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Sid Roth welcomes Nic and Rachael Billman

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Nic and Rachael Billman. And when they worship literally the angels worship with them. And if you can just get in that atmosphere, when both your children that I talked to you about had miracle births. Tell me about Layla. She really intrigues me.

RACHAEL: Yeah. Well Layla was born early. I went into labor at eight months, and it was very unexpected of course. And I had preeclampsia and they took me in and did an emergency C-section, and was in the last stages of preeclampsia where I was bleeding to death, and the doctors were not sure that they were be able to get the bleeding to stop. And it was during this time that I had an out-of-body experience where I was obviously my body was still laying on the table, but my spirit left and I was watching myself on the table.

SID: I’ve heard of people doing that.

RACHAEL: Yeah. And it was like everything was moving in slow motion. You know, some people say oh they saw a light or, you know. I didn’t see anything like that. It was just immense peace that I had. And I watched the doctors go over and let Nic know, you know, that they weren’t sure that I was gonna be able to live. And of course, the Lord did a miracle and the bleeding stopped. And even in the recovery room it was amazing because we were in this room where it was a very sterile environment. They really weren’t sure if I was gonna make it through the night, that night. But I turned to Nic and I said, “Honey, did somebody bring me flowers?” And the nurse picked up then and said, “No, nobody is allowed to bring any flowers on this floor.” And there was just this immense fragrance of like roses and cinnamon, and vanilla, and what I know now to be like frankincense and myrrh. It was just beautiful fragrance.

SID: Besides you, did anyone else smell it?

RACHAEL: Yeah. The nurses were even looking around the room seeing if anyone snuck in flowers.

SID: Now I was told that the nurses kept going in all night to smell that aroma.

RACHAEL: They did. In fact, on their breaks they would come in and ask if they could just come in and sit and read their books or, you know, just to be there.

SID: But you know who I’m really intrigued over? Your daughter, Layla. I mean, all your children were raised in this environment of worshipers, of God. And Layla at three sees an angel about ready to touch a woman and tells the woman standing in front of her, “You should move.” Imagine this little pipsqueak at three years old. “You should move because this woman is gonna fall, because an angel is touching her right now.” And she has words for people. Tell me. At three.

NIC: Yeah, three years old. Rachael was in Africa and we were doing a worship service and this woman came that was just held up, just bitter and her heart was closed. You could tell she was just sitting there with a stern look. And Layla comes over to her. Everybody had tried praying for this woman. Nothing worked. And Layla comes up to her and she puts her hand on her shoulder and she says, “I know your mommy left when you were little, but your daddy will never leave you.” And the lady just breaks and starts to weep and weep. It was an accurate word of knowledge. Her mother had abandoned her.

SID: Speaking of words of knowledge and of needing love, you were recently at a conference that we’re gonna show some footage. We’ll play one of your songs. Tell me what was going on at that conference as you were leading worship.

NIC: It was really an immersion of the Father’s love, and you could tangibly feel his presence in the room. You could feel the warmth of His presence. People could actually feel warmth on their faces and on their hearts. And people just began to weep and began to laugh, and there’s such an atmosphere of freedom. It was just a really powerful experience.

SID: Okay. You ready to participate? I am. We just can’t say your name enough.

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