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Sid: Now my guest has every reason to be red hot for the Messiah because he pastored the great Brownsville revival over four million people from all over the world.  Many of them repented and came back to their first love.  Many of them were born again.  Many of them entire ministries entire lives were transformed.  It affected young it affected old and he could rejoice forever in Heaven over what happened.  But lightning has struck again, July 23rd 2010 there was a conference at a Church he was now pastoring, I’ve never heard throughout the history of revival of someone that has shepherd a great worldwide revival and then the revival comes back to another location and that’s exactly what happened.  And the thing that I have found so exciting Pastor John Kilpatrick is it’s a second generation revival.  And what I mean by that some of the key people that God has raised up to partner with you in this revival were part of the Brownsville revival.  For instance tell me about the worship leader.

Pastor John: Well Lidia Stanley came to us the first time with her parents when she was eleven years old and I interviewed her at Brownsville and she was so growny acting.  She just felt like a little adult and I interviewed her and she was so cute.  Everybody remembers Lidia but she was so impressed by Lindale and his worship leading that she picked up the keyboard and she started playing keyboard and she began to write songs.  Today she is our worship leader and she is absolutely phenomenal.  I have never seen anybody able to lead worship effortlessly like she does.  She just opens her mouth and it just comes out.  It’s no strain, it just comes out and it’s heavenly, it’s powerful and it’s anointed but its heavenly.

Sid: Will your revival be going on when the rapture occurs?  I know that that is a presumptuous thing for me to ask you but I have to ask you that.  What do you believe?

Pastor John: I think it probably will.  I really do, I think that there is going  to be places, pockets around the world that things are going to be so bad in the world I believe that God’s going to encourage His people.  Because they’ll know that there are places where they can go and be with people of like precious faith and be touched and be healed and be empowered.

Sid: So you were handpicked to shepherd this revival, look you already had experience doing that.  Lydia was raised in revival.  Handpicked to lead worship in revival and I find it fascinating about the evangelists that God raised up.  I mean a few years ago he was into drugs and alcohol and tell me about Nathan Morris.

Pastor John: Nathan was he’s the son of a pastor in Great Britain.  His Dad’s pastored there for many years.  He has been a powerful prayer warrior; his father has but Nathan, when he turned like sixteen and seventeen he just went into the world.  He went and got hooked on drugs.  He was living with a woman, a young lady and as far away from God as you could possibly be and his Dad came to Brownsville was powerfully touched and brought some videos home with him.  Nathan came home for a visit; his folks were not home and started watching the videos.  And the power of God knocked him in the floor, just absolutely collapsed in the floor under the presence of God.  And the Lord spoke to him and told him, if you don’t come to me today, he said I won’t be coming back this way toward you anymore.  I won’t be drawing you by my Spirit anymore if you don’t come to me today.  He repented, he got saved, got filled with the Spirit of God and the fire of God came on him.  I mean literally the fire of God came on the man.  And he had the fire on him for just weeks upon weeks.  And the Lord gave him the gift of healing and signs and wonders.  The thing that sets this revival apart, even from Brownsville is that we had some miracles in Brownsville but the miracles here are very frequent very prevalent night after night.  Brain tumors disappearing even in children.  We got the x-rays before and after.  Lupus healed, cancers healed, the lame are walking, the blind are seeing and the deaf are hearing.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  I’m just astounded at how God is using this young man.

Sid: Now, when I, as you know, I went to Brownsville, many times to that revival and there was a tangible manifest presence of God.  The Glory of God was in Brownsville.  How does the Glory that is going on in Daphne, Alabama compare?  I would say on September the 13th which was a Friday night we were still in Daphne Civic Center at that time.  I would say that was the most holy service I have ever been in.  I wouldn’t say that it was the most powerful service I have ever been in, but it was the most holy service I have ever been in.  Nobody would even approach the platform the pulpit for two hours and forty five minutes.  The Spirit of God would come in waves that would take your breath almost.  And it was so powerful at times it would grow holy quiet and not even a baby would cry in that large crowd.  I mean the people talked about it for weeks and then just a couple of Friday nights ago, over here at the convention Center at Mobile the power of God came in and I think it may have been the most powerful presence of God I have ever felt in a service, in a congregational service.  So the presence of God is here and it just about powerful and sometime indescribable way.

