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Sid:  That ancient spiritual Jewish DNA is finally comingling with the Gentile Christian spiritual DNA to make the full dwelling place for God.  That’s why miracles are increasing with such intensity.  I believe the Messiah is getting ready to return and one of the keys in understanding the return of the Messiah is to understand Israel from a spiritual viewpoint of the repercussions of everything God is doing with natural Israel now has repercussions on the church repercussions on the end times.  And that’s why I invited my good friend, Rabbi Michael Zeitler to talk about his brand new book called “Why is Israel Supernatural, the Eagle the Lion and Miracles.”  Why did you come up with that title Michael?

Michael:  Because it’s true, it’s the miracles of God that have proven themselves from time and memorial concerning Israel.  The Eagle represents the United States; the Lion represents the Lion of Judah, Israel; and the miracles that have taken place over the centuries and even before when Israel was a country that was established under the blessing of Abraham and then through Joshua and the twelve tribes clearly states that it is His land and it is His hand that is upon that land.

Sid:  But you know the thing that I’m finding fascinating and since we’re good friends and you call me often after you have a chance to speak about the miracles of Israel and blow the shofar, there’s a magnitude of the miraculous to a level that you’ve never seen before.  For instance, tell me about the time you blew the shofar recently and how many deaf people had their ears open?

Michael:  Yeah Sid, I was in a city in Peru and the Lord directed me to blow the shofar, I didn’t prep anybody, say anything to anybody I just blew the shofar and this was after talking about the fig tree and the last days and the fig tree is the nation of Israel and that Yeshua said to watch the season.  You’ll know the seasons when the fig tree is ready to bring forth fruit and explained it in detail because these people don’t even read the Old Testament, the majority.  And so they really did not understand, but when God specifically said through Holy Spirit to blow the shofar, I blew it and afterwards I made a statement through my interpreter that the Lord had said that he opened up the ears of the death when the high note of the shofar was sounded.  And I asked if those that had that happen to them and their deafness or partial hearing had been restored would come forward and twelve people came forward to testify that their ears were opened by the Lord’s hand.

Sid: Now, since you’ve been, and I know you have been in Peru for a while, since you’ve been in Peru how long have you been in Peru and about how many miracle healings have people testified to.

Michael:  Thank you for asking, I’ve only been here for a little less than three months; I found myself with the opportunity that God was opening up so many doors that I’ve never experienced before it made no sense to go back home.  And I have seen over a thousand miraculous healings from tumors disappearing to deafness, and when I say deafness I had two people, two young girls that were born deaf and God opened the ears of both of them.  And it was also again, while I either laid hands on them or blew the shofar; and there has been over 200 salvations, the greatest miracle of those coming to accept Yeshua for the first time.

Sid:  Okay, I want to find out how this Messianic Jewish Rabbi, Michael Zeitler became a fanatic for the Messiah of Israel, Jesus the anointed one.  At age eight you were set up to never want to hear about Jesus, what happened to you?

Michael:  Well, I grew up in a primarily a Protestant Catholic neighborhood, I had Jewish friends, I was raised in a reformed Jewish home and was Bar mitvahed at thirteen but primarily my friends during the week from school and in my neighborhood were Protestant and Catholic…

Sid:  Out of curiosity were both of your parents Jewish?

Michael:  Yes, oh yes.

Sid:  Okay.

Michael:  All of us.

Sid:  Look, the Rabbi’s ask me that all the time so I figured I’d ask you that.  Ha ha

Michael:  Ha ha.  Yes, it’s true as far back as you can go.  And so my friends came home from school and they had gone to religious instruction and these were good friends Sid.  And one of them had a yellow broom stick in his hand and he started slamming it down in the middle of the street in front of me screaming and yelling at me that I killed Jesus, that I was a Jew.  And after that I can’t explain to you why…

Sid:  Now at eight did you have any idea why he was doing that?

Michael:  No, because I didn’t even know anything about, you know in synagogue you’re not taught about Jesus so I mean I knew about Jesus, but I didn’t know anything about what he was talking about, I ran home crying.  But after that every time the name Jesus was mentioned and I can’t understand why this happened, but every time I would smell baby’s vomit; an infant’s vomit in my nostril’s physically every time I would hear the name Jesus mentioned. 

Sid:  So, as I said, Michael was set up almost a picket, supernatural fence, a demonic picket supernatural fence was set up that he would never be able to hear the true gospel; because he just literally he would get nauseated when he would hear the name Jesus.  So you were bar mitzvah and that graduated into a worldly atmosphere, it is hard to believe but you really had hair down to your shoulders?

Michael:  Yes, I had hair down to my shoulders and I had a mustache and I was a hippie, I was into sex, drugs, rock and roll and you know all the other things that are tied to it.

Sid:  How’s that nice Jewish boy get involved in witchcraft?  How did that happen?

Michael:  Well, I was seeking and one day in high school I met a witch and through that I got more and more interested in it, I was always interested in psyche phenomena, I was always interested in all of that stuff; garbage but back then it was really a tremendous interest for me.  And I got involved with other pagans and other witches, started to learn how to read tarot cards and crystal balls and do potions and worship the goddess of the moon.  And get this Sid the great horn god of nature, I didn’t put the two and two together and figure out that that was Satan; I thought it was somebody else.

Sid:  And so you graduated, you actually became a white witch.

Michael:  That’s correct.

Sid:  Now, what is a white witch?

Michael:  Basically, witches believe in the religion of Wicca and it’s an ancient religion, Wicca means the old English term, the wise ones.  So they would be using different kinds of potions and herbal remedies and what have you.  But also there’s a black side of witchcraft, and of course I now know that I worked for the same boss, Satan, but they hate Satanists, the witches don’t associate.  And a black witch is someone that blackness is black magic; however witches have a general understanding that anything that you do to someone whether it’s good or bad will come back to you three times.  So that’s a good incentive not to be a black practicing witch.

Sid:  Okay, so you have hair down to your shoulders and you graduate from witchcraft to Buddhism, what’s a nice Jewish boy doing in Buddhism?

Michael:  Well, what do they call us wandering Jews, isn’t that a term?

Sid:  Right.

Michael:  We’re seekers, if we don’t get plugged into God like the Orthodox that are so zealous and religious for Adonai then we find other things.  And so my cousin came along explained to me about this new Buddhism from Japan called “Neturinshoshu(?)

Sid: I can’t even pronounce that, but go ahead.  Ha-ha

Michael:  Ha ha, all you have to do is pray and have these prayer beads and every hour of every day you pray this ancient Japanese prayer

Sid:  How long did you pray every day?

Michael:  Oh, my goodness, sometimes when I got together with my friends we go for two or three hours.

Sid:  You know, most Christians who are praying authentically to God don’t pray that much.

Michael:  I know, I know and we be rubbing these beads together, we would be saying this prayer. Yom   Jehovah in Gaeile, which is very popular today in Hollywood, I’ve heard some actors say it even in the movies.  And it sounded like a beehive when they were all going at the same time.  It was crazy; it was wild.

Sid:  Okay, so now you’re a legitimate Buddhist, former white witch or maybe you’re still a white witch and a Buddhist and you have a girl friend, she’s from Peru.  She goes to Peru you go with her and its Easter time and you are a nice Jewish boy and you don’t want to go to church on Easter. 

Michael:  Not at all. 

Sid:  But, you’re a Buddhist and you chant three hours a day and you have these beads and you’re into white witchcraft, but you don’t want to go to an Easter service, okay.  It’s a crazy world Michael. 

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