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Sid Roth welcomes John Paul Jackson

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John Paul Jackson. And I wish I had been there, John Paul. 1997, South Hampton, England, 400 people and you’re speaking on my favorite subject, naturally supernatural. And by the way, I’ve heard that teaching. That was fabulous teaching.

JOHN PAUL: Thank you.

SID: But someone must have been impressed besides the audience because someone else showed up. Tell me what happened.

JOHN PAUL: Well as I was talking about being naturally supernaturally and living a lifestyle that allows that to happen in your life, it’s not reserved for just property people or apostolic people, or anything like that. It’s reserved for everybody. You that are watching right now can live a naturally supernatural life having God intervene on your behalf. And I was talking about how to do that. One of the things I was talking about was light, and how God is light, He is the father of light. And that we find out that in that process, I mean, the children of Israel were led by this huge flaming fire that led them through the wilderness, and so he proved His light nature there. Well when I’m talking about all of this these lights enter into the room. I don’t see them at first. They’re behind me. And the people see them and they begin to point and they begin to, the noise as you hear, begins to grow louder and louder.

SID: I’ve heard the audio CD of this and it is amazing. I mean, the whole, it was like a hum. Woo, woo. You must have been watching that.

JOHN PAUL: And it went over my head.

SID: Were you wondering what was happening?

JOHN PAUL: I was at first. I thought, what is going on here. And then I saw them. There was like a, they just moved through the air and then they began to swirl. The more I talked about the Lord the more they began to swirl from side to side through the auditorium. People were watching. People were up in the balcony. They came down from the balcony. People fell out of their chairs or slid out of their chairs.

SID: But wait a second. How do you know that wasn’t just psychosomatic and someone had these laser lights and it was one of these shows? How do you know it wasn’t?

JOHN PAUL: Because God in His great wisdom allowed a handful of people, about six or eight people, to not see anything. And they came up to me afterwards and said, “We didn’t see any lights. What was going on here? You were talking about lights, but we didn’t see any.” And so I said, “God bless you. You prove God will make this up to you because you prove this was not man-made. This was God-made. This wasn’t strobe lights. This wasn’t some laser lights. This was God doing something and he will make this up to you, because again, he is a God of justice. You never miss out on one thing without God giving you something greater. And so the people were looking at these lights. I was. Sid, there was yellow ones and blue ones, and red ones. There was multi-colored ones. There was one bar that was like 20-some feet wide, maybe six inches, four to six inches thick that moved across the whole auditorium that everybody saw as lights were racing around. And the more I talked about the Lord and who He was the faster they began to move.

SID: The next morning you had an even larger meeting at that same conference. Did the lights show up?

JOHN PAUL: They did. They showed up again the next morning.

SID: Now what are these lights?

JOHN PAUL: They’re either angels or heavenly hosts. You know, I kind of hesitate to define them because what I don’t know I hate to define. But I know this. They were from Heaven. They were excited by the move of God and power was there with them.

SID: Describe to me what was happening to people as a result of these, I’ll call them, I believe they were angels, as a result of these angels showing up? What was happening?

JOHN PAUL: People were weeping, people were crying. I saw husbands and wives hugging each other. There was an incredible love and holy hush that hit. But I say a holy hush on one hand, and yet on the other hand there was this incredible noise as people saw them moving. And you’ll hear it on the CD. People tell me, “You need to put a disclaimer. Do not play this while driving your car,” because the anointing of the Lord is really there, the presence of the Lord.

SID: Okay. We have to change the subject for a minute. I want to find out about that experience you had at God’s throne. This was in ’95, I believe.

JOHN PAUL: It was. May 12, 1995. I am praying and I hear a harp, and this harp, next thing I know I’m standing in this incredible light that’s encased me, and I realize I’ve been in some of the light before and not totally surrounded by it. And now all of a sudden I’m surrounded by it. I’m breathing it. And as I’m breathing it, it’s living in me, Sid. It enters into me and every cell of my body comes alive. And I literally felt like I was taken apart at the cellular level and put back together again as I’m standing there. I’m turning trying to find out where I am. And I turned, and as I turned I come face to face with whatever part of the Lord He wanted to see. I’m not saying I saw all of Him. But I saw the throne and I saw Him sitting on the throne. I did not see Him face, but incredible light was coming from Him. I was like eight feet away. And my first instinct was not like, “Hey God, how are you doing.” I didn’t think about giving God a hi-five. I was filled with the terror of the Lord. I was filled with it.

SID: Now he gave you, and remember his mother, an angel visited that he would have an 11th hour ministry, which means he’d be alive at the wrap-up and he’d be having a prophetic influence. In order to have this influence you have to move in an awesome power. But the Lord told you something about the power he wants you to move in. What did He tell you?

JOHN PAUL: He did. Well I was kind of complaining because I wasn’t creating enough power. He came to me. Actually He didn’t come to me. He spoke to me in what I perceive to be an audible voice and He said, “Son, I long to give gifts to men more than those men long for those gifts themselves. But I love you too much to give you a gift. I would later have to judge you for it because you’re not ready for the adulation that would come with that level of giving.” He said, “But if you do keep on the same track that you’re on right now one day I will be able to grant your request.”

SID: And I believe that, you know, Christmas, Chanukah, we think about gifts. How would you like gifts from God? If you will work on repenting and getting your character to reflect the character of the Messiah He will entrust you with the greatest Chanukah-Christmas gifts you have ever had. The greatest gift is the Light of the world, Yeshuah, Jesus, the King of the Jews. He’s the greatest.

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