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Sid:   My guest Kevin Basconi, I mean I just asked a little question and it becomes more and more fascinating.  On yesterday’s broadcast we ran out of time Kevin, I ask you about it you ever seen the dead raised and you said yes, but then you added more to that.

Kevin:  Yeah Sid, we did see a young girl approximately 20 months old raised from the dead in one of our soul winning outreaches in East Africa and she was just sovereignly raised from the dead.

Sid:  How long had she been dead?  Tell me the circumstances.

Kevin:  Will when we do these soul winning out reaches we send people with bull horns out into the bush and they tell people someone sick or God forbid that someone should die bring them to our meeting because the God we serve Jesus, can even raise the dead.  And this woman had heard these gentlemen on the bull horns as they drove by on the bicycle and her daughter had died of malaria on the way.  She decided to come to the meeting, her daughter was sick and her testimony was that on the way to the outreach the baby’s spirit came out her body, so she was dead.  So she was at the altar and at the moment she prayed to receive Jesus Christ, the mother,  as Savior she had a tumor the size of a mango disappear and the power of God came into that baby and it was raised up from the dead and came back to life.

Sid:  You know what I have noticed?  When people pay a price, the use they never disappointed.   I understand she walked quite a distance to that meeting just to get there.

Kevin:  She walked a day and a half Sid, from the bush, she did.

Sid:  And then you were telling me about this, was it a vision the dead being raised?

Kevin:  Yes, in one of the earlier broadcasts I talk about how I was with the Lord and I walked with him and for six hours in the Heavenly realms and one of the things that Jesus showed me was, the future where I was preaching in these gospel outreaches.  And I saw myself pointing with my right hand and saying the dead are raising over here the dead are raising over here and I saw about eight or ten people that were rising up and walking towards me.  Sort of like those old Frankenstein movies, they were walking very clumsily and the revelation was that they would begin to bring the dead to these outreaches in different nations and that they will just be sovereignly touched and raised and that way Jesus himself will get the glory.  But I begin to put feet to that vision and in this vision I had a white suit so when I preach now I preach with these white suits on so that I can fulfill the vision that I saw.  And we do have the folks bring the dead to some our meetings in East Africa; and I am believing to see multiple people raised from the dead.  And not just with us, this is something God wants to do throughout the whole earth.  Every tribe, every tongue, every nation He wants to demonstrate His love and His power.

Sid:  Now one of the things I like is you study past moves of God’s Spirit.  Why do you do this?

Kevin:   I do that basically because the Lord instructed me to do so and God has shown me that we are the cusp of a great out pouring of His Spirit.  The like of which we have never seen and I was in prayer in 2007 and I had a visitation of the Holy Spirit and the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice and told me that history was about to repeat itself.  And that set me on a radical search of previous revivals throughout history.  And what the Lord showed me is that the church at this hour were really, Sid people are not prepared for what God is about to do.  And part of my message is really to help people to understand we need to prepare our hearts.

Sid:  But a lot of these pass moves were cut short because of pride and because of a lot of things like that and I image that’s one of things why He wanted you to study these past moves of the Spirit. 

Kevin:  I believe that that’s right Sid; I believe that many of the past moves were cut short as you said because of spiritual pride or idolatry even and when we begin to exalt the ministers and not the Messiah.

Sid:  You know I’m always reminded of Kathryn Kaulman; the first thing out of her mouth is “Don’t look at me I’m nothing.”  She took such pains to make sure that people realized it wasn’t her.

Kevin:  It’s so true and it’s an inherent part of our human nature, but you know what, Jesus is able to change us and Jesus is able to prepare His bride.  And I’ve got good news Sid.  Jesus said that He would prepare His bride for the great out pouring of the last days.  So it’s impossible for it not to happen.

Sid:  Now, God showed you a lot of your future when you were in Heaven.  Will you be alive when He returns?  Do you know that?

Kevin:  Sid, I don’t know that, it would be wonderful to be alive, but you know I just want to do everything I can for Him now.  He has done so much for me and I pray that He would come soon.  But I believe anyone that has eyes to see can see from world events that we are getting close to the return of the Messiah.

Sid:  Well, you had something to provoke me to such jealousy; you had a visitation by the Holy Spirit, where the Holy Spirit taught you one of His best books in the Bible, the book of Acts.

