big hunk and portion of chicken, and I thought, oh my gosh, what am I gonna do? You know, it’s never gonna go around. But then the next person also took a great big portion, and the third person. And I was having an internal panic attack. When all of a sudden I noticed, hey just a second, the plate of chicken looked like it still had the same amount of chicken on it. It went around to 19 people, Sid. I was the last one, and it was still a full plate of chicken. But there was chicken on every person’s plate. And do you know what?

SID: What.

PATRICIA: That chicken lasted three days. We had chicken soup, chicken sandwiches, chicken omelets, chicken pizza, chicken everything.

SID: No wonder the supernatural is so natural for Patricia King. Be right back after this word.

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