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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Chad Dedmon. And Chad, you know, your father has, I use the word “chutzpah”. That’s a Hebrew word. It means nerve. Well you have nerve, too. Tell me about this thing in healing on Aisle 10.

CHAD: Yeah. Like father, like son. I was just hungry for some donuts. So we’re always been led by the Spirit, but I was being led by my stomach.

SID: It sounds that way.

CHAD: So I went in, and we’re told that, hey, it’s a green light. If we see anybody that has a cast or a brace, go and pray for them. And so I saw this lady with hearing aids. So I approached her and I said, “Hey, can I pray over your hearing aids?” She was 95 percent deaf for over 30 years, and so I had her take out her hearing aids so that we could see when God shows us, and I began to pray for her, a simple prayer. And I said, “Okay now, just test it out. I’m gonna, just repeat after me.” I get about almost a good, like 30 feet away, and the checkout girl who’s like in her early 20s says, “I can’t hear you any more.” And so the lady that was over 95 percent deaf says, “I have better hearing now than you” to the checkout girl. The checkout girl starts crying. I start crying. And then I started getting word of knowledge for other people in the grocery store. So I asked the checkout girl, “Hey, can I get, you know, share what else God wants to do in the grocery store?” So I get on the intercom and I say, “Attention all shoppers,” and I started calling out words of knowledge.

SID: They let you do that.

CHAD: Yeah. Yeah, they let me do that. I mean, this checkout girl was just weeping and saying, “Hey, this is God. Of course, yes.” And so I just began to, you know, shout out words of knowledge and all these people started coming, about 20, 25 people. Well this woman in a motorized cart comes up and she says, “Well I’m going in for a hip replacement surgery. Do you really think God can heal me?” And I said, “Of course. That’s who He is.” So we began to pray together for her and I’d say, “Well now move it around. Check it out.” She move it and she goes, [gasp] and I’m like, “Oh no, is she in more pain?” And she said, “I couldn’t do this before without pain.” And I said, “Well do something else.” She jumps up out of the wheelchair and she starts running around screaming, “I am healed! I’m completely healed!”

SID: There must have been a crowd around at this point.

CHAD: Oh yeah. Now this man jumps and said, “Will you pray for my carpal tunnel? Pray for my wrists.” And so I began to pray for him and he can move it around, and he gets completely healed, and I’m like, well, you know what? The Kingdom just showed up. I might as well introduce them to the King. And so I began to share about how, “Do you want to be best friends with the Creator of the Universe?” And all these people are saying, “Yeah, I want to be best friends with the Creator.” It was an amazing time.

SID: Jesus is your best friend.

CHAD: He is.

SID: Wouldn’t you like Jesus to be your best friend? He wants to. The choice, it’s yours. Now Chad, you’ve got to tell me about the person. Was this person born without eyeballs, obviously?

CHAD: Yes, yes. He was in his upper 70s and he was born without any eyes. And so me and a few other friends, we were praying for him, and we were praying for him for quite a while, and for just about 20 minutes, and that’s quite a while for us, because we expect God to show up when we ask. So he had never opened up his eyelids before under his own power. And after about 20 minutes he opened up his eyelids for the first time. So we’re thanking God. And then we pray again. He opens up his eyes and he has blue eyes, which for an Indian man is not likely.

SID: Forget the color of the eyes. You saw eyeballs

CHAD: Yeah. It was amazing. I mean, he had no eyeballs. I mean, his sockets were drawn in.

SID: What was it like to see empty eye sockets and then eyes there?

CHAD: It changes your life forever. It does. I was beginning to weep. And he wasn’t able to see completely. He was able to see forms and shapes, but he wasn’t able to see colors or far distances. So we decided, hey, God gave him new eyes. I think he’ll have 20/20 vision, so let’s keep praying for him. So we continued to pray for him. He opens up his eyes again and his eyes changed from blue to brown eyes, and he had perfect vision. It was amazing.

SID: And you found out something about the blue eyes a doctor told you.

CHAD: Yeah, a doctor told me that when a baby is born, a baby might be born with blue eyes and it can’t see color and it can’t see far away. And so basically this Indian man got brand new child eyes that got blue, and then it changed color for him to get full vision. It was amazing.

