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Sid:   I wish every pastor listening to my voice would get this course, “Whatever Happened to Hell” and preach it.  Do you realize how your church would change?  I wish that every mother or father listening to me would teach this to every member of their family.  I wish everyone would take part of the course it’s a DVD.   Bill Wiese was just a normal good Christian and God chose him because there was nothing, you could throw a stone at him.  He had a good marriage, he had a good job, he’s never been an alcoholic or drug addict or had mental problems.  He’s a stable human,  I mean I’ve got impeccable  references on this particular man, but after he had this experience he has such a passion for God.  Some of you are saying God I want to be hungry for you.  This course will make you hungry for God.  It’s three books and a DVD, one of the books is a hard back and one of the books has 352 pages.  It’ll tell you things that people need to know about Hell, that you need to know about Hell.  And the most important thing, when you finish this course you’re going to have a passion for people,  such a love for people, such a passion for God, such a love for God because Bill Wiese experienced Hell.  He was chosen by God to experience Hell even though He was a believer,  God block that from his head and when you hear his experience you will be so grateful you won’t take your salvation for granted.  Bill, on yesterdays broadcast you were talking about that comes up often.  What about someone in a deep area a distant  of Africa they have no TV,  they have no radio,  they have no Christians, they know nothing about God, certainly a loving God would not send them to Hell.  What would you say?

Bill:  Well, they are accountable and God gives five ways where He, at least five ways where He tries to reach that person.   1) He does hold man accountable.  It says in Romans Chapter one because of creation.  The evidence of design is all around us.  That points to a designer so if people look up to the heavens and they see there’s a God.  Lord reveal yourself to me.  I want to know you.  He will get through to that person somehow if they just call out.  And secondly He gives man a conscience to know right from wrong.  Roman’s 2:15 and John 8:9 says we have a conscience and in our conscience we know that there’s a God, He put it in us to know that there’s a God and right from wrong.  3) He gives us the Bible the written word.  4) He gives us TV, radios, CDs and missionaries being sent all over the world.  But  #5, He gives Job 33 says He gives man dreams and visions to keep back his soul from the pit so if that would just say, I want to know the real true and living God he will give that man a vision.  So that man will not go to Hell unjustly.  There is no one in Hell unjustly.

Sid:  I’m reminded of the scripture in Jeremiah, in the day that you seek God with all of your heart, and even if you knew nothing about Him, as you said Bill, you see and if you’re in Africa and you nothing about God, you see creation which shouts there’s a creator.

Bill:  That’s right.

Sid:  You will have a problem and when you seek God with all of your heart, in that day He will be found.  Now, take me back to when Jesus came to you and you realized you were a believer and He’s taking you out of Hell and you had an experience with His love and with His passion.  Tell me about that.

Bill:  Well, we went above the earth’s surface and came out of this whirlwind tunnel, I was going into Hell and I looked back and we saw people falling, one after another, after another down this tunnel that we’d just came out of and the Lord wept when he saw people falling into Hell.  You know, Ezekiel 33:11 says “There’s no pleasure in the death of the wicked.”  and He allowed me to feel a piece of His heart and Sid I couldn’t stand to feel even a piece of what He feels.  And it says in Ephesians 3:19 “Love passes knowledge.”  It was so for pass the ability for us to understand how much He loves people and He wept seeing people fall into this place of torment.  He’s desperately trying to keep them out.  And quickly, He gave me a scripture that he opened up to me in Psalms 139:17 & 18.  “David said, Your thoughts towards me are all precious and I suppose if I should count them they are more than the sands.  And He showed me if you were to pick up a handful of sand there would be thousands of granules.  If each granule represented a thought, a good thought, you know and I said “Boy, I love  how my wife loves me; I love how she prays for me; I love how beautiful she is.”  And you came back after three or four hours and I’m still trying to exhaust the amount in my hand you’d say Bill’s really gone over his wife.  Well, God said his thoughts are all precious and more than the sands of  the whole earth.  So to give an idea of how much God loves everybody, His love is more than every granule of sand on the entire earth and every thought is precious towards people.  That’s how much He loves people, that’s how much He wants to keep people out.  When people say How can He send people to Hell?  He is not sending anyone to Hell, see all of us automatically are on the road to Hell above the age of accountability.  Every person is automatically on that road to Hell.  John 3:17 explains, were all condemned because of sin, that’s why Jesus came to get us off that road so he’s not sending you are already going there.  He’s trying to get you off the road because He loves you so much.  That’s the love that God we serve is the God that suffered a horrible death to keep us out of this place and that’s the love I want to get across to people.

