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Sid:  My guest Michael Hinson is one of ten people over the years I’ve put together the best teachers of moving in the Supernatural.  The book is called “Stories of Supernatural Healing.”  It’s designed to mentor you so that you can fulfill your destiny on planet earth.  Let’s go to that excerpt because Michael has a revelation of the heart that everyone should have. 

Michael Hinson Except:

Sid:  What is your definition of the heart and what do you mean by healed heart?

Michael:  Well, the heart in this case we’re talking about the three parts that make up the heart.  Some people refer to it as the soul.  That being your mind, your will, and your emotions.  That part of you goes to heaven.  It has a marriage with the spirit in a regenerated man and they really look like…They go to Heaven as one, but there are separate parts.  And it is realigning our thinking up with the Word of God.  It is conforming our will to the purposes of plans that God had for our life when He made us and put us in our Mom’s womb.  And then it’s understanding the positive effects of our emotions and not just trying to squelch them or make them line up.  We’ve been taught that we have to put our emotions under check and that means not to sin in them but their actually an asset to us when we understand the purpose God had for them in making us complete.

Sid:  You know when I originally met you and determined I wanted to interview you Michael, the thing that intrigued me about you was about you getting so many people physically healed.  But, then I found the secret if you will, when the heart is healed, of course the physical body will be healed. 

Michael:  It’s a byproduct of it and it happens all the time.  It isn’t we center or go after the physical healing; when we minister to the things of the heart people get physically healed. 

Sid:  I would like you to explain your Biblical understanding of sin and forgiveness.

Michael:  Oh, that’s easy.  Sin is just a symptom of the problem, it’s not the problem.  The problem is unfaithfulness to God or either you’re living your life in something that is contrary to the nature of how God intended you to live it.  And when you do that, you sin.  When you go to Him and repent of those sins, then God will separate those sins from you.  He will separate them in the Old Testament it says as far as the east is from the west so that they are no longer a part of you when you repent of those sins.  And in the New Testament it says that Jesus bore the sins of many.  The sins actually go to the cross of Jesus Christ so there no longer a part of who you are your totally separated so that when God see you He sees you free of those sins, of those things that were unfaithful towards Him or either out of character to what He made you for.

Sid:  How do we forgive someone?

Michael:  We do it the same way that God forgave us.  The Bible tells us that God will forgive us with the same measure that we forgive others.  Well, if there’s anyone in your heart, anyone in your life that you have unforgiveness towards; if there’s anyone in your past or your present they were to come sit down beside you right now and make you feel really uncomfortable my question is why?  If it is because of unforgiveness of a debt that they owe you or something they did to you that you are waiting for them to make it right.  Well, God forgave you all of your sins.  There isn’t any that you can’t bring to him that He won’t release you of, if you repent of those sins; and He tells us that with the measure we use that He will forgive us.  Well, were not given any leeway to have any unforgiveness in our heart.  As we said yesterday, unforgiveness is a poison you drink hoping the other person will get sick.  To get free we don’t forgive the sin.  We forgive the person.  The person has to deal with their own sin before the Father.  We forgive the person for what they did to us.  We release them of that debt.

Sid:  What about t he woman that’s listening to us right now and she has tried and tried and tried to communicate with her husband but he can’t hear her and as far as she’s concerned she’s committed to the marriage but it is totally hopeless, it’ll never change.  What would you say to her?

Michael:  That it won’t change unless the circumstances change and there’s a lot of circumstances that can change but let me recommend one and that is changing your heart.  When you take on a different heart and you’ll see things with different eyes when you take on a different heart.  And you know when you see things with different eyes, everything you see will be different and your world can literally change.

Sid:  And not only that as you point out with some of this marvelous teaching once you change everyone around you changes.

Michael:  That is one…that is just a nature of the principals of God.  Once you start applying and showing and becoming the characteristic and the nature of God, God works in your life in ways that are miraculous.

Sid:  Tell me about a situation with a marriage that perhaps was hopeless and by applying the principals in your book, things changed.

