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Sid:  When you hear the power of people mediating on Psalm 91, I mean you wouldn’t think that this one Psalm can protect every possible accident, sickness, tragedy of any kind that comes at you, but it does and I have the brand new book, literally just off the press by Peggy Joyce Ruth.  It is called “Psalm Ninety One,” it’s an updated book of the original teaching.  But Peggy Joyce Ruth went through hell on earth and survived.  She survived because God supernaturally taught her about Psalm Ninety-one and supernaturally taught her about mental warfare.  And what Peggy Joyce did anyone can do.  And you know Peggy Joyce Ruth I’m reminded of the time you cried out to God; you were in great fear and you said “God, is there is any way I can be protected from all those things that I saw coming on the earth?”  That was twenty-five thirty years ago.    How much more are people crying that out today, Peggy Joyce?

Peggy Joyce:  Yes, because I found a scripture there in 1 Peter, because I had always said, Lord why is it that no one heard about Psalm 91, a generation or two ago?  And the Lord gave that scripture in 1 Peter 1:3-5, that there are three things that we are to bless the Lord for. One is because we are born again, two is because he has caused us to obtain an inheritance and the third one is because He has caused us to be protected by the power of God through a faith of protection salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last days.

Sid: Well, I believe as people get a hold of this anointed teaching on Psalm 91… on mental warfare a supernatural shield will be put over them and their entire house.  Let’s wet their appetite a little, tell me about the woman whose apartment was broken into by a rapist.

Peggy Joyce:  Yes, Julie Paddy and she’s a real good friend of my daughters and she was living in Fort Worth in college and that morning, Sunday morning they were going to have a dinner and she was cooking her dish when a man knocked on the door.  Well, she thought it was one of her friends, when she opened it, he pushed his way in.  He immediately shoved her into the bedroom and at first they began then all of the sudden she remembered her covenant and she started saying her covenant out loud, saying God I thank you that You are the one that delivers me from the snare of the trapper, You’re the one that deliver’s me from all of the different things that are coming one the earth.  You’re the one that takes care of me and she was quoting that and he kind of lost his focus and she said that he kind of pulled back a minute and then in a moment he came at her again and this went on for forty-five minutes and she kept every time that he would come at her again, she would start quoting Psalm 91 and thanking God for the deliverance that He provided for her.  And one of those times she was able when he kind of lost his focus she was able to get out the door.  And they found out later that this man was convicted of this crime.  He had been convicted many times prior to this offense, he had been convicted also of robbery and assault and they said that he had never attempted a rape that he hadn’t been able to carry it out except this time.  And she said that she know why he couldn’t because I was relying on my covenant and I was quoting my Psalm 91 covenant and it says that I don’t have to be afraid of the terror it will not approach me for any purpose.

Sid:  Tell me about you niece Julie?

Peggy Joyce:  And my little niece Julie, when she was ten years old she was in a horrible accident, a horse riding accident, when she fell off the horse her head hit a rock and they rushed her to a hospital in another town.  They said that the skull looked like an egg shell it was cracked so many times.  They definitely told her mother and dad that she would not live through the night.  And they said that the mastoid bone there for her ear was completely crushed, the they said that they were sure that if she lived that she would not be able to see that she would be blind.  And my brother said, no I have a covenant, I have a Psalm 91 covenant and Julie will live and not die and so he started quoting Psalm 91.  And by this time a lot of our friends had come over to Abilene and he was so calm and he just kept saying no, we are going to quote Psalm 91 and she is going to be fine.  There were people in that hospital who had had similar head accidents that had been there for oh goodness, nine and ten months and they were just barely learning how to walk.  Some of them were still trying to learn how to crawl.  Seven days later Julie walked out of that hospital.  She did not have one single thing wrong with her.  Oh, they had said that she would definitely be mentally ill after; in other words it would have hurt her brain so badly.  Well, when she went out of that hospital she had her total eyesight; she still doesn’t wear glasses even.  She has her total eyesight; there was no brain damage; there was no loss of vision; they called her the little miracle girl.  It was absolutely just astonishing and she and her husband now live in San Antonio.  She is a dental hygienist and she has never had any brain damage, she has never had one bad thing from that accident.  But I am going to tell you what; her father quoted Psalm Ninety-one from the time that that accident happened until she walked out of that hospital seven days later.

Sid:  Tell me about the person in the last stages of Lupus.

Peggy Joyce:  Yes, that is my friend, Renee and they discovered the Lupus when it was in the last stages and this was in October and they told her that she would not live to see Christmas.  And they immediately started some kind of treatment and they said that all it would do is maybe prolong her life a little bit.  Well, she decided she didn’t want all of that medicine inside of her and so she quite taking the medicine.  She said no, I’m just believing God and she went through several months where even to go to the rest room she would get out of her bed and she would have to crawl to the rest room.  I mean she was in such bad shape.  I would call her and she was always up and she was constantly saying, I have Psalm 91 you do not have to worry I’m going to be okay.  But she sounded horrible, she looked horrible, she felt horrible.  And but she never quit confessing her Psalm 91.  Every time I got around her, every time I called her, she was telling me Psalm 91 tells me that I do not have to be afraid of the pestilence it will not put me under; no evil will befall me nor will plague or calamity come near my household.  And she was just constantly saying that.  Well, all of a sudden after about three months of just every day it just seemed like she was worse than she had been the day before.  One day she started getting a little bit better and then she started getting better and better and better until the doctors pronounced her totally healed.  She had told the Lord that I’m waiting until the doctors say I see no lupus in her body. And that was the exact words of the doctor.  He came in and he told her, we have examined you from top to bottom and we see no lupus in your body.  And she just started shouting because she knew that that was the exact thing that God had told her that was going to be said.  Well, that’s been about ten years ago and she’s gone with me to the Philippians to preach, she preaches all over the United States.  She is just a fireball.

Sid:  Very quickly tell me, tell me about your husband’s workers that were protected from seventy-two hundred volts of electricity.

Peggy Joyce:  Exactly, we were building a college house and we had no idea that whenever they had put the road in they had not buried the main electric line that runs to all of the homes in that side of town.  They had not buried it very deep, well it had rained the night before and so all the holes were filled with water, you know all the puddles around.  And these two men, Jack would confess Psalm 91 over his group before they started work each morning.  And these two men were suppose to dig a hole out in front of where they were building the house and they dug down and they ran the spike; they had a spike that they were putting into the ground.  It was a metal spike and they ran it in to this main power line.  The guy that was holding the spike in his hand did not even have gloves on, he was standing in water; the other guy was driving the stake in with a sledge hammer and when it hit fire blew out of the top of the fire pole, electric power pole.  All of the lights in that whole area of town, all of the electricity went off and it sounded like a bomb went off.  And here they were standing in water.  They had driven a metal stake into that line and neither one of them were harmed at all; I mean no one could believe it.  I mean, they came out from the electric company and they said there shouldn’t even be anything left but some charcoal that should be all that’s left.

Sid:  Now, you know if your husband had not been praying Psalm 91 over those workers, is there any way that they could have survived?

Peggy Joyce:  They told us that when they checked, they said that just a few months before they had had some workers, some electricians that were working on one of the power poles and they had not even touched the line but they had just been close to it and the electricity from that went on to those guys and just chard them, I mean it burned their pickup up.

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