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Sid: My guest is so in love with the Lord. And as she worships the Lord literally her love for the Lord and the Lord’s love for her pours out of this music.  And Julie True I happen to think the reason that even little children, babies crying, it calms them down is this love of God pours right into their spirit.  What do you think about that?

Julie: We’ve had countless people respond to that, mothers have told us about their children who wouldn’t sleep and then they were able to be comforted.

Sid: I have a picture here of a little baby and a mother, Hope Seth. I guess this is when her daughter was just a little younger, the cutest picture.  Have you seen that picture with the ribbon around her the top of the head?

Julie: Yes.

Sid: Is that cute? I mean, I wish everyone could see that particular picture.  But I caught up with Hope Seth and let’s hear what she told me:

Recorded message:

Sid: I have Hope Seth on the telephone and she had a new baby daughter.  What happened Hope?

Hope Seth: Yes, well shortly after she was born, you know she would be real fussy like most babies are and we would try all kinds of different things to get her to calm down.  We would walk, we would bounce her, but I found that one day I thought well I’m just going to put on some worship music and see how she responds to it.  And so I had Julie True’s CD here and I put it in, and within maybe 30 seconds she had completely calmed down.  I found that when we would go on car rides and she would get fussy I would have another copy of her CD in the car and I would play it, and again she would totally be still and actually fall asleep.  I even tried, I thought I would mix it up; I was like let’s try some classical music and let’s see what would happen.  Nothing worked like Julie’s music did.  It really was amazing.  In fact, my husband when I would have to go out to the store, he would be like, please don’t leave me here without… don’t take the CD with you.  I would have to leave it here for him in case she would get fussy. We would just put it on and it would still her.

Sid: And you have a neat description of Julie’s music. What is that?

Hope Seth: Yeah, you know, it reminds me of peace packaged in music a lot.  I really kind of thought of it a lot like probably King David when he was called in to play for Saul.  That there was actually peace or an anointing that rested on his music as he played that stops things or torment.  That’s what it felt like. It felt like there was just peace on that music and as soon as it would begin to play, she would be still and quiet.

Sid: Thank you.

End of recorded message.

Sid: I have to believe that so many babies are calmed down, the reason that people with insomnia are able to sleep, the reason in this stressful world that were living in.  Someone can just close their door put on your CD Julie and experience that peace.  It kind of reminds me of David when he would play the harp before a mad man, King Saul.  He was mad, so mad, that he wanted to kill David one time, but it would just calm him.  It would just take away every evil thought and all stress.  I have to believe that’s the reason so many people are getting healed when they listen to your music, and that is why it is being used by so many healing rooms.  But some people’s reaction is a lot of crying.  What do you think is going on when they cry, when they hear your music?

Julie: I believe that God’s touching them and you know it’s tapping into places in their own heart, the cries of their own heart and it’s a cleaning.  It really cleanses you.

Sid: Do you remember the guy in the United Kingdom that cried for three days, tell me about him.

Julie: Well, he had had all kinds of physical sickness. And it’s a very long story of how all kinds of things he had struggled with all through the years, and he started listening to my music and just started feeling like God was showing that there was an inner connection that was effecting his outer physical ailments.  And so anyway, this one day he was listening to the song called “Meet Me Here”, and he said that the Lord just dropped the word rejection into his spirit. And he realized that that was a revelation of about what had affected his physical sickness and it was the rejection, and I believe from his parents.  And so anyway, he cried and cried and cried, and so it is a period of cleansing that happens sometimes when God taps into a deep place in our heart and it brings healing.

Sid: And the thing that I find kind of interesting is once someone is cleansed, and then many times they break out in joy when they are listening to your music. It’s kind of, they go through that whole cycle.

Julie: Yes. There was one man from another country, Korea I think, he said that he was just jumping up and down and laughing after he had had this whole period of weeping and weeping and God just filled him up.  It is like he got cleanses and let go of all this pain, and then he got filled up with the joy of the Lord.

Sid: Tell me about this selection how you happen to it. In all of Julie’s music it is spontaneous; it is the Spirit, the singing.  Tell me about the song “Let Your Joy Rise Up.”

Julie: Well, we were in the Healing Rooms again one day, and my partner in there that was praying she started feeling like we were suppose to tap into joy and just kind of begin to receive the joy of Lord.  Well, I was not feeling at all joyful.  There was a lot going on, a lot oppression of my own world at that moment. And so I believe though that you can speak things that are not into being basically and that we have a lot of power in our words.  And so I just began to start speaking, let the singing, “let the joy rise up, let the joy rise up in me” and you can tell when I beginning to sing it that it is not like I’m all there yet, but I am just speaking it and singing it into being.  We can all do that.

Sid: Well, why doesn’t everyone do that right now. Let’s hear, “Let Your Joy Rise.”

Played song.

Sid: You can see why we have so many reports of people being healed, so many people that have problems with insomnia, babies being able to sleep.  There is a supernatural peace that is imparted from Julie True’s music.  If I was to say that the one thing that this does, and you realize that doctors say most problems, most physical problems that people have is involved with stress.  This is a stress buster, that is what her music is and so I want to make her two latest CDs “Breathe You In” and Sounds of Healing available.  We have a bonus because when you understand the principles of soaking that’s been literally stolen from us, but were getting it back.  Were beginning to understand how you can soak in God’s presence and soak in the life of God and soak out the problems in your life.  We are including Cindy Parton’s CD which teaches you how to soak, how to set up a soaking room even if you want for other to participate.  How to hear God’s voice, how to enter into His presence, that bonus CD and the two music CDs by Julie True, we call it a mini soaking kit.

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