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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Patricia King. And I love it when I get on an airplane and can go somewhere. But how much more when you can be translated like Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch, he found himself in another story, just like in the Bible, from one city to another. But Patricia, you were going to go on a trip to Israel. But before you went on the trip to Israel, you had an amazing experience. Tell me about that.

PATRICIA: That’s right. Yeah, Sid, months before I went to Jerusalem for the first time in the natural, I was in prayer for Israel one day. And as I was praying the Spirit of God took me in a vision, a visionary encounter I would call it, like a transvision, where I ended up in the city of Jerusalem and then found myself flying through the streets of Jerusalem interceding for the peace of Jerusalem.

SID: Well sure beats being in a car in a traffic jam. I like that.

PATRICIA: It does. It does. And it was so real and tangible that I actually smelled like fragrances, like spices and that, and I could actually feel wind against my face. I acknowledged the wind of the city, the warm wind of the city blowing against my face. And it was months later when I actually went to Israel for my first time, and I was walking through the streets of Jerusalem that I realized this is where I was in the spirit, the same smells, the fragrance, the feel of the air. And it was just a very surreal time. It was awesome.

SID: So but what you could see, did you see some of the same things that when in the natural that you saw when you were flying over?

PATRICIA: Exactly. Yeah. It was actually some streets that I flew through in the spirit. And it was at dusk. When I flew through it, it was at dusk. And there was a settling and there weren’t a lot of people around there, but I acknowledged some of the storefronts, the buildings, the structure of the building fronts and that.

SID: What about that sick friend, 1500 miles away, 1500 miles away she goes and prays for this person. Tell me about that one.

PATRICIA: That was another encounter. When I was in Mesa, Arizona my friend was in the hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1500 miles away. And I got a call from her daughter saying, “Please pray for my mother. She is very sick.” In fact they had done some tests. They believed that she was suffering with a pulmonary embolism. As I was praying I was walking down the streets of Mesa, Arizona, praying, storming for my friend, concerned about her, and through a visionary encounter was taken in the spirit to Vancouver, British Columbia in the same hospital where my friend was. I actually saw her in the hospital bed as clear as I’m seeing you now. And the Holy Spirit had told me to release by faith the healing blessing. And so I just by faith released that blessing. It was just an act of faith. And then immediately I was back on the street of Mesa, Arizona where I had been walking. I thought, oh my gosh, I was just in Vancouver over my friend’s body in the hospital imparting healing. I knew that I knew, that I knew that she was healed. And so we finished our walk. We were on a prayer walk. We finished our walk, got home. Later on that evening I got a call from her daughter and she said, “The symptoms have waned from my mother. They’re gonna keep her in overnight, do some more tests in the morning. But if she’s okay and the tests come through, they’re gonna send her home.” I said, “Your mother will be fine because she’s healed.” And I knew that I knew, that I knew that she was healed because I was there and I could feel that presence of faith ministered to her.

SID: And she was totally healed?

PATRICIA: Completely healed. She went home the next day. No symptoms. All the reports came back normal.

SID: Well, you know, you hear these stories from Patricia King. You hear these stories from my guests every week on It’s Supernatural. You say it’s wonderful for them, but they’re people, you, as a matter of fact, you’re saying, “What about me, God? Am I Swiss cheese?” I’ve got some good news for you. So many people have gone through this Glory School that are now moving in the supernatural. I want you to look at a student that was just leaving one of these Glory Schools and he was supernaturally transported. I love it. Let’s take a look.
Man: This is back in the Fall of 2006. My friend Sam and I were driving back from Tuscan, Arizona where we had been teaching in prophetic schools, and we had just gotten off the highway to fill our gas tank at a Love’s gas station just south of Casa Grande, Arizona. And as we got back on the highway, we were talking about the prophetic school and all the amazing ways God had shown up, and talking about the things of God. And while we were talking, all of a sudden outside of the driver’s side window, we both see this flash of light, this like brilliant white flash. And it took us by surprise. I remember I turned to Sam to say, “Did you see that?” At that same time he was saying to me, “What was that?” And as we were trying to figure out what it was, not two or three seconds later, all of a sudden we notice we’re at the Chandler Road exit on the I-10. If you don’t know the Phoenix area and the I-10 highway, that’s at least 20 or 30 miles down the road from where we had been. And so we weren’t sure what was going on. But I can remember the atmosphere inside the jeep became supercharged with the presence of God. And all the hair on my arms was standing on end, and all the hair on my legs on was standing on end. And we had gone past where we needed to be, so we had to get off the highway and turn back around. And as we did that, we’re coming back on the highway and we’re saying, “God, what just happened? Did you just transport us in the Spirit? What was that flash? What did you just do? How did we get here?” And as we’re asking God to explain to us what had just happened, this truck, this huge semi pulls right into our lane, almost cuts us off, and on the back of the truck right in front of us, in huge letters, it says, “Covenant Transport.” So God sent a literal sign right in front of our eyes on the highway to confirm what He had just done. He had just transported us in the Spirit.

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