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SID: Do you know I was just thinking there is no time in eternity? We’re the only people that have time, and during this period in which we have time. So many things are grabbing at our emotions, our feelings, so many things happening on earth right now. So many things happening in our families, so many crisis coming on, but I have a guest, Lance Wallnau, who is a specialist in teaching people how to move from the natural, your current circumstances, get your focus right, and move, transition to the supernatural: In A Heartbeat. We just heard a prophetic word, this same prophet prophesied over a man that was thinking about running for state senator, Lance, tell me about this.

LANCE: Kim had delivered the word to Michael Krause, and he and his wife were considering two issues: having children and his career, and Kim gave the word they were going to have a son named Caleb and that he would walk in the same political steps as his father. Well that confirmed two important issues, and so Michael went off to the campaign trail and proceeded after a couple of months of hard campaigning to fall down with a heart attack, literally, I’ve got a video tape he just sent me because I interviewed him in Georgia last month, just to get the details straight. He was unconscious some 32 minutes without a heartbeat or oxygen to the brain.

SID: So that means he was brain dead.

LANCE: Brain dead, physically dead, you know you don’t recover from that; that is what CPR is all about, get the heart and keep the oxygen moving. So he is in the hospital, they have of course you know a monitor with a clock, so they can see how many minutes are going by, he’s in there and his wife comes in with the prophesy, see what gets your attention, gets you. There are only two states any believer can be in: resourceful or un-resourceful, when we are un-resourceful we shut up the spirit, we clam. You know we kind of freeze so that God can’t communicate an answer because we are in trauma, but if we can learn to operate in a resourceful state by focusing on what the Spirit says to do next, those do next, do next, do next steps lead to miracles.

SID: So what he is saying right now is that no circumstance is impossible, you are looking at why it is impossible, there is a much better place to look. Go ahead.

LANCE: Absolutely, the Jews saw the giants in the land, and though they had miracles behind them, they said we were as grasshoppers in our sight. The key there is how you define the situation is the way the situation will end up defining you.

SID: So what happens to this dead man now, who was supposed to have a son by the name of Caleb, and was supposed to be a state senator?

LANCE: The wife takes the prophetic word; she is in a resourceful state, she pushes her way past security, who is fighting with her because the doctor’s are trying to resuscitate a dead man, and she grabs him by the leg,

SID: Which is not an easy thing to do!

LANCE: You have to have compassion on those doctors. And while this delirious Pentecostal is prophesying, security is trying to pull her out, this senator is having a vision, but the prophesy I want you to catch is she is saying the word of the Lord says, you are going to have a son and your son is going to be named Caleb, and he is going to walk in the same steps as his father, we are going to raise him together, together, so she is emphasizing the unfulfilled purpose that yet was on this dead man’s life. Now while that is happening, the senator is out of his body; he is in a vision. He sees seven islands – those seven islands become seven mountains, one great mountain appears behind him and Jesus speaks and says that mountain, that great mountain, is the mountain of my kingdom, and it is greater than all the kingdoms of this world. Those seven mountain are seven world kingdoms, and you are called to go into that one, and he points, it is the political mountain, and then the Lord says, if there is a “but” ever in heaven, I heard it with this vision, Jesus said but there must be agreement. See the power of agreement with what God shows you is what gets you through the contradiction of the circumstance you are presently going through.

SID: How can two walk together unless they be agreed? Go ahead.

LANCE: Exactly, and Ken has shared with me that he calls this thing optical fusion, it’s when you see what God sees, it enables you to be able to say what God showed you, so prophetically we must embrace a visionary life.

SID: So, what’s happening with this corpse that his wife is there?

LANCE: As Jesus says there must be agreement, she shifts her strategy, once again when you are working out of resourcefulness, you are open to the next thing. She stops prophesying, ‘cause that is not working, and she says, “Michael in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ come back into your body now.” She commands him to come back into his body, he says goodbye, he’s back in his body, the heartbeat comes back on the monitor; they got a man now who is resuscitated. Longest living brain dead person, thump.

