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Sid Roth welcomes Dr. Gwen Correll

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SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dr. Gwen Correll what happens when your husband dies, you are both young; you have three young children, you don’t expect this, you don’t believe that it could happen, but it happened.  And you got angry with God and literally, as I understand it, it is a natural thing for a widow to grieve for her husband.  There is nothing wrong with that, but yours was beyond natural explain that.

GWEN:  I became very angry with God, angry with everyone.  I became very depressed, I shut myself down, I would not answer the phone I wouldn’t go to the door, I didn’t want to see anyone, I didn’t want to go to church, I didn’t want to go anywhere.  And I became angry and I said God why did this happen to me?  You know I am a good person; I try to do what is right.  Why me what did I do?  And you begin to blame yourself and you begin to blame everyone else.

SID:  And why did you happen to go one day to Pensacola Florida, the Brownsville Assembly of God Church, why did you go?

GWEN:  Someone had come to my family and told them that there was a great revival move of God in Florida.  And they said maybe you need to go there and take her, and they mentioned it to me and I said maybe if I can get out of town I can run from my problems.

SID:  Well as you and I know the grass always seems greener somewhere else until you get there.  She got to the church and she got something she wasn’t bargaining for and we actually have a clip of that.  Let’s go to the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola Florida right now. 

Preacher:  There is someone here, you have been brought here by a friend, or relative and you have just experience a death of someone very close to you, I am not sure if it is a husband or a wife or a child but you are in deep sorrow.  And there is a grief that is wrenching your heart out and somebody said you aught to come with me to the Brownsville Revival and the Holy Ghost right now is lifting the grief and letting you have a normal grief.  There will be a tear in your eye but he is going to put a smile on your lips.  Praise him, praise him. (singing in tongues) Help the grief fly away, go.  I command you to go, leave.

SID:  Gwen when he said that what happened to you?

GWEN:  I was there and I was actually in the overflow room and I said he is talking about me and so I went when the service was over….

SID:  You weren’t even in the main auditorium, and God knew your name, he knew what was going on, that was you.

GWEN:  That was me.  And I went to the people who have prayer badges and I said he was talking about me, and they prayed for me and they said he needs to pray for you.  We are going to take you to him, so they took me to the main auditorium people were all around him, because every night they pray for everyone there, and there was a crowd around him, but they pushed me in front of him and I looked at him and he looked like a drunk man.  I have never seen anything like it, swirling around, his eyes rolling and I thought what is he going to do, is he going to pray for me I didn’t know.

SID:  Was he what is known as drunk in the Spirit?

GWEN:  You are drunk in the Spirit,

SID:  And the Spirit of God was so over him, it looks like someone is drunk, that is what happened in the book of Acts second chapter and so what happened?

GWEN:  And so I said I am the one and I looked at him and said I am the one, and he looked at me and he leaned back and when he came forward he blew on me.  And when he blew on me I fell to the floor and my body started violently shaking just shaking for thirty minutes my body just shook non-stop.  And then when I got up the people I had come with me they had seen me on the screen I believe and they came over there where I was and they said it looked like there was something around me, like I was glowing, and for the first time in three months I smiled.  And I told them with God I can do this, with God you know I though how am I going to raise my children, I said with God I can do it and I made a decision…

SID:  Did you hear that?  With God you can do that, with God there is going to be such a flow of the supernatural; don’t go away.

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