SID: You know, I see people and I tell them, and they just say, “Isn’t that cool?” That is cool. How about the time that you found a Muslim that was dying?

CHAD: Yeah. This was an amazing time that we saw. We were just doing a meeting on the Father’s love. And so I just invited him just to experience the Father’s love. I invited the whole audience to experience the Father’s love. And so he stood up. I didn’t know his situation. He had surgery earlier. He had liver cancer. And they opened him up to find the cancer spread throughout his whole body. And so they had to close him up because they couldn’t remove any of it. And so they closed him up, stapled him together and told him the news, “Medically we can’t do anything for you. So just go and make peace with your family. You have two weeks left to live.” So this is a week later, his wife brings him to church and we begin to pray. We released the Father’s love. Well as we do that the staples bust open and God begins to do something. And so he runs to the bathroom. I mean, revival is messy. And so he began to just try to figure out what’s going on. He comes and approaches me with his overcoat and he says, “Hey, my staple busted up.” And I’m like, oh no, like stuff is coming out. This is not good. He didn’t even tell me he has cancer. So I prayed for him that all the pain leave. So he goes to the emergency room. They run two different tests on him. And the same doctors that were treating him now run these tests and they say, “We don’t understand this, but the cancer is now dead and it’s leaving your body, literally.” And now this man encountered the love of Jesus, this Muslim man. He was like, “You know what, I want to give my life to this man. I’m in love with this man as well.” Well he’s still going after God to this day.

SID: Chad, as you started to share that story there was a flood of God’s healing power came right into the studio. And I believe that as Chad begins to pray for you that flood with his speaking supernatural words of healing are going to just come together and there is going to be a creative explosion of healing for you right now. Chad, would you pray.

CHAD: Yeah. There is a lady that has breast cancer and you’re to start feeling there’s a heat that’s going to be coming onto your body and God is going to begin to remove the tumors. There’s somebody, they’ve had multiple knee surgeries. You’re wearing a red shirt and God is going to begin to come with heat and you’re to just test it out right now. There’s someone with metal in their ankle. Your name is Tim and just beginning to move it around God is healing you right now. There’s somebody, your name is Deborah. You’ve been in a car accident. You have pain all the way down and up your spine. God is going to begin to release electricity to release healing presence right now. Lord, we just thank you for what you’re doing and just release more. I feel like there’s even people that have had injuries with cell phones where you’ve been on the phone and it might be even a car accident. You might have fell down the stairs. Someone has fallen down the stairs. You were on your cell phone and you hurt your spine. God is touching you right now. And so Lord, we just release your healing presence.

SID: You know I have to ask you something. You said you saw someone with like green shirt. Did you see it or just hear it?

CHAD: Yeah. Actually, I begin to see. Sometimes I’ll see things in the spirit. Sometimes I’ll hear just a small still voice. It just comes in a lot of different ways.

SID: Now can everyone, I mean you’re gifted, but can everyone walk in these gifts? Everyone really?

CHAD: Everyone. You know, Paul told us that we desire all the gifts. We should desire all the gifts. I mean, God speaks to us all the time and His thoughts for us outnumber the sands on the seashore. I mean, He is constantly speaking.

SID: You know, speaking of God speaking to us all the time, He’s speaking to some of you right now. He’s speaking to you right now. He’s saying, “I want to give you the same choice I gave Chad. I want to either be your best friend or you will walk from under my protective covering and it’s not good out there without my love and my protective covering. I want to give you a choice. You can choose me or you can choose to walk without my protective covering. I mean, I have loved you, I have protected you. But now you must make a choice. You must make a decision because yet once more, I God, am going to shake this earth. And those that do not make a decision for me will not be on a firm foundation and they’re going to fall. So choose this day whom you’re going to serve. And it’s so simple you don’t need my help. All you need to do is be honest with God. Tell him that you’ve committed many sins and you’re sorry. Ask him to forgive you, believe his blood just washes it all it away. And when you are clean he’ll jump inside of you and become your best friend. Let me introduce you to your best friend, Yeshua, Jesus, the Messiah, the King of the Jews. And I’ve got some good news for you. You don’t have to be Jewish to believe in the King of the Jews. You just have to love him. He already loves you. Go. Go for it. Go for the gold right now.

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