SID: Now if that had been you, and that was your husband dead at the table, do you know what you would be doing? You would go to pieces. But what should someone do? Let’s suppose they didn’t have a prophetic word, what should someone do?

LANCE: You know this is the amazing things, that we tend to react based on our conditioning, all of these responses are conditioned, which is why what I am believing here is important, is believers need to know that you always respond in crisis based upon the way you respond to everything. What gets your focus always gets your state, so if you are in the habit of disempowering self-talk, and we speak at the rate of 1500 words per minute, Sid, that means that as fast as you talk or I talk people are already jumping to conclusions and spinning around Dallas faster than we can get there, because the mind is thinking faster than even human words speak, in that 150 words you are either creating an environment that is going to be conducive to empowering and perceiving God’s utterance, or you are creating a climate that is conducive to fear and negativity. As soon as circumstances go bad, the average person doesn’t call for the elders of the church, I mean forget a prophecy, let’s just go to the scripture, we don’t call for the elders, we call for the undertaker.

SID: Of course, what is the feedback you are getting on people that are listening to “In A Heartbeat” and are doing what it says?

LANCE: I’m surprised, I’m surprised because the people that actually are listening to it and applying it, are noticing that they have an overcoming capacity to shift their condition, in here and in here, so that their circumstances shift. The people that are applying it are telling me that their lives are changed because they now have command of the environment rather than praying to God to change the environment.

SID: So many people give up and you give up too soon, let me tell you what happened to me, I told Lance I was going to surprise him, a couple of nights ago, I’m ready to go to bed, and I feel my heart racing, literally racing, pump, pump, pump, pump. I know something is up, so I have a little Handy-Dandy blood pressure monitor, I put the thing on, and it is not high, it is outrageous! I’m debating, should I get in the car and go to the hospital, I’m doing okay, but this is off the charts. What should I do? And I started thinking about Lance’s teaching and I started saying to myself prophetic words that people had spoken over me, I started, and you say no one has ever spoken a prophetic word over me, huh, you got a whole book called the Bible, take the 91st Psalm, you’ve got enough there to take care of every problem that could possibly come against you, everything is covered there, so I decide I’m going to go to bed, I go to bed, I fall asleep, an hour later I wake up and my heart is pounding, pound, pound, pound, pound. What am I going to do? And I decided I am going to just rehearse the promises of God, I mean this may sound foolish to the natural mind, but that’s what I did, and you know what happened when I was saying these promises of God to myself, I fell asleep, and guess what happened when I woke up? It was morning, and when it was morning I went and I took my blood pressure and it was lower than normal. I tell you, In A Heartbeat.

LANCE: Exactly, exactly, you know they tell you about the plague, you know the bird, you know the news media makes a living off of cultural hypnosis, they traumatize you, then they re-traumatize you, and then they re-traumatize you, it’s like selling aspirin, or selling drugs, because it works when there is trauma, so everybody watches the news, how many times could you see those planes going into the building. A friend of mine said the easiest evangelism he ever did in New York was a week after 911 because everybody’s head was like this looking in their mind at those planes going into the building, it was not a problem evangelizing, because it’s a traumatized culture. If you don’t choose what gets your attention, the culture will choose it for you. Jesus’ words in the last days was “possess ye your souls.” Now think about that, you possess your soul. The possession of your soul was the command he gave you for the last days.

SID: Are you saying to me that the Messiah has already moved, are you saying to me the Messiah has already done everything he is going to do, are you saying to me that it is finished, are you saying to me that he is waiting on you. Number one, if you just know about him, if you just believe in him, there is more, there is so much more, and just between you and him you can come to know the Messiah of Israel, you can come to have intimacy with him, you can have intimacy with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and in a heartbeat you can change your world. You love your world so much, how would you like your marriage changed, how would you like your relationship with your children changed, how would you like to see your health situation changed? How long is it going to take Lance? In

LANCE: In a heartbeat; that fast.

SID: That fast, I tell you that I know God’s word is true, let every man be a liar, but God’s word is true, and there is something breathing in your right now, the Lord is breathing in your right now, it’s the spirit and love of God right now is breathing into you, go for it, go for intimacy with God. Remember if it’s not natural, consider it supernatural.

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