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Sid:  Rick, I understand why before we started this series this week the people in my office that move in deep discernment said, “What are these angels doing in the office?”  Obviously, after what we’ve been talking about, you can understand why they have been accompanying us and I’ve been featuring all this week, a dream that Rick Joyner just had.  Rick says that this is the most serious and the most alarming dream he has ever had.  The most specific, the most graphic, the most real and we’re having that full dream and the interpretation and then this orthodox Jewish rabbi that came to the Lord just shortly after he had a dream, it was different and yet it was the same.  It was like confirmation to Rick.  By the way, how did this orthodox Jewish come to know the Lord?

Rick:  Well, he’s known the Lord for a long time, he was, I don’t talk too much about him because you know, I don’t want to blow his cover for him.  But, he’s been a strong believer.  He was a believer in Jesus as the Messiah when he was ordained an orthodox rabbi.  He was ordained by one of the top rabbi’s in the world in Jerusalem.  But there’s quite a move of God going on among the Jewish people.  Thank the Lord and the Palestinians and the Muslims.   

Sid:  So many dreams and visions.  It’s almost like the prophecy in Joel that prophecies in the last days there will be dreams and visions.  That’s really coming to pass now. 

Rick:  That’s what, you know that’s one of the great signs of the last days is when He pours out His Spirit there is prophetic revelation, dreams visions and prophecy.

Sid:  Speaking of prophetic revelation, I love what God is showing you from Matthew 17 about the transfiguration.  Would you teach on that a little bit?

Rick:  Well, you know He showed me this is, you know He took James and John and Peter up on the mountain and He was transfigured before them from being just a man; or I say just a man, they knew he was the Messiah but he was a man.  They saw His glory and I believe that’s what the Lord want to do with us today is.  Where he’s not just Jesus of Nazareth anymore.  Where we really see Him as the King who’s on the throne above all rule and authority and power and…

Sid:  Now if you don’t have a vision of Him and are not walking in this I don’t see how you can survive with just what we talked about this week Rick.

Rick:  Yea yea, I mean He and when we see that, we have total peace, you know.  Even like my Rabbi friend had when his vision, when he was about to devoured by this bear in the vision.  All of the sudden he felt this incredible peace since he knows that Jesus was standing right next to him.  And we have, the Lord is with us.  Why should we fear anything on earth?  And we won’t if we’re looking to Him.  You know when Peter looked to Him he could walk on the waves; he could walk on the stormy waters.  But we take our eyes off and look at the storm, you sink.  So we need to know what’s going on, that’s why we have the Biblical Prophecies of what’s unfolding , what’s happening, that’s why He’s given dreams and visions today.  But, we don’t focus on those we keep our attention on the Lord.  And you know the end result of that transfiguration; you know after the cloud overshadowed them and the Father spoke “This is My Beloved Son, listen to Him.”  That’s the main thing we need to do, listen to Jesus and then it said lifting up their eyes, they saw no one except Jesus himself alone.  And I think that’s when we really lift up our eyes the way that we should, the eyes of our heart.  We’re not going to see anybody but Jesus; you know he is the summation of all things.  And He’s in total control.  You know Heaven is not up there wringing their hands over all this stuff happening here on the earth.  The Lord sitting in the Heaven and laughing it says.  And if we behold Him we can go through the most intense times the earth has ever known and enjoy it.  We can count it all joy when you encounter various trials.  And it doesn’t mean that we are going to laugh at peoples’ suffering or things like that.  But, this is our time, we’ve been chosen to live in these times and we’re here for a reason and we’ve got one who’s in us who is much greater than anyone in the world.

Sid:  Now, you literally say the most significant person; there’s someone listening to us right now and would say, “That’s me I volunteer, I’m the most insignificant person.”  But when they get this revelation, capture it.  They can literally spark revival.

