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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Chad Dedmon. And Chad had been dating a young woman and she dropped him. And he was do depressed he started drinking and doing things he shouldn’t do, and his parents shipped him off to where there was an explosion of God’s spirit at a church. That God jumped on him and totally changed him. He goes back to high school. Over a hundred of the students come to believe in Jesus. And Chad, the young lady that she ditched you, I guess you found a new girlfriend?

CHAD: Yeah. Actually what happened when I encountered God is God asked me, Jesus asked me, “Will you date me for a year?” And I took that literally. So I would go out on dates with Jesus, and it was before Bluetooth was around. And so I would talk out loud and I would expect to Jesus and Jesus would talk back to me. And I would go out to dinner and I would order a table for two, and they’d be like, “Okay, where’s the other member of your party?” And, “Oh he’s right here with me.” And I’d order two meals and Jesus–

SID: You ordered two meals.

CHAD: Hey, you know, when you’re on a date you buy your date a meal.

SID: Okay.

CHAD: And so Jesus wouldn’t always eat his food, and so I’d eat it for him. But we had some great times where we just talked, and it was a real time of hearing the Lord’s voice.

SID: But what did the waiters think about this?

CHAD: They thought it was a little weird, a little awkward, but I was okay with that. You know, I was in this place where I wanted to know Jesus.

SID: Did you spend a lot of time with him privately worshiping him?

CHAD: Yes. I would have hours on hours of just in worship. My dad would always be coming into my room seeing if I was going to do the chores and he’d find me on the floor weeping, and he would be like, “I will go mow the lawn.” You know, ‘cause his 18-year-old son on the floor just a wreck for the Lord. It was amazing.

SID: Okay, so then he goes back to that church in Pensacola, Florida, and he was at a men’s prayer meeting and something amazing happened to you, Chad.

CHAD: Yeah. I just kept on praying, “God, I want to experience your presence to a whole new level.” So I was in this prayer meeting and I felt like someone punched me right in the stomach. I went flying back a good five, seven feet. I began to shake so hard under the presence of God that my shoes went flying off, my shirt went flying off, and I was aware that I was in a prayer meeting. I was aware but it was like a distant reality, and it was like another reality that was coming in and I would begin to see the glory of God, and I began to be taken into the throne room where I saw the Father, the King of Glory sitting on the throne. And He leaned over to speak to me. He opens His mouth. I don’t hear anything with my ears and I begin to feel what He’s saying, and it was the deepest revelation of the Father’s love that I have ever had, and that was what causes me to shake because I was feeling just the waves and waves of the Father’s love. And this experience happened for over, like 14 hours. It was amazing.

SID: It sounds so wonderful.

CHAD: Yeah, it really is.

SID: I understand that even today when you reminisce and think about it you find yourself right basking in the Father’s love.

CHAD: Well this is the key, is that you can experience the Father’s love everyday. And it is essential that you have the Father’s love flowing in your life. If you want to live in the supernatural you have to have the Father’s love flowing in your life. Jesus needed the Father’s love. How much more do we need the Father’s love?

SID: And the miracles. I mean, literally, eyeballs materializing. Tell me about that man that fell three stories.

CHAD: Yeah. There was a man in New Zealand. He fell three stories over two years ago, and he fell through a glass roof. He died. The paramedics brought him back to life. They had to do surgery where they removed his calve and his Achilles tendon. And he had no feeling from his kneecap down. And so I prayed for him, and his wife was there. I prayed for him and the first thing I asked him, “What could you do?” He says, “I can’t touch my heel to the ground.” And I said, “Okay, well check it out.” After we prayed he put his heel on the ground. And he said, “I couldn’t do this before.” And I said, “What else?” He said, “I have no feeling. All the nerves were severed. I have no feeling from my kneecap down.” So I said, “Oh, you wouldn’t feel this?” And I began to touch and press on his foot. He said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t feel. I could feel that!” And I said, “Well what else?” And he says, “Well when I woke up this morning I said to God, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I ran today?’” He could barely walk. And I said, “Me and you are running.” And so I grabbed his hand and we began to run from the end of the stage to the other. He ran just as fast as I could. It was amazing.

SID: Well  i’ll tell you what, that’s normal. Let’s take a look at that actually taking place.

[begin film]

MAN: My heal wouldn’t touch the floor.

CHAD: Your heal wouldn’t touch the floor and now it’s touching the floor.

MAN: Yes.


MAN: I can’t feel it. I can’t feel my foot.

CHAD: You can’t feel your foot?

MAN: No. I have no feeling in my foot.

CHAD: So we need to pray for healing. You can’t feel that. Is that correct?

MAN: I can feel that.

CHAD: You feel that where you didn’t feel that before.

MAN: Yes

CHAD: I’m not pressing hard. I’m not pressing hard.

MAN: I can feel it.

CHAD: You can feel that?

[applause, cheers]

Is there any other thing that you couldn’t do before that you can test it out.

MAN: I can’t run.

CHAD: Okay. Well come on. Get up here.

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