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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Joel Richardson and I love prophecy. I love God predicting what’s going to happen. And I used to be a stockbroker, and I’m almost ashamed to say I knew about things like inside information at that time, before I was a believer. Well we Bible believers are supposed to be dealing with inside information. And my guest, Joel Richardson, I believe was hand-picked to understand End Time Bible prophecy revelation. As a matter of fact, Joel, your wife had a prophetic word before you were even married. Tell me about that.

JOEL: She had a woman that was praying over her with a significant prophetic gifting, and one of the things that she said was that you’ll marry someone that will release significant new understanding into the End Times to the body of Christ. Now when she said that to, shortly after we got married, I thought, how can I release information about something that I have no understanding. This is not something that I can make happen, so if that’s gonna take place it’s gonna be something that the Lord is gonna have to release.

SID: Okay. So then you go to a meeting with 7000 people, and with 7000 people a prophet is speaking, and guess who he picks out to prophecy over? Joel. Did you know he was going to pick you? I mean, 7,000 people.

JOEL: Sitting the shadows of the back row of this massive auditorium, he called my wife and I out by name.

SID: By name. Did he know you?


SID: Okay.

JOEL: Called us out by name and spoke about several different issues into our lives that no one, that no man could know in the natural. Obviously the Lord was speaking to us. And then among the things that he said was that the Lord was releasing me into a season of Divine revelation, specifically because of years of waiting on the Lord and developing, and cultivating an intimate relationship.

SID: And you knew that Divine revelation, what was exploding within you when he said that?

JOEL: The moment he said I immediately, my mind was immediately moved to the prophecy that my wife had and I knew that it had to do with this revelation concerning the End Times. And still at that time I thought, you know, it’s gonna have to be the Lord. But it was shortly after that I guess I’ll call it the Divine downloads began to take place. And you know it when it happens. You wake up. You read the Word. He opens up the Word and there’s just energy. There’s energy on your Bible study. There’s energy and enlightenment on your mind, so to speak, as you consider world events. Really, I’ve sort of been in that buzz, it seems as though now for the past several years.

SID: Okay. He spends almost a year in the Middle East. He studies and applies himself, as he should. But it’s not a normal study. It’s with revelation. And in your studies you found some fascinating things out about Islam. Tell me some of the things you found out.

JOEL: Sure. Well you know, for the past, let’s say 50 years, the majority of folks, Christians and so forth that have been studying Biblical prophecy, have really had a very European, western centric view. And one of the things, and of course when I say this, a lot of people say, well of course, this is just common sense. But really what I’m doing is showing people that all the prophecies of the Bible, all of the emphasis and the focus is really Israel centric, and it’s beyond being Israel centric. It’s Messiah centric. So if we simply try to boil down the essence, the basic big story that the Bible is telling, it’s actually very simple and it’s something that everybody can grasp. It’s not nearly as complicated as a lot of people have made it.

SID: But tell me what you have found. I want you to summarize what is the Islamic mindset?

JOEL: Sure. Well there’s many things. When you look at the religion of Islam and you compare it to what the Bible says about the End Time army of the anti-Christ or the anti-Messiah, you see that the prophecies of the Bible and the religion of Islam fits hand in glove, that it fulfills it to a T. Specifically, numerous examples.

SID: Let’s go to that treaty.

JOEL: Sure, sure. The Treaty of Hudaybiyah. This is a prime example. Early in the career of Muhammad he entered into a treaty with the largest, most powerful tribe in the region. They were called the Quraishis and it was a 10-year peace treaty. Now immediately after this treaty, the next day, he had a “revelation” where he claims that Allah, his God, told him that from that day forward anyone that joined what was at that time a small fledgling band of about a thousand men, can now have a significant share of the plunder, the booty, the slaves, the women, etc. Within two years this group of desert pirates became 10,000 strong. Then he broke the treaty. He turned and crushed the power of the Quraishis. So Muslims look to Muhammad as the premier perfect example that they are to emulate. So now Muslims have as an example this concept of breaking treaties.

SID: So it’s okay. Did you get that? The precedent is make a treaty when you’re weak, but when you’re strong, break it. What did Arafat, when he was in power, say secretly? We know what he said to the U.N. and to the world. What did he say behind the scenes secretly?

JOEL: Sure. Well at this time there was a significant peace treaty going on between the Palestinians, headed by Arafat, and Israel, and everyone was very excited. They thought this was a major breakthrough. Well here was Arafat at a group speaking in Arabic and he said to everyone, he said, “The treat that I’ve just entered into with Israel is merely the Treaty of Hudaybiyah, and in the same spirit have I entered into it, and it is through this treaty that we will continue our march to Jerusalem.” In others words, “I only entered into this so that we can gain power. Our goals have not changed. When the time is right we will march militarily and take Jerusalem.”

SID: So explain to me how our government can orchestrate a peace agreement with the Palestinians in Israel if that is their goal? Explain this to me, Joel. It makes no sense.

JOEL: It doesn’t at all. It’s done out of pure ignorance of Islamic theology and Islamic history. If we understand that this is the goal of the Palestinians which is–

SID: But our State Department must understand this.

JOEL: I would like to think so. I would like to think so. Let me quote an Islamic tradition that is the foundation for Hamas and the Palestinians. It says, “The day of resurrection will not come until the Muslims fight against the Jews and kill them, until there are only a few Jews left hiding behind a tree or a rock, and the tree and the rock will cry out and say, ‘Old faithful Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.’” Muslims believe it is their Divine call to eliminate the Jewish people.

SID: Okay. Doesn’t sound like a peace loving religion to me. We’ll be right back with Joel Richardson, and we’re gonna find out what the Bible says and identifies is Mystery Babylon. Don’t go away.

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