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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Patricia King. And when I think about Patricia King, I think of someone that is so overwhelmed with the love of God, with the compassion of God that you literally go to the streets and you deal with the down and outs. And I see you put your arms around people that probably haven’t had a bath in a month and are filled with lice. Why do you do this?

PATRICIA: Well, you know, I was forgiven of a lot, Sid. And so when you’re forgiven of much you have to love much. I was so loved by God myself, so forgiven, that that’s why we bring light into the darkness. And everyone will come alive if they’re loved to life, right?

SID: And you know what I also love? You’ll give a prophetic word to someone.

PATRICIA: Yes, God’s words, yes.

SID: That’s got to be such encouragement to people.

PATRICIA: Yeah. You know, people never hear of what they were created for. And so if you don’t know who you are and what you were created for you might never reach for that. You know, if you’ve been told your whole life that you’re no good and that you’ll never amount to anything then maybe you won’t, because if you believe those words, right? But if you were told right from the beginning that you were created with destiny and purpose then you can arise up into that because that’s what you were made for. So when we go out and give prophetic words even to those that are in the darkest of places in their lives and then send them that, those words will bring them to life.

SID: Now many of these street people have mental problems, schizophrenic. Tell me about one schizophrenic that got healed.

PATRICIA: Well we have a home called the Restoration House that came about because we met so many people on the street that we would have loved to have taken home and just love them to life, but we didn’t have a facility. So we believed God for a home. And our very first person that came into that home had a problem with schizophrenia. In fact, they were on medication for that. And God just told us how to believe for them to come into wholeness and to come into a place where they could be functional. They weren’t even saved when they first came to the home. But through loving them to life God transformed them. And after they became a Christian they started believing God to come into the fullness of what they were created for. And as a result God supernaturally delivered them from their schizophrenia, so that now just within a year or so after that, they are in their right mind. They’re totally off all their medication. They’re working at a job. They’re being an asset to the community and they’re just thriving in the things of God because of the power of God, because of the supernatural healing affect of God upon their lives.

SID: Now some amazing things that have happened at your conferences. Tell me about the Wind and Fire conference.

PATRICIA: Oh my gosh. That was so amazing. We were actually praying for this conference called Wind and Fire. We’re in a prayer meeting and in the home where we’re having the prayer meeting, all of a sudden, the smell of fire, like a fresh fire came into all of our nostrils. We’re running around the house thinking the house was on fire. But there was no fire. So we’re wondering what is that? We look out the window and all of a sudden a fire truck goes down the street, and we thought, well maybe it’s the neighbor’s house is on fire or something. We run outside the door to find this fire. The fire truck is parked just down the street. We run down there and say, “Is there a fire?” They said, “Well we got a phone call that there was a fire on Badger Avenue, but we can’t find the fire.” All of a sudden I realized, oh my gosh, that’s the name of the conference, Wind and Fire. We were just praying about the fire of God.

SID: And it actually so manifested in the invisible that they could smell it.

PATRICIA: It was physical smell that was manifesting, but no visible fire. So the next week when we actually had our conference we were planning a five-day event. The very first night of the conference the smell of fire came into the conference hall. The janitors were running around trying to find the fire and didn’t understand why the alarm didn’t go off. And there’s no fire, but everyone could smell the fire. Do you know what, Sid? We had 21 nights of revival where people were healed, delivered, set free, saved, forgiven of their sins. Often times, people wouldn’t even leave the meetings until four o’clock in the morning because the fire of God, the power of God was moving in such an extraordinary way. So in that case, the fire, the smell of the fire was a supernatural sign of what God was gonna bring, the fire of His Spirit, the fire of His glory, he was gonna bring into the meetings. And it was a prophetic sign.
SID: Let me take you back to that young woman that thought they’d put her in a mental institution, throw the key away, and then you were set free from shame.


SID: You were set free from guilt. What did that feel like to be free?

PATRICIA: Oh, you know, when you live under the weight of sin and guilt and you can’t do anything about it, I knew that I was a bad person. I tried not to be a bad person, but I kept doing things that were bad. So it enforced who I was. I was trapped inside of guilt and shame. And many people even watching this program right now, in fact, you might be watching right now and you feel that way, that I’m under guilt, I’m under shame, I’m under condemnation. I don’t know what to do. But I’m telling you, Yeshua, Jesus, in a moment of time can lift that because you’re forgiven in him and you’re loved eternally in him. And that’s what I experienced at that time.

SID: Pray a brief prayer right now, very brief, for them to experience the love of God.

PATRICIA: Yeshua, I pray right now that for everyone watching that the love, the love that’s in your heart for them will be experienced in them in the fullness, in the fullness of their mind, their body and their spirit. Enter them now with love that frees them from condemnation and shame forever. In the name of Yeshua, amen.

SID: How would you like to know that love all the time? If you know the king of love, you’ll know his love all the time. His name in Hebrew, Yeshua, in English, Jesus. Make your peace with him. What you’re experiencing right now, that peace, it’s nothing compared to what he has for you no matter what the world has thrown at you or will throw at you. By making Jesus Lord of your life, you are on your first step to the greatest life a human could have. Do it now. Don’t wait another minute. This is your moment. Don’t miss the moment of your visitation. Make him Lord now.

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