Kevin:  That was an amazing encounter.  When I was in Canada in 2001 the Lord, the Holy Spirit became so real to me.  It was like He was with me at all times, but God had spoken to me and said that He was going to take me to a place in the mountains and teach me from His Word and I went into a small cabin, God supernaturally arranged it for me to have a place for me to go.  And I went into a small cabin and the anointing of the Holy Spirit became so powerful.  All I could do was weep for the first few hours and later I came to understand that what I experienced was what the Bible refers to as koinonia or communion with the Holy Spirit true to His Word.  The Lord began to speak to me line upon line all the way through the book of Acts for about a day and a half two days and the Lord would speak to me.  And I believe He may have spoken to me in a audible voice, Sid I’m not sure and I understood things about the book of Acts that I would have otherwise not have known at that point in my walk with the God.  He supernaturally gave me revelation about the book of Acts.  As a matter of fact, were still living the book of Acts Sid.

Sid:  Of course we are.  Tell me about how God got you a wife.

Kevin:  Well.

Sid:  And a new home.

Kevin:  Well, you know my brother and I were fishing and it was obvious to people, and this was when I was just saved Sid and this grace and favor had come upon my life for answered prayer shortly after Jesus had assigned His angel of provision to me.  So my brother said, Kevin you should pray for a wife.  Every prayer you pray is being answered so I said; oh I’m not going to do that.  But later I was at home in my prayer closet and I thought, you know I’m going to pray for a wife.  So Sid, I prayed for a wife and I mean I wanted the best.  I wanted a beautiful wife and I like to fish, I wanted a wife and we had to have a house on a lake with bass in and all these wonderful characteristics of my wife.  Three years later I was in Kansas City in our new home and the Lord spoke to me and said, where are you.  I said, “I’m on the hot tub.”  He said, “Where is the hot tub?” “It is on the house.” He said “Where’s the house?”  “It’s on the lake.”  He said, “What’s in the lake?”  I said, “It’s full of bass.”  He said, “Who’s in the house?”  I said “My wife.”  I had revelation and the penny dropped so to speak and the Morning Star arised in my life, God answered my prayer three and a half years earlier and gave me the perfect wife.

Sid:  Now, when I think about that man that was a drug addict, an alcoholic for thirty years, that had nothing and who you are today.  I image that person, in your mind almost doesn’t even exist.

Kevin:  No, I am a new creation, Sid.  That is so true.  You know, about the prayer for the wife.  When that happened for seven days in a row I would find myself in gospel meetings, you know worship services and there would be women there and the speaker would say seven days in a row, this happened.  Hold the hand of the person next to you and let’s pray and everyday for seven days as I would touch the hand it was invariably a woman and the Lord would ask me the same question.  Do you want this one to be your wife?  And after seven days I fell into my prayer closet and I began to repent and the Lord spoke to me and said Kevin.  If you want to walk in the places in the places I have ordained for you, you need to wait for me to bring your wife into your life.  He said, but if you want to have a wife and a beautiful home, I’ll give that to you.  You see, God is so merciful, so wonderful.  He gives us a choice.  We don’t half to give him our all but He loves us regardless of what we do.  But I purposed in my hear Lord, I want to see souls saved; so I’m waiting for you God.

Sid: Let me ask you a question.  I know that you were supernaturally set free from drugs but I know how the devil operates, when he hit you with a thought about a desire for drugs, what do you do?

Kevin:  Sid, it’s an amazing thing, we were just ministering in Cleveland, Ohio a couple weeks ago and I was driving through the city on the way to the meeting and this thought comes into my mind, you can buy some heroin here and you can dadada.  These series of thoughts began to roll into my mind, well Paul said, “We need to bring these thoughts captivity,” so I said, wait a minute this is the enemy and I rebuke this in the Name of Jesus. And what I do Sid, when these thoughts come into my mind is I begin to pray and ask God to deliver every single person in that region that is addicted to Heroin, cocaine.

Sid:  You are going to drive the devil nuts if you do that!

Kevin:  Well, when I do that He stops pestering me.

Sid:  I’m sure.  Okay, how would you like to walk with Kevin and do what he does?  He’ll be the first to tell you that he’s no one special, he just serves a special God and he wants to mentor you.  We have put together his two best teaching CDs, one is called “How to Work With Angel” and this is a result of a visitation that he had with the Lord where the Lord taught him how to work with angels and “God’s Instructions for the Miraculous,” where he’ll pray and impartation upon you.

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