Sid: Now people that went to Brownsville left and took the Glory with them.  Some people I mean, my friend Pastor Steve Gray went to Brownsville, comes back to his church and he had the great Smithton revival.  Are things like that happening now with this move of God’s Spirit?

Pastor John: They really are and you know revival is breaking out in minster’s churches when they are going home and some of the same miracles that is happening here now are beginning to happen in their ministries and they never had miracles before.  There is something about being in the presence of an anointing that you absorb something.  I can’t explain it but when you go home those very things begin to happen.  It is just like you absorb something in your spirit, in your DNA and when you go home it oozes out of you and it begins to affect people.  But healings are taking place, I won’t go into details on this one but there was another major healing took place just in the last week or so.

Sid: Oh, yes you are, I want to hear about it, please.

Pastor John: Well a pastor was here and heard about the Delia situation and actually saw it and saw her walking that night and went home and a woman that was in a car wreck and she is paralyzed from the neck down, chin down.  And she got up and began to walk, even though she was paralyzed in a wheel chair.  I was just told about this yesterday when I was on a Christian program being interviewed the pastor told me about it.  About his friend who came down and went home and miracles began to break out there.  I’m hearing about that happening regularly and I really think, Sid, God is showing up and revival usually happens in the most desperate of times.  I believe that God is showing up and He’s convincing  his church, showing His people that although health insurance maybe a problem, health care you may be worrying about that, but I want you to know I can take care of you.  I don’t care what is wrong with you I can take care of you.  And I really believe that before the coming of Christ that God is going to show the church again that He is the great physician, that He has a health care plan for His people.  And it has brought such peace and such confidence to people when they see these miracles.  People are just in awe when they leave out of here.  It is like when they get out of their car to come to revival, they don’t know when they go back to their car several hours later what would have happened in that period of time.  That’s the way it is night after night we don’t know night after night what God is going to do next.  I just seeing so many things happening with my own eyes, there are timesI mean I just have to make sure my jaw is closed, because….

Sid: You said something very very powerful and you said that God wants the believers in the world to see the miraculous before He returns, but I always felt where the greatest darkness is, you can see the greatest light.  Were coming into a time in the history of planet earth where were beginning to see great darkness, the prophets are talking about it.  It is coming sooner than anyone even dares think and if we can move from being servants to friends of God.  If the average Christian can hear God’s voice and have God explain mysteries in their life.  Mysteries having to do with their personal life their investments, their relationships, what should they purchase, whether they’re supposed to move or not.  I also believe many that prophesized about the great wealth transfer, the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.  You had a Word from God and he told you this October 2009, what was that Word?

Pastor John: Yeah, all mysteries would be revealed, the Lord gave me that message and the Lord said I don’t call you servants anymore in the scripture he said because the servants carry out the orders of their master and the Lord said that I’m trying to move you from that mentality of just obeying Me and looking at me in that realm.  I want to you to look at me as your friend and I want to share My heart with you.  I want to share my secrets with you.

Sid: In other words, did you hear that?  God said to him, all mysteries will be revealed before I return and that is why we are having shot of seeing all of these physical healings.  Can you picture having such a friendship with God that every mystery in your life he would reveal to you and show you direction?  Pastor John it plain doesn’t matter how dark the world gets if you have that type of relationship with God.

Pastor John: And God’s speaking to His people, and people are beginning to hear the voice of the Lord clearer than they ever heard.  You know as technology increases, you know there are satellites’ now that can read license plates of any car in just about any car anywhere in the world.  Technology has really increased.  How tragic it would be if technology of the spirit world, as far as believers was concerned would not increase and keep in tandem with the natural.  God is speaking more clearly today than He has ever spoken.  Prophets are seeing more clearly than they have ever seen their hearing more clearly than they have ever heard.

Sid: But Joel says in the last days the average person will hear God’s voice and move in these…ah, were out of time.  I want to send you these three teachings CDs that will equip you in how to move from servant to friend.

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