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SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Surprise from Mozambique currently in South Africa. Now Surprise, you have surprised me learning 13 languages supernaturally; read them, write them, speak them; I think that’s phenomenal, but what is even more amazing to me are these dead people that you’ve been praying for and your friends have been praying for that have come back to life. Tell me about one.

SURPRISE: Up ‘til now, from 2000 up ‘til now we have, in the whole ministry we have about 17 people that rose from the dead that we’ve been praying for them. And one that rose from the dead last October, we made an interview of this man he actually didn’t want to come back to life he criticized all the believers that were praying for him. He was saying, as he was dead, he went on his journey going to a good place. There was coming 6 people towards him to welcome him. So those 6 people that were about to welcome him they said look behind you. There is a group of people that need you back; you have to go back. Now the minister said “No I don’t have to. I don’t want to go back so please let me go with you.”And then those 6 people returned back and go on their way. And then that man turned his head and looked at those people that were needing him back, and he was saying “No, no, no, no, no!”While he was saying no, no, he was rising from the dead. “No, no, no, no, no!” And then he rose from the dead.

SID: Did he tell you what heaven was like?

SURPRISE: Well from the heavens that he had experienced a major tremendous place of suffering.

SID: From the heavens he saw the suffering here.

SURPRISE: He went from the suffering to heaven.

SID: Oh, so did he see hell?


SID: That’s what you’re saying, I see.

SURPRISE: Exactly.

SID: So first he saw hell?

SURPRISE: He first saw hell and himself was burning.

SID: Is hell real?

SURPRISE: Exactly, hell is real, heaven is real.

SID: What happens to someone in hell?

SURPRISE: Well in hell the people are crying day and night gnashing their teeth. So this means, according to what he was saying as he was going to that specific place; flying to the place where the people are drinking alcohol. And they’re in hell but that alcohol is just fire it’s burning inside and outside you are burning again. So the people that drink are crying. So he went somewhere where there is a big hole that is, the bottom of the hole you can’t see the individual voices crying inside. So he was about to be thrown in the pit and the person that was going, leading him said “No, this is not your time; so this is a tour. We just want to take you to see the places.”

SID: Alright then after he saw hell did he see heaven?

SURPRISE: After that is when he was taken to heaven to a beautiful place that’s where he saw the 6 people coming towards him.

SID: I see, and he just didn’t want to go home.

SURPRISE: And then from there when he saw that it was just a fresh breath, we are coming with those people and then it’s all no, this is a very good place. I don’t want to go back; I don’t want to go back; to go home. I want just to stay and remain here.

SID: So what were his first words when he came back?

SURPRISE: Not only himself but all the 17 their first word is that ‘I’m hungry.’ So I go back and remember the words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 5, verse 6 it says “Blessed are those that are hungry and thirsty for righteousness because they will be filled.”

SID: Now right after, you know right after Surprise had an encounter with God which; had he not been obedient he would’ve been dead like his parents; right after he had that encounter with God he began having, were these dreams or visions or visitations to heaven? What was that?

SURPRISE: That was exactly it. It started in a dream. From the day I gave my life to Jesus. It of course was good because I started hearing God’s voice before I could learn about God and God gave me the languages before I could learn about speaking in tongues speaking in other languages; so I started walking in miracles before I learned about miracles. So from there the Lord gave me a dream every day I was going to heaven.

SID: So in your dream you went to heaven and what did he teach you there?

SURPRISE: That was three and a half because he was teaching about the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel.

SID: Now those are pretty complex books.

SURPRISE: Exactly.

SID: And what was your overall impression from what he taught you?

SURPRISE: My impression, actually it was scary in the beginning like a person not so mature in those things, but as the man was explaining it. It goes back to the word of Jesus and still in Matthew chapter 5 verse 9 it says blessed are the peace makers because they will be called sons of God so the peace makers when we go ahead and look and investigate about the peace makers the fighters. The fighters are the peace makers that’s why Jesus was giving that authority to us that we have to fight.

SID: What are we fighting?

SURPRISE: We fight against the demons, we fight against disease, we fight against unbelieving of the heart.

SID: Well you know here in the United States of America most Christians don’t even believe in the devil let alone demons how are they going to fight?

SURPRISE: Well if you don’t then that’s why they will not be called the sons of God because as Jesus said blessed are the peace makers. Peace makers are the fighters because he himself, Jesus, he’s our peace because he was prophesied by the prophet Isaiah. In Isaiah chapter 9 and he was saying the son has been born, to us the child has been given; the whole government will be on his shoulders; he will be called a mighty counselor a wonderful prince of peace. Now Jesus is the prince of peace, he comes through Matthew and he said blessed are the peace makers. Peace makers are the fighters. If you follow the life of Jesus you end up seeing Jesus holding the sword.

SID: You know I’ve never heard that understanding but that’s the most wonderful understanding:“blessed are the peace makers.”You’re the fighters, you’re the warriors. When we come back we’ll find out about miracles. Don’t go away.

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