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Sid Roth welcomes Nic & Rachael Billman

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Sid:   I am so excited to be introducing to you two young worship leaders, Nic and Rachael Billman; but although they’re young they have been leading worship since age thirteen.  And they have have a brand new CD, in fact it’s two CDs it’s called “The Least of These” and the feedback that we’re getting, but I’ve listened to it myself and it will give you literally the heart of God.  And if you have the heart of God you have everything and I was reading through my notes, Nic and I was really taken with your “Rose Project” explain.

Nic:  We minister on the streets to the prostitutes and the transvestites in Brazil and we realize that often times their touch from the Christian community is in condemnation or judgment.  And so we actually got the idea from a man that does similar ministry in Thailand to give roses out to the prostitutes.  And then we went a step further and got a thing called “The Father’s Love Letter” translated into Portuguese which take verses from the Bible that talks about God’s love and writes it in the form of a letter.  And so we go on the streets and we hand them out and what we do is we take the rose to the prostitute or the transvestite and we say describe it this rose to us; and they’ll say “Oh, it’s beautiful and it’s red and you know it’s unique” and they just describe it and we say, “And just like that rose is beautiful and unique, God created you beautiful and unique and just like you smiled when we gave it to you God smiles when he looks at you and this is a letter from Him, a love letter from your Poppa telling you that He loves you so much and we want you to read this and just hear His heart for you.” And it’s amazing to watch their faces as we give it to them.

Sid:  But most of these, what are these woman looking for that are out on the streets and I say women, most of them are children, what are they looking for?

Nic:  Well, it’s all identity, I mean the root issue, the problem is not prostitution the problem is fatherlessness.  They are out on the streets and they are trying to find their identity and they are trying to be loved and almost all of them when you trace it back either didn’t have a father or had a bad relationship with their father, ran away from home, whatever it is and this is just the way that they’re getting affection, but they think it is affection and they’re getting paid to do it, but it is as you and I know it is not answering or solving the problem. 

Sid:  Tell me about one, pick one and describe her.

Nic:  There was a girl that we talked to just this last trip when I was there in April and she was eleven years old and she was dressed very inappropriate for her age and as soon as we came out to talk to her she said, I’m not in that industry.  But we knew that she was by the way that she was acting.  And we could tell that she was stoned, that she was drugged and that happens very often, they try to keep the girls drugged so that they can keep them hooked on it.  And we talked to her a little bit and it was so hard because I didn’t get really anywhere with her, you know I’m praying and asking, God I need a “Word of Knowledge” for this girl and for all of them I need to have some sort of prophetic word or something that would be like a key to unlock their heart.  And as I talked to her more I just felt like God said, I didn’t tell you to do that I just told you to love, just to be love to these people, and so it’s very hard and cause you talk to girls like that and we are going to start something to change that but it’s hard when you are just visiting and you just want to rescue them all and you know get them all off the streets and take them somewhere safe.  But you can be the Father in that moment that you are talking to them, you can be love and you never know what those seeds will do.

Sid:  You know you teach a lot on compassion because you live in that word, compassion, but the Lord told you one time almost a warning, if you let faith grow bigger than compassion it’s dangerous.  Explain that to me.

Nic:  Yeah, there was a time when I was praying and I was just seeking God, seeking more of Him and I heard Him say Nic, if you let your faith increase above compassion you grow dangerously close to “Depart from Me I never knew you.” 

Sid:  You know there is a generation that’s growing now, it didn’t start that way, but now it’s growing now that learn the principals of the Bible, of faith as by rote as by formula, it’s by will, and they’re going to see some miracles, but could that warning be for them?

Nic:  Yeah, yeah I believe it is, because you know those people that came to Jesus, they cast out demons, they healed the sick, they raised the dead all in His name, but if we begin to operate in faith, we see a lot of miracles, but we are not doing it in love.  When we see the life of Jesus, He looked upon the multitudes with compassion and then they had when they were healed they said you’re faith has made you well; and I believe that faith is a natural response to compassion and we’ve seen people healed and we had no faith for them to be healed, but we had a heart for them, we had compassion for them and God healed them.

Sid:  How do you walk in compassion?  Give us an important nugget right now.

Nic:  You know Sid, I think a simple prayer starts all of that and the prayer is “Father show me how to love, as You love.”  And for sometimes that maybe that you’re at Wal-Mart and there is a person behind you in line and you pay for their milk and their bread that day.  It may be that you pray for your waitress at the restaurant that day.  It maybe that you do go on a missions trip, but that everywhere that you go that you ask God “Show me how to love like you love, let me see like you see and whatever it is I want to recognize the needs of the people around me and I want to meet that need through the love of God.”

Sid: …“The Least of These” I believe you impart that, was that your vision for these CDs, to impart God’s Compassion to be released on people?

Nic:  Yeah it really is, we really wanted that to come through the music and come right into the hearts of the people listening.

Sid:  Okay, let’s listen to a selection called “Breathe”…Tell me about “Breathe.”

Nic:  Breathe is a song where we’re just asking God to breathe in our generation and to make the dry bones as flesh and that God would come, and although the world says we see dry bones we say we see an army, the world says that we see a funeral, we say we see a wedding and just asking God to breathe on us.

Sid:  Do you feel that you need the breath of God upon you?  Get ready to receive.

Nic & Rachael Billman worship excerpt of “Breathe”

Here I am, calling out, listening for Your voice.  I humbly bow at Your feet, laying down all that I am.  This is my offering, however small it may be and I need You to take me as I am!  And I need You to clothe me with Your breast and I need You to breathe Your life to breathe You life into these bones.

Here I am calling out listening for Your voice, I humbly bow, at Your feet, laying down all that I am. 

This is my offering however small it may be and I need You to take me as I am and I need You to clothe me with Your breast.  And I need You to breathe Your life into these bones.  So breathe Your life into these bones. So breathe Your life into these bones.

Come and breathe, come and breathe, come and breathe, come and breathe,

Breathe, breathe, breathe, Breath of God, breathe in me, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe

Breathe of God, breathe in me, breathe, breathe, breathe, breath of God, Breath of God breathe in me…

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