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Sid Roth welcomes Dean and Marilyn Braxton

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dean Braxton. And this is so fascinating. You see, Dean died. His heart literally stopped for one hour and 45 minutes, and he went to Heaven. And one of the things you said is you were shocked on who was there and who wasn’t there.

DEAN: Yes.

SID: You had your own opinion, but God had a different one.

DEAN: God had a different opinion. You know, because when I got there I looked and I saw many people that I thought would not make it there. And then I looked around and I said but there’s people that I thought would make it here that is not here. And I came to understand a lot of those people that were not there that I thought were there were people that, we would call them pastors, leaders in churches, are in ministries. But they weren’t there. And you know, when I came back I really pondered on that. Why Lord weren’t these men or these women there that you would think that would be there? And here are people that I would have thought, no they didn’t make it into Heaven, and yet they were there. I came to understand because of what happened to me with one of my own family members. My Aunt Barbara, she was there. Aunt Barbara was a lady that I would have told you even to this day if I didn’t have this experience in my life, she didn’t make it there. She did not go there. She went to Hell. That’s what I would have told you because of the lifestyle that she lived that I saw in front of me. And the last two years of her life I was not around her, and so I didn’t see the last two years of her life. So I was basing it on everything up to that point.

SID: But you said you were looking for men of God, pastors that weren’t there. Why wouldn’t a pastor that’s preaching the Gospel, why wouldn’t he be there?

DEAN: It’s the same thing I was gonna say about Aunt Barbara, just to let you know, Sid. It’s a heart thing. It really is a heart thing. God knew my Aunt Barbara’s heart. She must have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or the Messiah as Lord and Savior, because that’s the only way you got in, is by knowing him. These men or these women of God that we would think that know Jesus Christ, he knows their hearts. They are not fooling him. He knows exactly what they’re thinking. He knows why they’re doing it. He knows the modus behind it. See, everything in Heaven, modus is to get people to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior on this planet. Remember I told you earlier there was even this strategy piece.

SID: I know. I’m fascinated by that. Tell me. In other words, he literally saw Jesus strategizing

on how to win souls. Describe one thing you saw about the strategy.

DEAN: Well you got to understand that the strategy or the prompting of the strategy comes from us praying on this planet. We don’t understand that sometimes, that even Jesus Christ said that we’re to pray that more laborers go into the field. Well we sometimes pass that by. But when he said that, that’s a reality because God is gonna move off of our prayers that are from the heart. And literally, these prayers would go to the Father. He would communicate to Jesus. Jesus had around him a number of what I call beings, being everything that God had created. Some of them have been redeemed, some we would call angels. But they were there and he would communicate with them about plans that he had on how to get someone on this planet moved in a direction to accept him as Lord and Savior. I could remember him looking at them, and when he would look at them, they literally would bow before him, not take their eyes off him, and back out and go and do their assignment. Now I came to understand he wasn’t looking at them so much as what the strategy should be, because they were obeying him. They were not back-talking or coming up with a different plan. What he was looking at is this planet. He was seeing down here who would fulfill their piece of the part of the strategy on this planet. The closest I could come to in the example would be like Saul, when he was talking to Saul and he told Saul to go wait and then Ananias, he told Ananias to go and talk to Saul. Remember Ananias when he first talked to him said, “Wait a minute. Do you know who this is?” Many people on this planet when the Lord is telling them to do something they balk at it or they reject it. And he said, “Okay, I can’t count on them. I got to find somebody else.” And he goes and tries to find someone else. That’s what the strategy is all about.

SID: Do you know what that reminds me, Kathryn Kuhlman, she shared the story. She had the greatest miracle ministry of her generation. She shares the story that God selected many men for that miracle ministry and they all turned God down. Now I’m sure He didn’t say, “I want to give you a miracle ministry” and the man didn’t say, “Well I don’t want it.” But just step by step, because God leads you. All these men turned God down. So Kathryn said, “I was the bottom of the barrel, but I said yes.”

DEAN: Yes.

SID: Tell me something you saw about strategy, where they were strategizing for a particular part of the world.

DEAN: Well you know, one of the places I saw when I was there, you could see where the prayers were coming from. You could literally see prayers coming from this planet into Heaven, and literally I could say this area has got this much of a percentage of prayers, maybe one in ten. You had anywhere from maybe a one to a ten coming from this planet. Where one of the areas I saw a lot of prayers coming from was what we call the Far East, you know, around the Asian countries.

SID: Is that where so many Muslims are having dreams and visions of Jesus?

DEAN: Oh yes.

SID: That’s all part of the strategy?

DEAN: Yes. That’s all part of the strategy. He is reaching out to that part because of the prayers coming from that area. And the sense that I saw him look at these beings, and part of these beings were Peter and James. He looked at their group and there literally several of those angels, we would call, left their group to head down to that part of our planet.

SID: Tell me about worship.

DEAN: Oh worship. You know, there’s so much. Everything there worshipped the Lord. I came to understand what true worship is, and that is doing the will of the Father. Any time you’re doing the will of the Father you’re worshiping Him. When I was there, there was a time that I saw before what I call pray before the throne of God, and every creation of God literally was sending up prayers or praise to the Father in such a way they were individual. It wasn’t like a group of praise. It would be like you’re praising the Lord individually, I’m praising the Lord individually, and it did not clash.

SID: What is the biggest impact that happened to you as a result of going to Heaven?

DEAN: The biggest impact was seeing the love that the Father has for us. When during that praise time I literally saw Him singing back to every creation. I even sing now when we’re praising Him and giving Him glory that he’s literally singing back to us. That’s what I believe that when we say “The glory of God is here”, I really believe it’s Him singing to us. That’s what we’re experiencing. That changed me because I came to understand how much the Father really loves us. You know how the Bible says, “For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son.” Yes. That’s reality. He loves us that much.

SID: Okay. I have all these pages here of conditions you were healed of. Your wife tells me that the hospital calls you The Miracle Man. You were healed of 29 different conditions. When you came back who was the first person that saw you and what was their reaction, quickly?

DEAN: Well the first person that saw me was a friend of mine. He had been working at the hospital. As a matter of fact, he worked on the breathing machines, and he was one of those that helped taking a tube out my mouth. His name was Anthony Jordan. I looked at him and I said, “You know. You know I have seen Jesus. You don’t have to hope I’ve seen Jesus. You don’t have to wish I’ve seen Jesus. You know I’ve seen Jesus.” And he’s a big man, and tears were just coming down from his face. I said, “You go tell your church”, because he had been a pastor of a church, also. I said, “You go tell your wife, Monique. You go tell. We don’t have to hope. There is a Jesus.”

SID: Love your family. Love God. You can’t love God if sin is separating you from God. The only way you can remove sin is to believe that Jesus died in your place because he loved you for your sin. This is God’s moment, God’s moment for you to get right with God. Make Jesus your Lord. Tell him you’re sorry for your sins. Ask him to live inside of you now.

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