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SID: Hello Sid Roth here with Lance Wallnau. Now you would have to be a zombie, you would have to be dead not to realize what is going on, on planet earth. Since 911 there has been a change, anyone who reads the newspaper recognizes it’s a new age; it’s an age of fear. Look at this bird flu: no one knows where that’s going to end, look at the hurricanes that we’ve had, an entire city in the United States just literally obliterated. Look what’s going on in Iran, I mean we know what’s going on in Iraq, but you know what’s going on in Iran? They’ve got missiles that can go to Israel and they are like this close to having atomic bombs, I mean the world has never been in such a precarious place, but I have good news for you. I have a guest, Lance Wallnau, who has a series on how to get out of the circumstances around you, not to be an ostrich, but how to literally move into the supernatural, you know how long it is going to take? In A Heartbeat. So Lance, you are minding your own business, you are fasting for forty days, what are you, some kind of spiritual superman or something? And you go to a meeting and a prophet walks up to you from Israel of all places, and what does he say?

LANCE: The prophet pulls me out of the crowd and says, “God is going to use you to reach your people,” assuming that I knew I had a Jewish background, at which point I didn’t know I had a Jewish background, and so I had grown up in the Episcopal church, and I looked at him quizzically and said, “I’m going to be reaching Episcopalians?” And he said, “Not Episcopalians, Jewish people.” I said, “Jewish people?” He said, “Go home and ask your father.” It was a word of knowledge he got. So it was a Full Gospel Businessmen’s Meeting in Hershey, I stepped out into the lobby, I called my father who is an attorney in Philadelphia, I said, “So Dad, I just got a word from a missionary from Israel who says that I should talk to you about my Jewish background.” There is this awful silence on the other end of the phone, and he says to me, which I knew right away was an indicator, he said, “Why don’t you come home and we will talk about that.”

SID: Oh, oh, so you know that he knows something you don’t know?

LANCE: Exactly, and now everybody on TV knows what he may not want them to know.

SID: All right, you know, and so what did he say?

LANCE: Well I go home and he’s got his office, he shuts the door, right away I know it is a serious meeting; a lawyer shuts the door, it’s confidential. I sit down and he said, “No one has asked me, none of your brothers have asked me,” he said, “Before I talk to you I want them to have the courtesy of finding out for themselves. Somehow you found out. Yes it’s true.” He pulls out a family tree, shows me the Cohen’s, and Moses Leo Wallnau, how they immigrated from Germany to Philadelphia, met in Philadelphia, married in Philadelphia and that was his grandparents who produced his lineage. And he decided that he wanted to break away from the Jewish persecution, being raised in the south, he saw the business disadvantages with Jews and he changed his name, from Morris Leo to Carl Newman.

SID: So now that you find out, what does he say to you?

LANCE: Well, it’s a quizzical response, on the one hand he is delighted that there are people that actually are enthusiastic about Jewish believers and Jesus, which is an oddity to him entirely, however he cautions me.

SID: You know what was an oddity 2000 years ago don’t you? Gentiles could be saved, imagine the nerve of those Gentiles, they can believe in our Jesus; I mean read about it in the Book of Acts, the whole, everything goes full circle, right Lance?

LANCE: It’s the truth, and his only caution was to sustain an element of realism about my enthusiasm, that not everybody is going to be happy about Jewish people no matter what era or group I hang out with. Which is probably true, there is a prejudice even among Christians that I’ve found, trying to eliminate Israel as a player in history, even Biblical prophecy, so I have discovered that that prejudice still is there and he cautioned me not to be overly optimistic about discovering my roots and the implications of someone celebrating that.

SID: But you had told me he said one other thing to you; that never forget your Jewish side or something to that effect.

LANCE: Well that’s right, he said, “Never forget this, that for the rest of your life you will have it in ink. You will have an instinctive rapport with Jewish people, and it’s in your DNA, it’s in your bones, it’s in your identity, you will know it because you will feel it.”

SID: So man, you are minding your own business and you go to your new homeland, Israel, and you go to a swimming pool, and you are looking at the kids frolicking and having fun and all of a sudden you hear a voice.

LANCE: Yeah, the voice, sixteen years ago, I’m in the pool and I, like a lot of Christians, I wanted to have a sentimental spiritual experience; but I didn’t do a Christian tour, I just went to go see the country and it’s raw essence, and while I was in Arad, in a pool, I was kind of feeling; sixteen years ago, it was like, it wasn’t, I would say it was a tight spiritual environment, that’s what I felt. And I said Lord, what about the Israel harvest, are you going to move in Israel? And I turned my head, saw a child, children about three- years-old to six-years-old playing. The Lord spoke very clearly, “When that generation becomes the generation that is the adult in Israel, I am going to move in a great move of My Spirit.” And I believe He was saying the greatest move of His Spirit was going to happen with that generation of Israeli, when they grow up to the age of being adults. So I sat back and looked at that and just thought wow. Now my wife was pregnant on that trip with a son who was born right after that event, after that word, he is sixteen. And I literally can watch the era of that generation growing and growing and growing to the point where they are becoming teenagers, getting drivers licenses right now.

SID: And you were doing an interview show with me, and you said I was one of the first people to ask a question, what was that?

LANCE: Yeah, you know what is God saying to you about Israel? And no one had asked me that before and it forced me to have to go back to, and I was honest with you, I mean I would love to say something current; I said the last thing I heard was sixteen years ago. God spoke to me and said, “When that generation becomes an adult, when that generation becomes of age, my greatest move is going to be happening in Israel.” And that was when you stung me by saying, “Well Lance, how long ago was that?’ I said about sixteen years. And you said, “Well how old are they now?” I hadn’t thought about it, because I kept picturing, you know, that swimming pool, but then I looked at my son and I thought, “They are coming of age, the age is now.”

SID: I tell you the age is now and what does that mean to you? It means plenty because Israel is God’s time clock when you see Jewish people red hot for Jesus, I tell you that that middle wall of separation comes down between Jew and Gentile and what Jesus said, I pray that theses may be one. Who? Baptists and Catholics? No, they didn’t exist when Jesus prayed that prayer in John 17:21. I pray that they might, who is they? Jews and Gentiles, I mean give me a break. I pray that Jews and Gentiles might be one so the world will believe. When that occurs, the next verse says, and the same glory, the same presence of God my Father that is on me will be on them. You think this is something, wait till you hear this prophetic word from Kim Clement, I tell you the hair on your hands, so you got hair on your hands, is going to stand up, don’t go away I’ll be right back.

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