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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to pray the most powerful prayer on earth.  My guest, Peter Horrobin has a book called “Forgiveness, God’s Master Key.”  In which he teaches you how to pray the most powerful prayer on earth.  What is that prayer, Peter?

Peter:  Well let’s understand what a master key is first.  A master key is a key that can enter any room in a house, you may have ten rooms and they each have a different key, but the master key goes into every single lock and it turns it every single time.  And in our lives are a bit like a house, there are different rooms that we’ve lived in different stages and when we’ve had bad experiences it is as if we close the door and we just put it away and we move on and have another experience, something else happens something good, something bad.  And the things that we don’t like the bad things, it is as if we put them behind closed doors, but you know when we put things behind those closed doors they are like poison that is operating on the inside and they eat away at us.  And the master key that God has for each one of us to use is to deal with the underlining issues of forgiveness which usually lie behind the things that lie behind those doors.  So when somebody has really hurt you and you close the door the master key enables us to open that door and Jesus takes us by the hand into that room and see the mess and He gives us the courage to turn that key in our hearts and begin to forgive.  And when we begin to forgive it is a life transforming experience.  I’ll never forget the man who had so many terrible things done to him that he was so angry he was full of bitterness, full of resentment and he didn’t want to forgive anybody; but when he got to the point of realizing that if he didn’t forgive he was going to be like this the rest of his life.  He suddenly saw the logic and the common sense of what Jesus said in the Lord’s Prayer; forgive others as you want to be forgiven.  And he started to forgive and the blessing began to flow.  You know, an hour later he came to me and said, Peter please help me, I want to find anybody else that I need to forgive, I’m really enjoying this so much, I’m getting so much freedom.  Help me to find anybody else I need to forgive.

Sid:  Peter, teach us a little bit about the most powerful prayer on earth.

Peter:  Okay, the most powerful prayer on earth that is the focus of the book, Jesus prayed on the cross when He said, “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”  And so often, people actually don’t know what they are doing, they don’t know the consequences of what they are doing when they do bad things and we are in the place of suffering because of what they have done.  But if we don’t forgive, we are putting ourselves in the place of not being able to receive the healing love of God into our situation. So when I’m teaching people about the most powerful prayer on earth and ministering to people on our courses in our healing retreats having gotten to the place of understanding what Jesus said when He said that if you don’t forgive then you are not going to be able to receive forgiveness for yourself.  And looking at the example of Jesus from the cross, I say make a choice and as people listening to this program today, I’m asking each one of you that is listening to make a choice and say, I am going to choice to do what Jesus asked me to do.  And you know Jesus also said, if you love me you’ll obey me.  And if you really love Jesus, then we will want to do what he asked us to do because he wouldn’t ask us to do anything that is wrong or bad.  So make a choice and then when you’ve made the choice and say yes I will begin to forgive.  The next step is to make a list, make a list of those people in your life who you need to forgive.  Now, you almost certainly need to forgive Mom and Dad because that’s all of us; none of us have had perfect parents.  And forgive those people who have done things to us and ask the Holy Spirit to show us if there is anything people have hurt us that we’ve never forgiven so that we can just clean the slate.  And when we’ve made the list, we can then start to forgive them.  And I ask people to pray a prayer something like this, “Lord, I forgive John for whatever it might be that he has done and I release him, and this is the important thing; I release him into the freedom of my forgiveness.  And by doing that, it is as result of our prayer that God cuts the chords that have held us in bondage.

Sid:  That is what I was going to ask you, what is happening in the invisible world when someone prays a prayer like that?

Peter:  Well, I believe that what is happening is that satan is losing, his grip upon our souls.  He is losing the hold that he has over us through that person.  And while we are in unforgiveness is as if that person has a direct access into our hearts.  And this is how sometimes people describe it, I can never stop seeing this man’s face or this woman and what she’s done to me I can never, it is always coming up in my mind.  I have a dream at night and there it is.  And when that cord as it were is cut through our forgiveness, and we release people into freedom of our forgiveness the enemy loses his access to us and its cut the chain and sets us free.

Sid:  Peter, I feel like if you can briefly describe what happened when you went into Hungry just as the walls of communism came down, you took a risk just like you’re asking people to do in forgiveness because they so trust God, tell me briefly what you did and what happened.

Peter:  Yeah, this was just after the Russians had left Hungry and there were many people there from many different communist nations and they have all suffered greatly under terrible persecution.  And I got to the point in that teaching to say yes, I’m going to make a choice to forgive and I lead them in a prayer in which they were surprised by initially of forgiving all they’re communist oppressors for all the suffering that they and…

Sid:  You could have gotten into a lot of trouble at that stage, it was a little early.

Peter:  I was trying to listen to the Lord and I really sensed this was what He would taught me to do and you know, almost every single person it was the communist party conference hall that we were standing in.  Almost every single person in that communist party conference hall stood to forgive their oppressors and as they forgave and spoke out there forgiveness the Spirit of God came down upon the place and it was holy chaos for quite a while because people were being set free spiritually, there was a huge amount of deliverance that took place.  But one of the physical manifestations was very simple but very profound, many of these people had been under such oppression that they were physically stumping, they were physically bent over and not able to stand up straight, because of the spiritual oppression had crushed their physical bodies.  And when they got set free they began to stand up straight and you know three quarters of the people in their testimonies at the end of that conference gave testimonies that the fact that their backs had been healed. Oh quite astonishing, that  there was a huge number of people left that conference were able to walk tall with a strong back and restored because they had forgiven their oppressors and they had been delivered from their infirmity.

Sid:  I don’t know if you can do this so quickly because it is so important; tell me about Jim whose father told him to jump into his arms.

Peter:  Oh, Jim was a six year old boy at the time and when I met him he was fifty-one and he was a chronic asthmatic.  And he was high upon a trailer full of bales of hay and he climb up one by one as the trailer got loaded.  Drove back to the farm house on the back of the trailer, right on the top of the bales of hay, gets into the farm yard and Dad says to Jim, “Come on jump into my arms.” And Jim jumps off the top of the bales of hay and his father with his arms wide open, but then just steps to one side and allows Jim to hit the concrete.  Terrible shock for a six year old boy, his chest was crushed, in agony of pain and his father turns to him and said that’s your first lesson in life about never trusting your relatives.  Jim learned at six year old he couldn’t trust his father, his chest was crushed and at the age fifty-one he was a chronic asthmatic because of what had happened then.  He didn’t know that the linking was back to that age of six trauma but, the Holy Spirit brought it to the light and as he forgave his father huge things began to happen.  Not only did the joy of forgiveness had come into his heart and he was able to laugh and smile but he was delivered of a infirmity that was on his chest which had come in through that trauma and a spirit left him he began to breathe deeply and I’ll never forget him.  I can see him now, I can breathe, I can breathe, I can breathe he was saying.  He has never suffered again from asthma, he has never had medication; that was ten years ago and I saw his wife very recently, completely restored, he forgave his father. And he made the choice to forgive, he made his list and he started to forgive and he asked God to set him free. Amazing isn’t it what God can do.

Sid.  You’re listening to Peter Horrobin and Peter has a book called “Forgiveness God’s Master Key,” and there are rooms in your house that you need the master key to get into; rooms of trauma, rejection, betrayal, abuse, divorce, disloyalty and you are going to be free.


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