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SID: Sid Roth with Shawn Bolz. I am fascinated by his visitation to heaven, I am fascinated by this angel’s visitation to him, I am fascinated by, in your book Keys to Heaven’s Economy, you talk about the storehouse of Heaven, explain that.

SHAWN: Part of the visitation that I had is that the angel took me into a place that I believe is an allegory of Heaven and it was a place of provision called the storehouse of heaven and he was like the foreman of the storehouse, and in the storehouse was everything Jesus would need in our age to get the fullness of His reward, so the first part of the storehouse that I went to was a room of body parts, physical body parts, whether it was an eyeball, a liver, a hand, a foot, and it was the provision of, if you think about Heaven, is there a need for healing in Heaven? No, cause in Heaven

SID: So why is it there?

SHAWN: So why is it there? So we can call it forth here on earth as it is in Heaven, the whole

SID: Since that time have you done this, have you called,


SID: Tell me one, only one.

SHAWN: One of the stories is a good friend of mine named Charlotte Bartow, and Charlotte was with us in Chicago and we were talking about this to the believers there, I said I am not just a gifted guy who can do this, all of us can do this so if you have had a promise that you were going to move in supernatural healing I want you to come forward and you are going to pray for the terminally ill, and Charlotte was terminally ill with a liver condition and she needed a liver transplant, and as we began to pray I saw this woman who was praying for her calling forth a liver on earth as it was in Heaven, she somehow accessed by her faith and by her heart and love for Charlotte this realm of the spirit, because Charlotte is not called to die right now she is called to live. And I saw this with the woman, we both saw this liver come down, and Charlotte’s body transformed in front of us, she went and got a doctor’s report and she was completely healed with a brand new liver.

SID: What else did you see in the storehouse? He’s doing good.

SHAWN: Well we went for another, I believe that creative miracles are a part of it, but I also, we went for another, there was medical science, so it wasn’t just the miraculous of the faith camp, but it was also, I believe that God is investing right now in cures, I believe He has cures for diseases that the secular scientists, the medical scientists are going to find, there was a cure for cancer in that room.

SID: So you are saying to me if there is a young person watching us right now and if they are seeking God for these giftings, that’s one gifting they could get, is that what you are saying.

SHAWN: That’s right, that’s medical science, they may go in and discover something and people will ask them how did you discover that and they won’t have a book to write about it, they will just say God showed me. I went on this journey with God and God showed me how to pursue science and I found this.

SID: How about music, was there any?

SHAWN: We went into this place that I would call, it was almost an overlapping to the traditional Throne Room that people see many times in Heaven, that’s been on of the traditional visitations that people have had through history, and we went into the throne room and there was music and sounds that I have never heard before, with instruments that I have never heard before, and it would probably offend some people, because there was some very modern sounds and then there was some very classical sounds in the same room, and there was sounds and ways to put together music that have never been done yet and it is going to take somebody who uses secular study along with an inspired heart to find some of these sounds, some people will get it naturally, some people will have talent, but I saw some people who would go into a musical theory, and they would find it in the midst of studying, and so some people are going to be called to pursue the music industry, and understand it and the science behind it, not just you know, by gifting or by talent alone, but I believe people are going to get an impartation, they are going to hear something and bring together something to church, the institution of church has never seen before.

SID: Is this kind of tied in with computers, or did you see anything about computers?

SHAWN: I did, I saw, I did see computers involved with a lot of the music that is going to come out, I believe that live music and recorded music is going to come together in live events, and I believe that there is going to be, I mean there is this one type that wasn’t all it’s going to be, but there was this one types was, there would be people who had access to millions of sounds on the computer data base that they could bring into a live event and to stimulate what is going on at a live event to cause people’s hearts to awaken in deeper ways emotionally and spiritually.

SID: How about money to do these things?

SHAWN: Well see I believe that when God shows us what we are called to, that creates the void that we need for provision for it to happen and we have to call upon Him and it’s available, it’s available to us. And I believe that He is going to start using supernatural ways to, a conductor if you will, or like a conduit from Heaven to earth, He is going to show us where to find the money and the resources because He loves these projects more than we do, He wants them more than we do. I believe that Solomon’s temple was a picture of it, that when God wanted the temple to be built, He brought the greatest resources know to man all in one location so that the glory of God could be demonstrated in one place, then He could dwell with man, and I believe our generation we are going see something again, where the greatest resources whether it be the movie industry, whether it be science, whether it be computer industry, whatever vehicles.

