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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Caroline Leaf, and she is a neuroscientist and has researched the brain for 25 years, cutting edge research. And she has found that no matter how old you are, if you’re as old as I am, 70, or if you’re 20 years old, that’s a lot of years that you have wired yourself like this. And wouldn’t it be neat if in 21 days, listen, it’s going to affect your physical health. It’s going to affect your relationships with people. It’s going to affect your emotional health. It’s going to affect you fulfilling your destiny of why God put you on this earth. So tell me, you said there’s hope for me. Tell me what I should do.


DR. LEAF: There’s hope for all of us. Well let me start by explaining, you mentioned, you asked me one of the things you loved about this is the fact that we can change our genetic expression literally. So now when we rewire, what we have to do is we have to change the way in which our genes are expressing themselves. Now all that that means is that our genes make protein. Proteins are the building blocks that build our thoughts. So what they have found is that over and above the gene there is the epigenome. And the epigenome is over and above the gene, and that simply is our thoughts. Our thoughts are the electrical flow. These thoughts are real things and they generate the electrical flow right to the gene level.


SID: So would you say that our thoughts can activate the good or the bad genes?


DR. LEAF: Exactly. That’s exactly what I’m saying. This is incredibly powerful, because this is what it says in the Bible. It’s what God is saying, is what a man thinks in his heart so is he. So is he, this is what’s dominating my thinking. That’s who I’m going to become. So I have to rewire this. I have to have more building blocks. I have to melt this down and I have to rebuild this. So I have to use my thoughts to change. So this is a negative thought. Like maybe someone had alcoholism in their family or depression, or some negative abuse thing that happened to them. This doesn’t have to be something that you can keep. This is something that you can rewire. And scientifically what happens is that these, your unconscious mind is filled with billions of thoughts. Now I’m going hide this for a moment.  So your unconscious mind with all these billions and billions, and billions of trees, forests that at any one time you’ll have a mixture of black and green trees. Hopefully more green than black, but the black we want to get rid of. So then what happens is as we go through life prompting happens, and this moves into the conscious mind. When it moves into the conscious mind it then becomes, I want to shake it, malleable, plastic, changeable, and we can now use our own ability that God has designed to change those trees. That’s why it’s called neuroplasticity. That it’s directed by our thought life. At the front of the brain you have what we call the frontal lobe. Your frontal lobe enables you to stand outside of yourself and look at these things and observe your talking, your thinking, your laugh. You can observe everything. God has built that into us, which his quite phenomenal. Now we use that ability to stand back and say, hey, this is a bad thought. This is how I’m feeling. This is what my body feels like. I actually probably have this kind of ache or pain, or whatever it may be because of these things. The fact that it’s moved into consciousness God wants us to do something with it. So He’s created and designed the brain in such a way that it’s very malleable. If we say “I can’t” that is a decision. It will become more toxic and then back into the unconscious, inflaming and throwing our body into stress, stage two and three of stress.


SID: So even if we’re not thinking about it, it’s there.


DR. LEAF: It’s there.


SID: It’s working against us.


DR. LEAF: It’s working against us. It’s throwing your body into stage two and eventually stage three of stress, which is called the dead cycle. So when it’s out here I have a chance to get rid of it. So what I need to do is I need chemicals to flow around this tree that will melt it down. Now within 24 to 48 hours of this popping out I can make a decision with my frontal lobe of my brain, the front part of my brain to say, hey, this is not good for me, and I’m gonna believe that God is who He says He is.  If we take Mark 11:22, it talks about have faith in God. When we build our faith in who God is, that He is who He says He is, if we recognize who we are in God, what it means to have a God who is a creator, whatever it is that you build your faith, as you do that you get excited. You said to me when you read the Bible you can’t sleep at night because you get so excited.


SID: Right.


DR. LEAF: Now when you get that excitement rush, that is evidence that you’ve got a lot what we call dopamine and your transmitter that flows around this thing and starts melting this tree down. Then God says in Verse 23, He talks about, “Speak to the mountain.” This is the mountain. So now we speak the Word of God at this mountain. The Word of God is living and alive. So as we speak the Word of God from what we’ve read from the scriptures, we speak literally, if I may, the green tree, the healthy Word of God at this mountain. So we put on scriptures we know, things that we’re reading, whatever it is, and we speak to this mountain covering it. And as we do that more chemicals flow: oxytocin, serotonin, and the combination of those three, plus a few more, literally, Sid, melt this thing down and then we can rebuild next to it the healthy green trees. So the point this may be an abuse. We can get rid of this, get rid of this pain because those chemicals carry the physical feeling of pain. Those branches carry the actual–


SID: So you’re saying I can go from this to this in 21 days?


DR. LEAF: I’m 21 days. I melt this down and I start building this parallel to the thing melting down. You cannot have a black and a green tree in the same tree at the same time. There’s a scripture in 1 John 4:18: “Perfect love expels fear.” Perfect love expels fear. That’s literally what is happening on a scientific level, and it takes 21 days.


SID: You know what she does? She works with young people that had brain injuries that doctors have given up on, explaining the Word of God based on science. And tell me one young person and what happened to their life, that you worked with.


DR. LEAF: You’ll be happy to know that I work with young and I’ve worked with old, and I’ve got to tell you this quickly. So there was one gentleman, 78-years, he was a pilot. And he wanted to go, his eyes weren’t good enough, he couldn’t fly any more, so he wanted to go back and do his second career, which was to become a CPA. So I taught him how to use his mind and his brain, learn get rid of the toxic trees, and he went and completed that at 84, and he practiced another 18, 19 years after. So that’s really an amazing story. So at any age, from whatever age you can change your brain. A young man I worked with had huge holes in his brain from a really, really bad traumatic brain injury. He was, when I started working with him it was about three or four years after his accident. Now according to the old brain research, if you work with someone after 14 months there’s not much more spontaneous recovery that can happen. They kind of hit a ceiling. So in the early days of my research, when I was doing neuroplasty research with traumatic brain injury, I worked with this young man for three months. This young man made a decision. I have to stress this. He made the decision to apply the principles of neuroplasticity. He took this into his life. When I started working with him he was coping, he was 24 years of age and he was coping at around about a sixth, eighth grade level. Within three short months that young man, not only did he change, he went on to complete his schooling, went on to get four degrees, and is currently one of our top motivational speakers in South Africa.


SID: One more quick thing you told me. You know, what most people, Hollywood tells you as you get older your mind slows down and you don’t remember things, and you said the opposite is true from using the Word of God.


DR. LEAF: Absolutely. When you study, when you spend time with God, when you study the Word of God, when you study the Bible, when you get the Word of God in your mind, when you pray, when you praise and you worship, your brain, they’ve actually seen in laboratories, the external part of the brain thickens.


SID: So in effect, you should be getting smarter.


DR. LEAF: That’s what it says.


SID: I tell you what, I love the Word of God, and I love that science is proving the Word of God. Don’t you?

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