Michael:  We get a lot of people wherever we travel that are telling us about their marriage problems, generally people who’ve lost intimacy in their relationship.  They’re committed to live with each other but they’ve lost the intimacy that was once the cornerstone of their marriage.  They’re going through the motions sometimes in survival mode.  Many of them agreeing not to talk about particular subjects, one or the other simply because it brings out the bad feelings or arguments or is hurtful so they just avoid them all together.  They’re avoiding part of their life.  One of the things that we can do is lead people back into that place of intimacy.  Most people are searching for it everywhere they can.  They look in books, they go to novel, they to the physiatrists, they go to counselors; they go everywhere trying to regain intimacy.  But that’s not how you got intimacy to start with. The reason you got intimacy to start with was by simply by turning your heart one hundred percent over to your spouse.  You gave them all of your heart.  That’s how intimacy came to begin with.  Over a period of time your heat started to callous towards your spouse.  Probably not because of one specific incident they did.  Probably over a period of time, because of expectations you had that they didn’t meet or things that you expected or that they normally did that they didn’t do.  Things that caused small pains or those words that were said that were either said in anger or frustration or were just said without thinking that caused pain and caused some of the separation between people.  And then they tried to communicate and I know that even my wife and I have to sit down face to face because I’ll be saying one thing and she’ll be hearing another and she’ll be saying one thing and I’ll be hearing another and we have to get on the same wave length; when you can get to a place of intimacy then your whole life changes.

Sid:  Tell me one person.

Michael:  A couple that I prayed for not long ago, a woman was having a hard time.  She wanted intimacy in her life but it was missing.  She loved her husband, she doesn’t remember exactly when the intimacy went but she knew over a period of time that it left her, so we lead her in a simple prayer.  I said what did your husband have to do to win your heart back; to gain all of your heart back.  And she started giving me a list of things that she would like to see her husband do to essentially win her heart back when he did once before.  And then when I was through, I said well now if he did everything on your list would you instantly give him your heart back or would you like to wait a little period of time to prove that what he is doing for you is going to stick?  And of course she said well, I would like to give it a little bit of time.  And so my next question was simple.  When you first met your husband and gave him your heart, did you have a list for things that he needed to do and did you wait a certain period of time or did you just give him your heart?  And of course she just gave him her heart.  When we callous our heart toward someone were in covenant with we act contrary to the nature of God; and when we act contrary to the nature of God we can’t expect, we can’t expect the things of God to move in our life.  It just won’t work.  What we simply did was lead her in a prayer where she ended up releasing the debt for her husband and gave 100% of her heart back.  Her countenance changed so dramatically; she was a different person; she said she felt the joy for her husband she hadn’t felt in years.  We heard reports back from her of when she got home of how much her husband had changed.  And since that time he’s a completely different person.

Sid:  That was Michael Hinson and he is one of ten people in my brand new book, Stories of Supernatural Healing.”  I just wanted to introduce a few of them to you.  There’s so many others, for instance.  Anna Mendez Farrell, she literally moves in such a degree of the supernatural that she was a translator for Morris Cerrillo when he was in Latin America and she didn’t speak any English and God gave her the language of English.  Then Dr. Paul Hegstrom, this man has studied the brain and has found that many people have short circuited their brain because of traumas in childhood and when they get rid of that they open up to the Spirit of God.  I really want to mentor you in all of these areas and the only way that you’re going to mentored is for you to do what the first followers of Jesus did.  They walked along with Jesus and what they saw Him do they started to do.  And when you take a look at some of the people in this book, like Pastor Don Dickerman.  Don Dickerman has prayed for over 25,000 people that have had deliverance.  Craig Hill, Craig understands the Jewish roots of our faith and he shows us how to walk in a culture of blessing in our family which results in physical and emotional and relationship healings.  Another person in this book is Pastor Ron Philips.  Ron Philips literally was on a snowy road and his car was ready to go off of a cliff and he was certain death.  Angels literally, literally held him up till he could get out of that car.  And he has walked with angels ever since and he teaches you how to activate angels in your life.  We’ve also added a CD of the highest impact teaching of each one of the people in the book on a CD that the anointing is literally going to jump off of you and you’re going to be able to do those works you’ve been dreaming of. 

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