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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Chad Demon, perhaps you saw the show where I interviewed his father, Kevin. Well Kevin says that he can mentor anyone into moving into the supernatural, and what better proof than his son, Chad. But Chad is a pastor’s kid. You didn’t like that. You felt that life played a dirty trick on you and you started rebelling.

CHAD: Yeah. I felt like I was born, you know, into this lifestyle and it wasn’t really my decision. And so I had a real anger towards God and towards my parents where I wanted a normal childhood, per se.

SID: But why did you get into drugs?

CHAD: I was angry. I wanted to make my own decisions and I was tired of, you know, doing what everyone thought I should be doing, and I just went for it. And I started doing drugs and I started liking it, and it took me on a real bad road.

SID: But at night when no one was there and you were in your room you actually could see things happening in the invisible world.

CHAD: Yeah. That’s part of the most demonic activity I’ve ever seen where I would see demons. But even more, I would see Jesus in the corner of my bedroom just weeping.

SID: Didn’t that bother you?

CHAD: For a moment. But then I was just like no, this is what I’m doing. I’m making my own decisions. I was just in rebellion.

SID: And then he said to you, he actually came and spoke to you and he gave you a choice.

CHAD: Yeah. He said, “You could either be my best friend or I’m gonna hand you over to Satan.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh. Okay. I know that you are the only way and I want you to be my best friend.” And I know that that meant if I were to be handed over to Satan that my covering and protection was going to be lifted and Satan was basically gonna kill me.

SID: So what did you do?

CHAD: I said, “Jesus, I want you to be my best friend.” And he just began to just wrap his arms around me and the love of God came into my heart. And all the addiction, all the desire for drugs totally left. It was amazing.

SID: But what is even more amazing is that he could have an experience like that being in a home where his father is a pastor. But he got involved with a young woman and you were involved in things you should not have been involved in at just 15 years old. And then she decides to ditch you. What happened?

CHAD: That was probably the hardest time of my life when I was really depressed and I didn’t know. I put all my attention towards her and she, you know, dumped me, and I didn’t know what to do. I was not in a good place.

SID: And your parents were very upset about what was going on with you. You started drinking and doing things you shouldn’t do. And they forced you to go to, there was a church called Brownsville in Pensacola, Florida that God’s presence just showed up there, and people were having their lives transformed. So it’s kind of a last hope. They sent Chad there, and why did you go?

CHAD: Well I just came into my room and my mom said, “Hey, pack your bags and we’re gonna take you to the airport. You’re going to this youth conference.” And I was like, “What’s going on there? I don’t know these people.” “Well you’ll get to know them when you get on the plane with them at the airport.” And so I went and God met me there. I began to weep. I just felt the Holy Spirit come into my life and I wept for hours and hours, and hours.

SID: But you weren’t going for anything to happen.

CHAD: No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t going. I didn’t expect anything to happen. My parents just said, “Hey, you’re going.” This was like a last ditch effort to see my life get totally turned around. And I went and God completely touched me.

SID: He touched him so much he got back to his school and his old friends, and what happened at school?

CHAD: Well we started just a group to get together during lunch and people started getting saved. We started, you know, it was probably about normally you have about 20 people show up on the high school campus that would say, “Hey, we love God.” But it just started this move that we started seeing, you know, hundreds of people showing up at lunch to pray and to ask God to come during lunch.

SID: Were they coming to the Lord?

CHAD: Oh yeah.

SID: I mean, were people getting healed?

CHAD: Yeah. There wasn’t so much the healings, but a lot of people were getting saved and transformed where we would be having prayer meetings late into the night, and it was a phenomenal time.

SID: Well the thing that is so amazing to me is the miracles that Chad watched. Just give me a preview. When you went to Indonesia, what happened?

CHAD: Well I went to Indonesia and I was so tired of reading in the Bible about the God of David, the God of Daniel, the God of Joshua. I wanted to know the God of Chad. I wanted the God that I read about in the Bible to become tangible in my life. And so I said, okay, where’s the worst persecution happening in the world? And I saw that it was Indonesia. And so I went. I went for it. I was 20 years old and I sold everything, and went there, and I said, “God, show up.” And so I was in this little village and we decided to, we washed everyone’s feet and as we washed everyone’s feet all these people started getting healed. And we’re talking healed of blindness, deafness, arthritis through their body. And I began to see God show up and I began to discover why I was alive.

SID: How about you? Is it time for you to discern why you’re alive? His dad wrote a book because he had such a passion for everyone to be normal. The presence of God just pulsates off of this book. And his dad, Kevin Dedmon, is training young people, older, it doesn’t matter what’s your age, it’s time for you to be normal. When we come back we’ll find out the exploits of a normal young man. Don’t go away. Be right back.

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