Sid: There are people that have been listening to us this week and their kind of a miss bag.  They love God but they love sin, but they’ve said a prayer and they repent and they go back to this sin and now their kind of concerned.  Am I really going to go to Heaven?  How can I have assurance that I’m going to Heaven?  What would you say to them? 

Bill:  Well, like Hebrew 5:9 says eternal salvation to all that obey Him.  So if you want to be sure of your salvation He says to obey Him.  In first John 2:17 says that He that doth the will of God abides forever first  John 2:3 says that we know Him if we keep His commandments.  So if you want to have assurance you have to walk in the ways of God.  Jesus said my mother and brethren are those that hear the Word of God and obey it.  So if you are living a lifestyle of sin Mark 9:47 “Jesus said if your eye offends thee,” the word offend means to cause you to sin.  He said to pluck it out, it is better for you to enter into life maimed then to Hell fire.  So if you are living a life style of sin, you’re in danger of Hell fire and that should not be the case.  So as Christians we need to walk in God’s ways and be upright and walk in holiness.

Sid:  One of the questions that you deal with, you deal with so many questions in your book that believer’s are going to be asked that they need answers.  But one of your questions has to do with , “Why did a loving God even allow evil to exist? 

Bill:  That’s a good question.  Well, first of all evil exists in the world for five reasons that I have seen at least.  II Corinthians  4,  says that Satan is the God of this world so the evil that comes, remember John 10:10 Jesus said, I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, but Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy.  So the destruction of evil comes from the demonic realm but the other point is that man has a free will to choose.  God said all through His word that to choice life and follow Him and you’ll be blessed.  If you don’t, you’ll be cursed so it is man’s own free will and man causes evil to his own fellow man.  Man does that and there’s a law of sowing and reaping.  We will reap what we sown.  If you put out evil, you are going reap back evil.  Then there’s a law of sin and death, Roman’s 8:2 says.  And in Proverbs 13:21 “Evil pursued sinners,” in other words it hunt’s them down like a violent man, it says in Psalm 140:11 “Evil will hunt the violent man down” just like metal is attracted to a magnet.  If you live a lifestyle of sin evil will be attracted to you and will destroy you.  So that’s a law just like the law of gravity works.  You know, if you step off a roof it’s not God socking you to the ground.  It’s the law of gravity, well there’s a law of sin and death that works, evil will go after you and hunt you down if you live in sin.  5. Says that the earth its self rebels it’s self against sin.  I Chronicles 16:30 says “Fear the Lord all the earth so that the world shall be stable that it be not moved. “ So there is a reason for earthquakes.  The whole earth does not fear the Lord the earth trembles and shakes.  Psalm 68:6 says that the rebellious dwell in a dry land.  That’s why there is not water in some of these countries.

 Psalm 67:5 says to praise the Lord so that the earth will yield her increase.  Well nations don’t praise the Lord so they don’t have food.  And Leviticus 18:25 says “Because of sin the land will vomit you out of it.”  So the earth itself can rebel against sin and that’s why there is evil and destruction happening in the earth.  That is some of the reasons.

Sid:  I urge you who have been listening to us all this week to get this course “Whatever Happened to Hell,” it will explain the afterlife, it will explain the tough questions.  But here’s the affect its going to have on you, you will realize how much power God has entrusted to you.  You will fall madly in love with God, more than you ever had before.  You’ll have such a hunger, a God hunger will be developed within you and the most important thing is you will become a soul winner.  You will pray for those that are blind and ending up in Hell.  You won’t just say Que sera, sera.  The course is called “Whatever Happened to Hell” one book is a hardback, one book 352 pages, a DVD that has an invitation to come to the Lord.  You will want to play this for every member of your family.

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