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SID: Sid Roth here with Rick Joyner. I know you’re on the edge of your seat, because he’s not only a prophet, he’s got a whole school of prophets. It sounds kind of like, in the Jewish scriptures, Elijah and Elisha, and they had these schools of the prophets. What is God showing you, as far as where we are in history?

RICK: Well you know, in both Joel 2 and Acts 2 it speaks about in the last days, the Lord is going to pour out His Spirit. It says when He does, the old men are going to dream dreams, young men see visions, and His sons and daughters are going to prophecy. And we’re seeing a tremendous, I believe maybe unprecedented in history, outbreak of dreams, visions, and prophecy.

SID: Now as you and I know, you turn on TV and you can’t help but see a psychic, or call a certain phone number and it’s a psychic network, and you were telling me last night how much money is spent on psychics in this country.

RICK: Well, the last study I saw, a few years ago, was between $10 and $12 billion a year, just in our country.

SID: $10 or $12…?

RICK: Billion. Billion. Per year.

SID: I thought you said that. Did you get that?

RICK: Spent on psychics. But this was the most shocking part of all. They said over half of that was being spent by Christians who’d been taught that God no longer speaks today, and they were turning to psychics.

SID: If you won’t believe the truth, the Bible says, you’ll believe a lie. And a lot of people look at the truth and they say it’s a lie, but you have to recognize you cannot have a good counterfeit unless it’s a counterfeit of something authentic. I want the authentic. So the world is beginning to understand prophecy. And you told me you’d send some of your students out to secular business conferences to prophecy?

RICK: Well, they asked us to come. There was a seminar in Florida just a couple of weeks ago, it was a business seminar, and they asked us, could we send some of our prophetic teams down. And we said sure. So we mobilized 30 of our kids to go down there, and they set up teams. And anyone who wanted to go in and be ministered to by these teams could go, and it had a spectacular impact.

SID: Do you know if many of these secular business people became believers in the Messiah?

RICK: They did. We estimated about 150 became brand new believers.

SID: We have, in America, the fastest growing trend, and there’s some very godly people involved in this. It’s called “seeker sensitive”. But what happened, if we look at the Bible, and we become whatever they did there, we should do. Guess what kind of results we’ll get? I mean can you imagine going into a secular business conference and prophesying to people? I understand even the White House, under the Regan years, used psychics to find out what was going on. Nancy Regan used to, at least it was in the newspapers.

RICK: Yeah.

SID: But I think that people are getting wise, and they say “I don’t want that cheap counterfeit that is only right 20% of the time.” And I doubt that if it’s even right that much. I want the kind the Bible says that can’t fail.

RICK: Well that’s true. And I believe both our government and many other governments… By the way, many governments have sought out the prophetic, true, godly prophets. And I believe whenever you seek the Lord, you will find Him, and He’s helped many people. And you know there’s a lot we couldn’t say about that, because we’d lose our ability to speak in certain situations. But I believe there are many, many people that are starting to understand there is a counterfeit and there is a real. If they don’t declare that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He is the Messiah, He is the Lord Of Lords, don’t go to them. They can be supernatural, they can have some supernatural information, but there’s good and bad. There’s good and evil.

SID: So what you believe is, the prophet Joel says you’ll know when it’s the last days; in Acts it says the same thing. So because these gifts are coming to the surface, and everything else going on in the world, would you agree with the orthodox rabbis we’re in the footsteps of the Messiah?

RICK: Absolutely. Absolutely. And I would like to emphasize, though, it’s not so much the end as it is the beginning. It may be the end of this age, and I think, like we normally say to every year when it passes on New Years “Good riddance to that year”, we’re going to say good riddance to this age. I mean it’s been terrible. The King Of Kings is coming back to rule and reign over the earth. He’s going to restore the earth. The scriptures are clear. We have a greater hope than any New Age movement, any utopian philosophy, anything. We’ve been given the greatest hope of all: He’s going to come back and restore the earth, the lion’s going to lie down with the lamb again, children will be able to play with cobras, there’s not going to be any more mourning, sickness, dying, pain, child abuse, hunger – any of these things. He is going to restore the earth.

SID: What are doctors going to do when there’s no longer the cause of…

RICK: They’re going to have to get a real job!

SID: What are they going to do? They’re not going to be able to say “Well the cause of your disease is stress.” There’s not any stress there. The Bible talks about people being translated; being in one city and then finding themself in another city, just instantly. Has that happened to you?

RICK: That’s happened to me.

SID: Tell me about it.

RICK: Well, I was leaving Charlotte, North Carolina for Winston Salem to go to a little home group. Now this was years ago. And I was late leaving, it was about a two hour trip and I was late. I was going to be late anyway, maybe 20 or 30 minutes late. Then there was an accident on the interstate, and I sat behind that for over an hour. And I figured once I got past the accident, I’m going to be two hours late, I’ll get there right at the end of the meeting. And I said “Well, I’m going anyway. I said I was coming, I’m going to go.” Now I had to take Interstate 77 north, intersect Interstate 40, and go east for a while. Anyway, as soon as I get past this accident, it’s like all of a sudden I look up and I didn’t recognize this truck, I didn’t recognize the other vehicles around me. And I thought I’d maybe fallen asleep or something, you know, you might drift off, and it shocked me. Then I looked up and I’m at the exit on the other Interstate, Interstate 40.

SID: How long should it take for that for that to occur?

RICK: At least an hour and 15 to 20 minutes, maybe an hour and 30 minutes.

SID: You’re telling me that you transcended time.

RICK: Absolutely. I was there instantly.

SID: Speaking of transcending time, we’re going to take a break right now, and when we come back, we’re going to find out how God knows ahead of time where we’re going to live, and He has the exact place that we’re to live in. Don’t go away.

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