Rick:  Absolutely, when we see the Lion of Judah we become lions.  There’s a courage and a boldness of the righteous in any situation.  And that courage and boldness it’s not because of who we are but because of who He is.  The strongest are going to whither if they don’t have Jesus.  The weak can become strong if they see Jesus and they abide in him.  And these are the greatest, I think when the greatest heroes of the faith always arise are in the most difficult times.  So let’s seizes these opportunities, let’s don’t waste these trials, let’s seize them.  And we win, we know we win.  Even if we die today, I mean if they come and they take everything we have, so what we got far…our treasures in Heaven.  It’s not here.  You know, if they take our life, so what we’ve got eternal life.  We just enter into glory.

Sid:  So what would you say to the person that has been listening to us all this week and is extremely fearful?

Rick:  Get your Bible out and look to Jesus.  Read about Jesus, seek to know Jesus, you know to see Him where he is; true faith is simply seeing Jesus, who He is and where He sits.  You know it talks about it, Peter said; humble yourself under the mighty hand of God casting all of your anxiety upon Him.  You know, fear or anxiety is pride?  It is the ultimate pride where were saying this problem is too big for God; I’ve got to deal with myself.  And that’s why we humble ourselves by casting our anxiety upon Him.

Sid:  Now one of the things you teach and you just pack all this experience in the DVD and the CDs that we’re offering.  Is the importance at this moment in History to have believers part of small groups and developing relationships.  Why is this so important?

Rick:  Well, you know it is interesting, if anybody’s read Glad Wells tipping points or some of these other research books on the movements that changed the course of history or change civilizations.  They came up with a mathematical formula for radical profound change in a civilization and they said the number of people required to bring about such a profound change was 1% of the square root of the population.  Which means 100 people should be able to radically profoundly change a city of a million.  And of course Jesus did better than that, he said give me twelve good people; watch what I do with them.  You know so; the greatest most powerful strategy for impacting the world is finding twelve good people.  He proved it and now you know I think that we think we have got to have these massive movements.  The Lord’s about heart.  Sometimes, he told me you got too many people.  He kept cutting them down like he did Gideon to a few.

Sid:  So you mean, so he gets all the credit?

Rick:  Yea, we think that we have to have so much money, so much stuff, and everything to do it and He doesn’t get the glory when we have the money.  How much glory would He have gotten if He had had five truck loads of bread and fish to feed the 5,000 with and only needed a little more?  The greater we want to see miracles we just don’t want to be put in a place where we got to have one.  So He got glory

Sid:  I want the Emmaus, I want the truth.  What, you having had these dreams from God, you having known the intelligence information you shared on the air and a lot you can’t share on the air.  Are you excited about the times we are living in or are you real nervous?

Rick:  I’m not claiming to be perfect in faith; I wouldn’t claim to be perfect in anything.  I have to admit, that dream I had shook me up; it really shook me up.  But it wasn’t but a few minutes then I said the Lord gave us the answer.  Okay, were going to go through the biggest jeopardy, maybe the biggest crisis in our history really quick, really soon but we can do this because God would not have shown me the answer if we couldn’t do it.  And it’s not dependant on us.  It is dependent on God.  So there are times when I start looking at the waves and start sinking.  I confess that but every time you look back to Jesus, you can get back up and keep on walking.  And that’s the whole answer and we’ve got to grow in faith.   As long as we keep our eyes on Jesus we can walk above any storm.  We can sit with Him in the Heavens on His throne, far above everything that’s going on the earth and we have access to unlimited resources in Heaven.  That’s what He demonstrated over and over when He walked the earth.  He wasn’t showing us how He lived; He’s showing us how we’re supposed to live.  Look to Jesus and we’re going to do the works that He did and even greater works as we draw closer to Him.  I mean I can look at the Health Care Bill and say this is going to kill our Health Care in America.  Well, we got a better health care system then the government could ever give us anyway.  His name is Jesus.

Sid:  Our time has slipping away, I want you to get this CD called “Preparation for Transfiguration.”   It will literally help you and America prevail in the times we are coming into and the revelation that Rick had.  He has a special DVD called “Will America Survive 2011” his revelation and the rabbi that believes in Jesus revelation and also the amazing statistics from Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, about Marxism and Socialism and where America is right now. 

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