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SID:  Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter.  We’re having so much fun here I almost missed the break when we came back. My guest is Tommy Tenney and we are experiencing the supernatural of God. Tommy Tenney is about ready to have a major Hollywood motion picture be released on the life of Esther. Tommy, as we discussed earlier, you’ve studied Esther, you’ve loved the book of Esther for many years, but there was a point in your life when there was a reality that there was something in Esther that you must use for the world. When did it hit you? 

TOMMY:  Well, I was teaching people about the presence of God, and just as a momentary illustration it popped in my mind that just as Esther prepared for twelve months, she soaked six months in oil of myrrh, six months in other spices. Twelve month of preparation for one date with the king.  But one night with the king changed everything.  It changed her destiny, saved her people; brought favor. You have to be ready when it’s your turn.  Favor is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. What if Esther had said, “I don’t like myrrh, I want to wear frankincense”?  And the king may have been allergic to frankincense.   There’s a protocol… 

SID:  All of history would have been changed… 

TOMMY:  That’s right.  There’s a protocol, there’s a way. And there’s is little clue in Esther chapter two, verse fifteen. I write about it in the book that we’re talking about, that Esther listened to the chamberlain.  The king’s chamberlain told her it says very plainly, she only wore what the chamberlain appointed for her to wear.   That tells me other young girls wore what they want, said what they want. But Esther said, “Look, here’s a guy who has been in the inner chambers, he knows the king better than me.  You tell me what to wear.”  That was one of Esther’s secrets. 

SID:  Now when you made that statement in that church, the line from Esther, “One night with the king,” what happened? 

TOMMY:  I’ve written 600 pages about Esther since then, two fiction books, a children’s fiction book, an adult fiction book, a teaching book, and all the revelation of those 600 plus pages was contained in that one little nugget, it just unfolded like a flower. 

SID:  And what does one night with the king mean to our viewers? 

TOMMY:  One night with the king can change everything.  And it’s about, if the king likes you it doesn’t matter who dislikes you. So I’ve been teaching people about the Esther anointing, it’s a good way to put it; how to find favor with the king. Everybody understands we need favor in our homes, favor with our children, favor on our job; favor in our finances.  We need favor.  Favor!  Oh I love this, Sid.  Favor can restore in a day what was stolen over a lifetime.    

SID:  It’s too good, you’ve got to say that again, Tommy. 

TOMMY:  That’s some of the little…what I did is when I started studying Esther. I pulled out all the little truths that I thought…okay; she had to have learned this: And I called them protocols, protocols of the palace, protocols of the king’s presence, and that’s one of them; is that favor can restore in a day what was stolen over a lifetime.   They had been a disenfranchised people; the Jews were carried captive into Babylon. Babylon was taken over by Persia, second-class citizens, so to speak, but it doesn’t matter.   By the time the day of favor is finished, not only Esther is in a place of favor, but her adopted father, Mordecai and all the Jewish nation. They are in an incredible place of favor.  Favor can restore in one day what was stolen over a lifetime.  But you have to find favor with the king. 

SID:  You know, I found it extremely fascinating when you revealed this historical truth in your book that Adolph Hitler banned the book of Esther for obvious reasons; he didn’t want favor on the Jewish people, but I believe… 

TOMMY:  He didn’t want the knowledge of what could happen. 

SID:  Yes, but I believe that there is like a spiritual scale over the eyes of most Christianity that they have to understand the mysteries from the book of Esther. How, why, this motion picture, this Hollywood motion picture? 

TOMMY:  It’s interesting you said mysteries.  The book of Esther is the only book of the Bible that the name of God is not mentioned.  And suddenly it dawned on me, that although His name is not mentioned, His works are evident.   So, it’s like God steps back and works behind the scenes and He gives us a view of how that happens. Same thing that Jesus did; whenever Jesus wanted to reveal a truth, Sid, He would conceal that truth in a story, and we call it the parables. I took the same concept, wrote it into the fiction book, it became a movie, and no, this is not a come to Jesus movie. This is a tell the story…Sid, when is the last time you went to a movie and at the end of the movie they said,  “Everybody bow your head, raise your hands, whose going to commit adultery this week, whose going to harbor hate in their hearts.” 

SID:  It’s not done. 

TOMMY:  They don’t do that.  But they tell the stories and it moves the cultural value markers.   And any battlefield we abandon, we loose by default.   So, I’m just telling the story, with the values of a hero who stayed faithful, who learned protocol. And it’s about an earthly king, but it points to the heavenly king. 

SID:  Is that the purpose, really? 

TOMMY:  That’s the purpose. 

SID:  Who’s in the movie? 

TOMMY:  Peter O’toole, Omar Sharif… 

SID:  I’ll tell you what; I believe there is such a presence of God especially on the music by Tommy’s wife, that as you hear this music, backs are going to be healed, people that are hurting are going to stop hurting, and literally, those tears may come for an evening, but I promise you joy will come in the morning and many of you will have encounters with Jesus. Let’s go out with that clip on the movie, “One Night With The King.” 

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