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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Caroline Leaf. And Dr Leaf, I was just reminded when your gift is ignored you literally can’t even hear the Holy Spirit.


DR. LEAF: No. It blocks completely because your thinking is like a triangle between your brain where your thinking is happening, and then also down to your heart, there’s like a link. So your heart has like a mini brain and that mini brain feeds up to, it’s like a checking station. It checks for the integrity of the message. And that keeps your mind calm. It keeps your mind, but if we ignore the message from the heart then it throws our brain into stress. So it’s almost as though God has built in, okay, you’re not thinking clearly. Let’s just get a little checking station from heart. Listen to the heart. And as the heart calms the brain down your heart will release a chemical called ANF. When that flows through your body you get that feeling of peace. That’s the right place.


SID: Now you list so many gift blockers. What happens when you are involved in a gift blocker?


DR. LEAF: Well if I can start with something like depression, which is such a prevalent problem in today’s times. It’s really become, it’s an epidemic. It very often will start in this area of the brain called the ACG that I was explaining in the last segment. And if we talk about the areas of actually one of these trees over there it’s like this road block. So as you’re thinking it gets stuck there, and when it gets stuck there there’s information in that area. So the whole electrical chemical balance is upset. So I almost like skip that part of my thinking process. And in order to think properly, to use my gift properly, which is my unique way of thinking, I have to go through all seven. So if I skip one of them or jump over one of them, or partially go through one of those areas, something happens in the process of digesting that thought, which means I won’t think clearly. I’ll get the feeling of fogginess in my mind. It can lead to anxiety, worry, depression, increase the depression, increase the anxiety. It becomes a vicious cycle and that’s not a healthy state to be in ‘cause that could manifest in the body.


SID: Give me another gift blocker.


DR. LEAF: Well you can have anything like, what I’ve done is to make it easy for people to identify gift blockers, I’ve identified 12 areas. If you think of this tree having a root, this would be a fear tree, because this not a gray tree. This root, the roots of this tree have got 12 different roots. Now why 12? I’ve taken what I call the dirty dozen. And the dirty dozen are like areas, because people have got so many thoughts going through their heads. Often people will say, where do I start? Where do I find my gift because there’s so many things that are blocking my mind. So to simply find, okay, 12 categories, and you choose a categories where you want to start. So for example, maybe toxic love or toxic touch, or toxic dreams, or whatever, toxic thoughts, toxic emotions. So you identify the area and each one of those deals, okay, what is toxic love? What is love first of all? So we start with the positive side. Love is a very positive thing. When you’re in a state of love, which is joy, peace, patience, kindness, all the good stuff, your body is wired according to how it should be operating. You’ve got peace in your body. You’re thinking clearly. So that’s on the positive side. But then we can have toxic love, which could be maybe you had a bad relationship with a parent or a bad relationship with a spouse, or there was some kind of toxic thing. So what was meant for good becomes distorted. So instead of having this experience of my mom loved me or my dad loved me, or whatever, or relationship with a spouse, you now have this big black tree in your brain and that thing is now blocking your ability to think. So then we need to renew the mind. We need to rewire that. We need to bring this into consciousness and we need to actually melt that down, which your brain can do.


SID: And that’s the most wonderful thing. You can melt down these gift blockers and release good chemicals. I loved your section on monkey hug. Explain that.


DR. LEAF: That is so cute. They did an experiment with rhesus monkeys and baby monkeys were separated from their mothers. Some would live with their mothers and some were put in cages and they would just feed with a bottle. There was no touching and hugging. And these little monkeys, the ones that didn’t have the touch and the hug became very ill. They have cortisol, all these stress chemicals. Their body went into 1400 different chemical reactions went chaotic and some of them even died. Then the took those baby monkeys that were quite sick and put them with the mommy monkey who loved them, touched them, hugged them, and those baby monkeys got better. If you take that experiment, the concept of that experiment, not monkeys obviously, but the concept of touch, what it did in the body, and they’ve done lots of experiments obviously with humans as well in terms of touch. As we touch we release endorphins in our body. Endorphins are like pain killers. They make you feel calm. They make you feel peaceful. They make you feel good. So we have sense receptors in our body and women have 10 times more men in our body. So when we touch we actually release those chemicals, the endorphins, which then send a message to the brain that, hey I’m calm, I’m peaceful, a message to the heart, and you find yourself thinking clearly. So just by going up to someone and smiling at them and saying, “Hey, you look great today. Well done. That was great” and patting him on the shoulder, giving him a hug, that kind of touch releases, it reflects that you are showing love to them. It releases love chemicals.


SID: I hear a lot of people talking about sowing money so money will come back. How about the idea of sowing love so love will come back?


DR. LEAF: I love that one.


SID: And how about the Word of God? What does that do to that toxic stuff?


DR. LEAF: That wipes that out. I mean, if you’ve got the Word of God is healthy, green, live, living trees. When we memorize scripture, when we pray, when we worship God our brain gets thicker.


SID: What’s gonna happen when someone digests what you’re saying, gets rid of those gift blockers and gets rid of that, and gets that? Lift that up. How much peace are they gonna have?


DR. LEAF: Peace is gonna flow through their body because that sends a message from the brain down to the heart.


SID: My faith is soaring because I see everything Jesus said, how it affects everything we see, touch feel, react to. Get ready to walk in your destiny. Get ready to experience extraordinary supernatural peace.

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