SID: What about energy?

SHAWN: I believe that there are inventions for energy, I believe coal fusion is right on the horizon, I believe that I saw coal fusion in Heaven, I believe there is other energy sources that are going to blow us away that we are about to hit, acceleration of different energy technologies are going to come forth that we have never heard of or seen before, some that we have dreamed of and science fiction movies have been made about because they were there and there are scientists who are cooperating with God right now, with God’s agenda, and a lot of this is because you know one third of the earth doesn’t have the right kind of technology that they need. And I believe that God is going to resource these poverty-ridden areas with technology that is very cheap and cost efficient that God is the only one who could be the source for.

SID: You know in your book you talk about God wanting to finance all of these projects that is going to put the Messiah before people in every strata rather than the normal four-wall type of strata, but there were two areas in particular that God showed you that money should be planted in, one was the needy people, what else?

SHAWN: Yes, the poor, well in Isaiah 58 it talks about both those areas and as we give to the poor and as we care for the poor, it accelerates the purpose of God in our lives, it says that His light will shine upon us, which means that the favor of God will increase upon us, the favor of God in our normal everyday lives will increase upon us. And that is what a lot of people doesn’t understand is that God loves the poor so much, and our heart is where our money is, and so it we will give to where God’s heart is, if we will give to where His hearts is touched by, it increases and accelerates us.

SID: What about the, what did God show you in this strategic time we are living in, when Israel is front and center stage, when Jewish people are open to the gospel for the first time in almost 2000 years, what is He showing you about that?

SHAWN: It is the same principle as the poor that His favor increases upon us, except for I believe if we will give into what god is doing in Israel right now, and if we will give into what God is doing with the Jewish people right now throughout the earth, if we will resource it, not just financially but we will resource it with time and energy and everything that is needed, it actually accelerates the day of the Lord coming. Isaiah 58 is very clear about Jesus will, the time of Jesus will dawn upon us faster, if you read it under a certain understanding, even how He talked about the poor before, so I believe that something is about to happen so that the church if you will, all over the world is going to understand the covenant purpose of God with the Jewish people and they are going to start to understand that if they invest into that in all kinds of different ways then their blessing increases, their fruit multiplies, their favor increases in the land. And that is something that has not been understood, it has not had a direct correlation before but it is very clear that America has prospered because we have been helping Israel, and I believe that other countries who have helped Israel have seen aligned delineation when they have prospered or been hindered by their help.

SID: Shawn, the time is slipping away, I want you to look in the camera and pray that these anointing’s that God has already predestined for those that are hungering and thirsting for righteousness, they would receive them, would you pray?

SHAWN: I do, Father I pray right now to everybody who is watching, I pray that they would hear your voice and hear your heart that they were created to cooperate with you, I know you have a storehouse full just for their lives, you have a storehouse full just for them to cooperate with to see your glory manifest and to also bring you your inheritance Jesus, and I pray that the minister of finance would be busy in these day, we pray that Solomon’s temple would be a picture of what is available for our lives, that you would bring the best resources, the best things that are known to our network of relationships, our friendships to us that we can enter into the fullness of your purpose so Jesus could receive the fullness of His reward, and we thank You for those who are watching.

SID: Shane, there is, I believe there is an angel around us the presence of God has really intensified in the last few minutes, and do not miss this moment, do not miss this moment, it’s a time of visitation, it’s a time for you to get to know the King of the Jews better, Yeshua, in English Jesus. It’s a time to say I want to operate in Your Kingdom, but you have got to know the King first, in order to operate in the Kingdom you have got to know the King. The King has a name, His name is Yeshua, Jesus, it’s time to not be religious, it is time to be real, God is looking for people that are real, and if you say, “God I want to know You, God, if there is any wicked ways in me, please show me and I will turn from them, but I can’t turn from them without your help, give me the help oh mighty God, in the name of Jesus, I make you my Lord and my Savior.” Now begin to worship Him if there has ever been a time for a visitation, there are young people that Shawn was talking to just before, you know, you know that he was talking to you, but you know what, even if you are in your seventies, the greatest time of your life is about ready to happen, with God all things are possible. Go for it!

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