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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Steven Brooks. Steven is living in a cardboard box. His car isn’t working. He’s got no money. He gave his last few dollars away in an offering. It’s cold as 18 degrees. You’re living off of food in trash cans. It can’t get much worse and then it does. It rains and he’s got a cardboard box he’s living in. You must have been cold.

STEVEN: I did. And also I had a budget cardboard box. It was the one that didn’t have a roof on top. It just had four walls and a bottom. So I got rained on. I was freezing. But, you know, I gave that $4 offering, Sid. And before I knew it, a whole week had gone by and it rolled back around to that mid-week service, and the Holy Spirit prompted me again to get ready and go to that meeting.

SID: But your car isn’t working.

STEVEN: I explained that to the Lord. He said, “You get ready. I’ll take care of the car.” And I said okay. And so again, the car would not start. I tried to start it during the week and it would not start.

SID: That same thing happened to you the first time you went it didn’t start, but it started. So you went the first time.

STEVEN: That is correct. So right before that meeting I tried to start the car up and it started up. And so I drove to the meeting as fast as I could, definitely didn’t want to stop. And so I got to the meeting, went inside, sat down. But Sid, I had been going through this for quite some time now. I felt like a rubber band mentally had been stretched and I felt like I was about to snap. I felt like I had fallen off the side of the world and nobody had known about me. And so when I went to that meeting–

SID: And nobody cared.

STEVEN: That’s what I felt like and the enemy was trying to really enforce that. So there was despair. There was a hopelessness. So I sat down that night and that minister came out that evening and he just put his hand on my shoulder and I felt a heat go all through my body. I grabbed him and I said, “I need to talk to you.” He said, “Come to the back room.” We went to a back room and just began to weep and cry. I told him everything I had been going through. He said, “Steven, if you go out here and tell the people what you just shared with me,” he said, “I believe God will do a miracle for you.” And I said, “Okay, I’ll do it. Will you stand with me?” He said, “Yes.” And so we walked back out to that room and he told everybody, “Steven has something he would like to say.” And I just looked at the people and, Sid, I told them I had been living out of a cardboard box. I had been eating out of trash cans. I just broke with great weeping and balling, and crying. And a young woman in the group that night, she just popped up. She said, “Why don’t we receive an offering for Steven.” Everybody said yes and they all just joined in and they put me in the middle and began to toss money at me and financial gifts. And after it was all over, me and that minister, we gathered it up, went in the back room and began to count it. We poured all the money out on the bed. We started counting $20, $60, $80, $200. He stopped and said, “This is a pretty good offering for a small group.” But we kept on counting. $300, 320, 360, 400. We stopped counting at $418. And he got very serious, Sid. He looked me. He said, “I want to ask you a question and you tell me the truth.” I said okay. He said, “Did you give four $1 bills in the offering last week?” I said, “I did, but I didn’t think anybody saw.” He said, “Well my wife saw you do that.” He said, “Do you know what this is?” I said, “No.” He said, “This is the one hundredfold return. And Sid it was. That night I had literally 100 times given back–

SID: Steven, it was better than a hundredfold return because someone gave you a room to sleep in. Someone gave him a bed. Someone gave him a job. And now as I said at the beginning of the telecast, he is married, has a daughter. The family travels the world telling people about the goodness of God. But I have to believe it was in those times of nothing to do but pray and read the Bible that it made you who you are today. Something amazing is happening with him. When he speaks often times there are supernatural fragrances. Not just one person smells it. Many people smell it and one of the more familiar smells is antiseptic.


SID: Explain that.

STEVEN: Sid, many times when I minister in the meetings there are people with infections or diseases, infections of the natural that even natural antibiotics can’t knock out. And so often when I begin to minister the fragrance of the Lord will come into the meeting and there’s a fragrance that’s known in the Bible as Anika. Anika was one of the key ingredients that was used in the holy incense that we read about in Exodus, Chapter 30. And many times this fragrance of Anika will begin to manifest in the meetings. And in the natural Anika is a very powerful antiseptic. It’s very expensive, very hard to find. But that same fragrance, which is an attribute of the Lord Jesus, begins to manifest in the meetings and people with some of the most horrendous infections and skin diseases–

SID: Give me one specific one, and I know it happens often. But give me one specific one.

STEVEN: We haven’t had it happen in America often, but just recently when I was in India, a lady with a tremendous sinus infection with uncontrollable drainage, severe pain, she was completely healed in the meeting when that beautiful fragrance of the Lord began to go across the room. Hundreds of people smelled it. And her sinuses in her nose was instantly, absolutely, totally healed. She was overwhelmed with joy. The pain was all gone. All the drainage was gone. We see this often in meetings.

SID: The thing that’s even more overwhelming to me is that it not only happens in the meetings, but you were, I believe, in Israel and they were televising it, and someone in, I believe it was China.


SID: Tell me about that.

STEVEN: Well we were doing a conference on the top of the Mount of Olives. And Sid, as I was ministering the beautiful fragrance of the Lord came in so strong you literally would have thought somebody took gallons of perfume, broke bottles and just threw it all over the room. Hundreds of people smelled it. It was waves of God’s glory going back and forth through the meeting. God began to heal people. Also, people that were watching by live streaming and by satellite broadcast began to shoot in emails, and they were saying they were also smelling the fragrance there in their rooms. And this was people in China, people in Indonesia, people from all over the world that were smelling it there in their room and also experiencing God’s healing power.

SID: We’ll be back right after this word. And I want to hear about the golden rain that came down in the Himalayas. Be back right after this word.

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