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SID: I hope you were just with us, I had Lance Wallnau on, as I still do, and Lance was in Israel and he heard a prophetic word from God; he literally heard God speak, I mean why should that be so unusual to you? Because the Bible says, my sheep, here’s what Jesus said, “my sheep hear my voice”, and I tell you that you hear His voice all the time, but this was a clear booming, Charlton Heston, Ten Commandments type of voice that Lance heard, and what he heard was, you see those children frolicking in the pool in Israel, when they come of age, what will happen?

LANCE: The greatest move of God that has happened in history is going to happen in Israel.

SID: So not only did Lance hear this, but I want you to hear a prophetic word from a friend of his, tell me about Kim Clement as a prophet.

LANCE: Kim is, probably in my opinion, one of the preeminent authorities on hearing and speaking the voice of the Lord. Has an Elijah like mantle where he prophecies by words of knowledge, he hears the utterance, so he will not bubble one up necessarily, it is not his gift. He hears it and speaks it.

SID: Okay, where did this prophecy take place? What were the circumstances?

LANCE: This prophecy as others he just recently told me, have been coming out of Hollywood which strikes me as interesting.

SID: Hollywood?

LANCE: Because it had to do more with the Jewish people, more of a revelation coming about Israel when he is there on that platform than in any city.

SID: Isn’t that interesting? Here Hollywood has been used, and many Jewish people as we know are in the entertainment industry, so Hollywood has been used unfortunately for things that people that don’t have intimacy with God might do. But what will happen, well, I want you to hear this word, let’s go to this prophetic word by Kim Clement.

And just lately I’ve been shouting out amongst the crowds that we go to, Yeshua, the name of Jesus. Why am I doing this? Because I’m feeling that the nation of Israel is going to have a moment, an opportunity, to meet the Messiah on a national and international scale. Some of the greatest apostles are going to come from a Damascus Road experience and are going to be Jewish people. Do you understand that God has not forgotten about them? God will not forget about them, He said just watch and see, there is going to be a raising up of Messianic Jews, if you will, and they will preach the gospel as no man has preached the gospel. Come on!

SID: I tell you I don’t know what’s going on with you right now, I don’t know what’s going on with you right now, Lance, but I, what’s going on with me is there is a fire in my bones, and as I said to you earlier on the telephone when I was interviewing you a few months back, this generation, it’s ready to pop like popcorn and I can see it just happening, but simultaneous with that there is a lot of destruction coming, and the thing that, you don’t know this, and I saved this show to tell you, but this teaching I believe could very well possibly have saved my life, and I’ll tell everyone about that in a moment but it’s called “In a Heartbeat” tell me how you happened to come up with this teaching.

LANCE: On September 10th, the day before September 11th, I was in an International Management Seminar in Hawaii, and I went out to lay out at the Conconacki Hilton, and as I laid out on a lounge, the Spirit of the Lord just intuitively, you know how God just pops you, had me sit up. I sat up, and an eighty pound branch flew right behind my head, boom, and smashed. People that were walking by thought that I was killed but I had sat up just before the branch came down. And a wing blew past me, that was ominous in its presence and I sensed what is this; should I not be in Hawaii, and right away the Lord spoke to me and said, “though a thousand fall at your side, and ten thousand at your left hand, it will not come near you.” And suddenly I went from panic to elation, when I realized that whatever got my attention was what was going to get my condition. And that moment, instead of being anxious and fearful about what almost happened, I went into joy instantly. I did not know the next day the subject of the management seminar was “Emotional Mastery,” and I listened to the worlds authorities talk about how to deal with crisis as news came in that their office at the World Trade Center was just caught, we had people listening to cell phone messages Sid, that were live from that morning, coming to Hawaii. And that was when the Lord spoke to me and said, “This is an hour when the spirit of terror and fear is loosed on the earth, chose your focus wisely, take heed what you hear and how you hear and you will move in an extraordinary level of accuracy in the Spirit, if you chose what gets your attention, that was the beginning of the teaching.

SID: And I have to tell you, as I listened to this teaching, there were many things that I knew, but what you believe is the supernatural should be natural in the marketplace, in every arena of life.

LANCE: Absolutely, absolutely.

SID: And unfortunately too many people are relying on Christianity as entertainment sport, rather than spectator sport, and the times we are living in right now it could cost you your life if you are not doing that. I tell you that you can, you know how fast is a heartbeat? How fast is a heartbeat?

LANCE: I would say when you click your fingers; that’s how fast your state changes, depending on what gets your attention.

SID: Okay, we’re going to get your attention, we’ll be right back after this word and you are going to get some understanding how you can switch from the natural – to the supernatural, don’t you dare switch this television set, you have to find out, be right back.

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